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 Kurayamigakure no Sato Medic Corps

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Kurayamigakure no Sato Medic Corps Empty
PostSubject: Kurayamigakure no Sato Medic Corps   Kurayamigakure no Sato Medic Corps EmptySat Jan 23, 2016 8:22 pm

The Medic Corps (医療部隊, Iryō Butai) is a group of highly skilled medical nin that are centered out of the villages of Umigakure, Morigakure, and Sabakugakure, and Kurayamigakure. These shinobi generally work at the hospital full-time, and their roles are similar to those of field medical-nin in that they are deployed to aid the comrades who are out on missions. However, unlike field medical-nin that normally get assigned to a team to serve in that capacity, they move as an independent team comprised solely of medical-nin. These shinobi are under the directions of captains who take their orders directly from their Leader. It is not unheard of for several villages to send specific shinobi belonging to the Medic Corps to work as a team for a mission or purpose.

To become part of the Medic Corps you must fill out the application below and submit it for approval in the Staff Request Thread. It will then be up to the digression of your Kage and the members of staff if you’re approved or not. Everyone will start out as a basic member when they first join and then will be promoted by either their Captain or Leader when such a time comes.

Current Members / Rankings
Medic Corps Leader:
Demitria Kane

Medic Corps Captain(s): 0 / 2

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Kurayamigakure no Sato Medic Corps
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