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 A Diplomatic Mission [Travel, Sabaku - Kurayami]

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A Diplomatic Mission [Travel, Sabaku - Kurayami] Empty
PostSubject: A Diplomatic Mission [Travel, Sabaku - Kurayami]   A Diplomatic Mission [Travel, Sabaku - Kurayami] EmptyWed Jan 27, 2016 12:22 pm

Walking down the road, Muninn would yawn. The blood loss he had endured made him perpetually tired, it seemed, but keep going he must. Getting to Kurayamigakure was just that important. He needed allies, now more than ever, and he was going to make sure that the alliance with the Kuraikage still stood after Temaki's retirement. It might have been a long shot from what the man's two kids had said, but it was definitely worth it. Soon, the day disappeared, and night began to fall upon the realm of the living, or so Muninn thought before he recalled a tidbit about this place. It was perpetually night here, causing the daylight to be swamped in darkness. He could see the Village from here. Hopefully those man-eating monsters wouldn't bother him, as he still felt a bit light-headed.

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A Diplomatic Mission [Travel, Sabaku - Kurayami]
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