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 Lake monster? Ocean monster? [A Rank Mission][Invite Only]

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PostSubject: Lake monster? Ocean monster? [A Rank Mission][Invite Only]   Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:03 pm

Machette Massacre:

Things needed done and Umiko was a bit short handed. There were no laws written in the books saying that she couldn't do missions herself in times like these so that was precisely what she was going to do. Last that she had heard there was a sociopath running the streets; one who had little to no regard to human life. It was precisely the sort of person that she didn't want in her village, precisely the type of person who needed to be put down and in the permanent way. It had taken her a bit to come up with the information on this individual: his name was Jason and he was someone who had apparently drowned years ago. There was a string of murders many years back that everyone had thought was caused by a reincarnated Jason, but it had turned out to be his mother. The woman had been killed; her head removed from what the reports stated. However, the killings were staring up again. Every sign this time around was pointing at Jason, and given Umiko's own extensive medical history the fact that he was back alive wasn't all that strange.

"Hoshi, I'm going to step out to handle an issue for a bit. I shouldn't be too long. Hold down the fort, will you?", Umiko would ask her new secretary whose desk was also within her office; across the room and surrounded by a miniature library of books.

The woman looked up , nodding with a smile. "Be careful out there, my lady." They were more than just words; the woman's voice was filled with concern: she truly worried about Umiko's well being.

My lady; something else Umiko was working towards getting used to. Umiko nodded to the woman, making a mental note to get her some kind of present for all of the help she had been doing lately when she was done handling Jason. "Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it." Umiko reached up then, grabbing hold of the Umigakure kage hat which she placed on her head - she normally didn't bother with it, but perhaps it would come in handy today of all days. At least it would show the bastard named Jason who she was.

Word Count: 615
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Lake monster? Ocean monster? [A Rank Mission][Invite Only]
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