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 Dancing With Wolves Part III [Private|Senjutsu Training]

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Dancing With Wolves Part III [Private|Senjutsu Training] Empty
PostSubject: Dancing With Wolves Part III [Private|Senjutsu Training]   Dancing With Wolves Part III [Private|Senjutsu Training] EmptySun Jan 03, 2016 7:02 am

Okami sat atop the two pelts he had brought, the Pact Fang balanced nearby. Likewise, thirty Shadow Clones sat in the same position. The key to Wolf Senjutsu was ferocity and honor in equal measure, the white wolf had said, and to balance it perfectly one must hold still for a time in order to gather Senjutsu Chakra. Sitting with his legs crossed and eyes closed, Okami was the perfect picture of serenity with an edge, his hands positioned in the Tiger seal. He could soon feel the energy about him, but he didn't dare move. The wolves around him seemed like they wanted a bit of a malformed failure of a snack. Gethering the energy to him took a minute? An hour? He couldn't honestly tell you how long he sat there, silently praying that it would work. Fell had mentioned that the first time was the hardest, and each other time would come naturally. Having an idea, Okami dispersed all thirty of his Shadow Clones at once, gathering all the chakra they had collected too, guiding all the Nature Energy into his body. For a moment he felt a change, but only in his eyes. Opening them, he stared in awe. He could see everything, hear everything, smell everything. Standing up and rushing to a pool of water in the back, time seemed to bend and break around him. Everything was in slow motion, almost like he had his Sharingan active, but more than even that. Looking at his reflection in the pool, Okami stared at the changes to his eyes in wonder. Black markings had appeared, outlining his upper eyelid and tear troughs exactly like a wolf's. His eyes themselves had turned a bright amber, with slits for pupils. So this was Sage Mode...

WC: 297/6,000 Subtract 6,000 due to 30 Shadow Clones and Viola! 6,297/6,000

Jutsu/Chakra Used:
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Dancing With Wolves Part III [Private|Senjutsu Training]
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