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 The Mission [Travel thread from Umi to Mori]

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PostSubject: The Mission [Travel thread from Umi to Mori]   Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:14 am

So the day finally arrived that Myuto would leave the village and go travel the world for the first time. He had the chance to become a proper Shinobi again, and undertake a task given to him by the new Umikage.

His father was proud of him, and gave his blessing for Myuto to go traveling. Same was disappointed that he couldn't go because it was a potentially dangerous trip, but happy for Myuto nonetheless. His mother also showed some disappointment, since she wanted all of her children to grow up normally and not have their lives at risk, as when she was a Kunoichi, but once Myuto's mind was set on something, she knew there was no changing it. Myuto showed talents and skills never seen before, and though she worried, she knew he was able to defend himself if someone tried causing him harm.

The most disappointed had to be Sanaka, who stood with her back turned and her arms folded, a frown on her face. Even moreso than their mother, she didn't want the family to be split, and was furious that Myuto was going back into the shinobi lifestyle. It seemed no matter what she did or said, she couldn't change Myuto's mind.

Standing on the docks to see him off, their mother made sure Myuto was loaded down with plenty of bottles of water. Myuto got hugs from everyone except Sanaka, who just gave a "hmmph" and kept her back turned. Myuto, a plain expression on his face, shrugged, waved to the rest of his family and went to jump into the water. Sanaka turned around at the last moment to hug Myuto, but it was too late, leaving her to stomp in frustration with fists at her side.

"Too slow! Haha!" laughed Same, causing Sanaka to slap the back of his head as she always did. "Oww! Mom!..."

Myuto swam quickly past the boundaries of the village, farther than he'd ever been before. The further he traveled, the more the ocean floor came closer to the surface. Pretty soon, Myuto was approaching a beach. For the first time in his life, Myuto walked out of the water onto the beach and onto dry land. He had to spend a while touching the ground, smelling the sand and taking a few steps back and fourth. A ground that didn't move and bob around like the bridges and walkways of Umigakure was something brand new to him.

Myuto found his way to a road eventually. He spent a long time staring at the trees and the grass. He picked up some of the dry dirt from the road, looking at it, smelling it. Dry land... These things were everyday things to everyone else, but things Myuto had only read about and heard about. He was here now, seeing it for himself. There were wild animals like deer and rabbits running about the surroundings, and insects like flies and bees. Birds chirped in the trees.

He still had a mission, even thought he was told to take his time. Myuto pulled out a map. After figuring out his position, and still getting used to solid ground, Myuto began to move in the direction of Morigakure, which was the big forest area to the west of his position. On the road, he encountered several other travelers. They stared at him, and he stared back. Some of them spoke and waved at him, and Myuto only waved back. The traffic of travelers became thicker as he got closer to the Hidden Forest village, and Myuto had never seen so many people in his life.

Soon he arrived at Morigakure...

(RP post #7, WC: 911)

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The Mission [Travel thread from Umi to Mori]
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