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 Kurama Senju

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Kurama Senju
Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Kurama Senju   Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:04 pm

Name: Kurama Senju/Dark Room Thousand Hands
Kurama Kawada - False Name
Age: 26
Birthdate: 4 of December
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Clan: Senju Clan
Rank: S. Jounin - B

Village: Morigakure
1. Mokuton - B
2. Suiton - C
3. Doton - D
1. Ninjutsu - B
2. Kuchiyose - C
3. Taijutsu - D
Special Characteristics:

To be earned later

Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Weight: 64 kg (141.1 lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Slate Grey
General Description: Kurama's appearance starts which his shoulder length, obsidian black hair. It hangs from his face with bangs which hang either side of it although it is free flowing behind him. The hair is glossy and shines in the light but still maintains a black shade. It is remarkably soft and smooth, however its colour often lead people to ignore him in public since black is such a common colour in a cityscape.

His eyes are scary, with a hard stare to anyone who dares look at him they earn a sharp glare from his gunmetal grey eyes which are usually dull and despite the fact he is actually quite kind and nice person. But for some reason it just happens that way with his cold, onyx stare.

Kurama is a lean built man who is not quite strong in his physical strength but makes up for it with good balance and core strength. He stands quite straight which often gives of the image of being taller than he really is. Kurama is pale in skin tone, with his black hair actually gives a look of someone from the Senju although no one ever comes to that conclusion.

He is quite attractive and can attract women, he isn't one to care to how he appears. His facial features are set tight, he is one who seems to constantly frown and someone who rarely smiles in public. His face is quite thin with a lack of plumpness to his cheeks.

Clothing-wise Kurama prefers loose items of clothing and he can often be seen in a black hakama with a simple loose kimono top to it. He wears a white silk scarf which has no value although he wears it anyway, his attire can often be seen with a haori with black diamonds on the lower edges, aside from that there is really no other decorations to it.

About You!
Personality: Kurama is a kind person at heart, despite his often silent and hard personality his best interests are in other people. he is actually quite self-less and will willingly sacrifice himself to save others. Despite his power he doesn't consider himself higher or better than those weaker than him.

He is remarkably intelligent and cunning, he can learn about people quickly and uses his environment to give him an advantage. Despite being a Special Jounin he desires to one day be the Harukage and lead his village well. This also means that he will do anything to defend his village from destruction and collapse.

A man who uses very little words is what Kurama is, he rarely speaks in conversations and will attempt to end it as soon as possible. However his silence is often because he is thinking and this man's a thinker, always thinking about anything and everything be it jutsu, weakness, his enemies or even you. He will always be thinking in his head.

Adaptable, yes this man is very efficient, he takes the most efficient path and will aim to save himself time and not expend too much energy taking his time to do it the long and harder way, he has no trouble effort wise but the more efficient it is the better it will turn out.  

One of Kurama's dreams is to restore his clan's name. He wants the Senju Clan to officially exist again and is somewhat disappointed that it became scattered. He is determined to see this through and will do in some cases extreme measures on a gamble to restore it which in some cases contradicts his own analytical and logical self.

But he does have a commanding aura about him, he personally doesn't see himself as a leader and never really imagines himself leading the reformed Senju Clan however Leadership is something he will take in both hands to grasp at the chance to lead as the Harukage of his village. Although at the moment he is avaliable as a squad leader he prefers to have a diplomatic approach to his subordinates. Listening to them and using their suggestion in conjunction with other people's ideas and always trying to get the best out f it after all more minds make light work.

He is a person who has taken his clans' philosophy of the Will of Fire and instead made it his own and applies it to his own Village. To him the village comes before him and the children and villagers are the future and he must protect that future, he refuses to stand by and let that philosophy be disrespected and if someone challenges it he is not the best of people to that specific person. So whatever you do and trust me, whatever you do. Do not disrespect that philosophy or you will instantly end up on his bad side.

History: Kurama was born to his parents Jiro Uzumaki and Kuria Senju, this unity gave birth to Kurama and his parents lineage which was that of Asura Otsutsuki gave him the use of Wood Release; his mother also a Senju but never achieving it didn't think that her son could so it either but nonetheless they lived happily in their home on the outskirts of Morigakure. As a baby his mother took care of him while Jiro trained Academy Students in Fuuinjutsu; mainly simple seals.

