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 Great Ape

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PostSubject: Great Ape    Great Ape  EmptyWed Jan 13, 2016 10:32 pm

Clan Name: Great Ape Clan

Location: Niwaurushigakure

History: Once, the Great Apes inhabited most of the entire planet, but with the appearance of Humans and technology, battles began for territory. Courageous and valiant in their efforts, and possessing great strength and intelligence, they were unrivaled in open combat but no match for Human intuition. Some of the more wise of the Ape Clans, wishing to end the mindless battles, chose to cease the fighting and co-exist with the Humans. The Apes lent their great strength to the Humans who proved themselves loyal and worthy, and the Humans taught the Apes things such as how to speak english, and also to use techniques such as Martial Arts and Ninjutsu.

Not all of the Ape clans were willing to side with the Humans who had killed and slaughtered so many of their brethren, choosing to remain wild and feral; most of these rouge Ape factions were systematically rooted out and exterminated by Human and Ape alike, for the good of both species.

Many decades have passed, but it is rumored that the wisest of all the Great Apes still reside in the wilds surrounding Niwaurushigakure. Should a brave soul seek to find them and succeed, and prove themselves loyal, the Ape Sages would still lend out their great strength...

Description of clan ability:

Simian Physiology:

Gorillas have larger muscles in their arms than in their legs. This is primarily due to the fact that they use their increased arm strength for bending and gathering foliage and for defense. An adult gorilla's upper body strength is six times more powerful than that of an adult human - enabling them to lift, break, and squeeze heavy objects. A Sage's upper body and arms become somewhat larger to detail the increase in physical power. Those using Sage Mode will find their strength increased exponentially – The heaviest of objects would become as light as a feather. A simple punch would become a colossal blow, able to shatter bone, rock, and bend material as hard as steel with little to no effort. (Raises Speed, Strength, Endurance and Perception to a maximum of SSS-1 rank.)

Drawbacks: Sage Mode can be used indefinitely, with the drawback of having to cooldown and recuperate for every post used. During the cooldown period, the user's skills and stats are decreased to B rank. Sage Mode can also be prepped to avoid cooldown (Can be used however many posts prepped.)

Name: Sage Summoning: Silver Back
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: /
Specialty: Senjutsu, Great Ape Clan
Duration: Until dispersed or destroyed
Cooldown: Duration + 3
Description: The Sage can summon up to 3 powerful Silver Back Gorillas. All 3 are equal strength and skill to that of an A-Rank Jounin. The Silver Backs specialize in Taijutsu, are very intelligent and capable of speaking English. They are fiercely loyal to their summoner and willing to die to protect them.

SPD: S-0
STR: S-3
END: S-3
PER: S-3
CHA: S-0
Great Ape  2n86fle

Name: Sage Summoning: Kong
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: SS
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: /
Specialty: Senjutsu, Great Ape Clan
Duration: Until dispersed or destroyed
Cooldown: Can only be used once per thread
Description: The Sage can summon Kong, the Chief Gorilla of the Great Ape Clan. He has the strength and skill of an S-rank Jounin. Kong stands over 50 feet tall, and answers only to the Sage who summoned it. However, on random occasions Kong will rebel and attack everyone, even the summoner. (These random outbursts of violence decrease the more he is summoned.) Kong is very intelligent and is capable of speaking English. He knows Taijutsu, and his elemental affinity is Wind. He is able to exhale a tremendous blast from his mouth that can destroy an area the diameter of 5 city blocks. (Kong needs one full post undisturbed before he can fire it, if interrupted he must start again.) If a summoner combines this with a Fire technique, this attack becomes much more dangerous. After use, the Wind blast requires a 5 post cooldown before it can be used again.

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Great Ape
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