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 Homeward Bound! [Kurayami -> Mori]

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Homeward Bound! [Kurayami -> Mori] Empty
PostSubject: Homeward Bound! [Kurayami -> Mori]   Homeward Bound! [Kurayami -> Mori] EmptySat Jan 02, 2016 10:19 pm

Time to go home. She had delivered the papers her mother had asked her to, which made her feel quite important really, and then had got to see the sights with her ANBU escort. They had been patient with her, allowing her to do as she pleased so long as it was nothing dangerous, but she was sure they wanted to get home. Nyx herself was beginning to miss her family: it was her first time out of the village, let alone her first time away from her family.

Besides, tensions seemed a bit.. high. She had a feeling either her father or her mother were likely pulling their hair out by now wondering what was going on with her, ANBU escort or not.

Nyx packed up the trinkets she bought and then headed back out after a wave goodbye to the village; her ANBU escort in tow.

[Exiting the Thread. Leaving Kurayami.]
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Homeward Bound! [Kurayami -> Mori]
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