When he was three he and his mother were walking through the forest when a group of missing ninja attacked them and knocked Kurama out cold, when he woke up his mother was also laying unconscious and he ran over to her which is when he laid down next to her until she woke up.

When they got home Jiro asked them what happened and Kuria sent Kurama out and explained in tears from the recall of the events, to which Jiro, angered and in despair left the house off to go chase down the missing-nin and kill them although he never returned from his vendetta. Three weeks later they would his mutilated body left in the forest, and Kuria became a widow. Nine months after the events she gave birth to a young girl who she named Amaya, Amaya never really received the love that Kuria gave Kurama and this upset him a little. So he spent his days taking care of his little sister although their mother had become depressed and never came out of the room she slept in until one day Kurama ventured in then at the age of 7 and saw his mothers hanging from the ceiling.

Saddened but having to go someone he left and took his little sister to the forest where he would often play when he was younger, then he found a large tree and touched it when the weirdest thing happened, to suddenly grew as though it had so much more energy and nutrients. Amazed he then realised it must be the Wood Release his mother and father would talk about, and so he took things from nature and foraged so he and his sister could live in the tree that had magically grown from Kurama's powers.

He was educated and taught his sister everything, she wasn't like Kurama though, her way was that of the sword and she used Suiton and Lightning to Kurama's interest. They grew up training with each other until one day Amaya said she wanted to experience the world and Kurama said good bye to his sister and she parted at the age of 16 when Kurama was 19.

With no where to go and not wanting to stay alone he had come far with his skills and decided to join Morigakure. He was promoted to genin and a month later to Chuunin, after a few years and age 23 he was promoted to special Jounin. After three years of training and honing his skills Kurama has used a fake name of Kawada and demonstrated the powerful Mokuton in combat on multiple questions which many people question how he obtained it but can't prove he is indeed a Senju clan member.

During this three year period of training and honing his skills Kurama found himself learning much more about the Mokuton, it became his primary means of combat and he incorporated it heavily into his fighting prowess. Using these three years of travel Kurama gained great first-hand knowledge of the world around him, he spent most of his time in the forest though were he felt at home.

His Mokuton also became highly evolved, he found himself being the manipulator of the forest around him and as such when missing-nin started targeting the strange man in the woods he easily defeated them all with surprise attacks and primarily using Mayfly to first spy and then assassinate them. It didn't matter how clever a lot of his opponents were, they only received fake rumours from local townspeople. People began to treat him like a mystical sage of the woods and in many cases a villager would come out and walk as if looking for them man that no one ever found.

That is when finally he decided to go home, he had grown the forest to be much bigger and designed his landscape. The locals saw him when he finally exited like a homeless man with a scruffy bead and ragged hair, he groomed himself and then set home for Morigakure. He spent a few weeks walking and finally unable to contain himself he used Mayfly to get there faster where the guards questioned him and so on and so forth. He was then given the role as a squad leader by the Kage, and this brings Kurama to the present.

RP Sample: Kurama stood outside the village of Morigakure, his dull grey eyes scanned the area before he stealthily dropped to the ground from the tree he was standing on. He walked quite casually despite being vigilant and alert for anything, his hand was touching the tree beside him and indoing so he was using Wood Release to use the trees to enhance his sensory range. That's when the missing-nin made a mistake, he landed on the tree and leapt to the next tree but as he went to land on his third branch Kurama appeared using Mayfly.

Quite shocked the missing-nin lost his footing and fell to the ground however, he regained composure and spun mid-air to land on his feet when he saw Kurama again, he had used Mayfly to traverse the twenty metre drop by fusing with nature. The missing-nin could see he would be forced to fight although as he leapt at Kurama, aiming to strike him with a kunai. That is when the jounin put his hand out as if to block although as his prey launched forward to sever his arm he used Mokuton again to turn his hand into a wooden spike and pierced the surprised rouge in the chest. He watched as his target died, gazing at him as though he were a demon and then he removed the papers from his cloak. Important documents that this man had stolen from the Kage.

After he died of blood lose he would walk away back to Morigakure where he would return the documents after which he would get paid and go home, left to think in his mind about everything going on.

Faceclaim: Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach (Pre-Timeskip)

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Kurama Senju
Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Kurama Senju   Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:45 pm

Completed. Awaiting Review.
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PostSubject: Re: Kurama Senju   Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:06 am

The cost of living is dying...Everybody pays, Guest.


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Kurama Senju
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