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PostSubject: Jayr   Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:20 pm

Name: Jayr Yanagi
Age: 18
Birthdate: December 19th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Elohel, no.
Clan: Senju | Yanagi
Rank: Genin

Village: Morigakure no Sato
Element(s): Doton | Suiton | Mokuton
Specialties: Medical Ninjtutsu | Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Blackout: Berserker's Rage
    Type: Offensive | Defensive
    Requirements: /
    Ability Tier: Tier 3
    Minimum Rank: D-Rank
    Description: Otherwise known as Berserker-Blind Rage Syndrome, it is a dissociative disorder where a person reacts violently to something they see, hear or feel: a trigger so to speak. During this state the person is unable to control themselves at all and it takes something to snap them out of this effect: either 5 posts must pass or someone the person is close to must persuade them to calm down (a family member, or close friend. NPC's cannot be used, it must be an actual PC).
    During this state the user is unable to feel pain caused by physical/weapon based attacks or jutsu related injuries their rank or lower that have been inflicted on them due to a high increase of adrenaline that is running through their body: however these injuries do still occur as any injury would even if the user weren't in this state. Genjutsu of their rank and lower also do not effect them due to their brain not working properly during this time period: all the person will know at this point is “Kill, Kill, Kill” as if they are a mindless zombie until they snap out of it or someone snaps them out of it. Stuns/slowing jutsu/abilities of their rank and lower also do not effect them due to the adrenaline rush that would cancel their effects. The uer will gain a +1 Rank in Strength, Speed, Perception and Endurance.
    As previously stated the rage lasts 5 posts or until the user is snapped out of it; while the user is in this rage they cannot be reasoned with by normal people, meaning that if they run out of enemies to slaughter then they will turn on allies: only those who are close friends or family will be spared.
    After the rage is over the user will suffer due to the strain this rage state puts on the body: they will suffer a +1 in physical damage against them meaning that Taijutsu users do a +1 in damage against them during this period of time  (this means that if you are in the rage state for 5 posts then you will suffer the effects for 5 posts. If you are in the rage state for only 3 posts then the after effects only affect you for 3 posts). Any Genjutsu used on the user during this 'cool down' period will gain a +1 in strength due to the weakness of the mind as it comes out of this rage state.
    During the time of the berserker rage the user's body will change in some way, indicating to everyone around that something is wrong: this can be a sudden increase in muscular (“hulking out”), or something as simple as the user being coated in some sort of fire like substance (this is simply cosmetic, it has no burning effect).
    To keep oneself from triggering into this rage so easily they can use meditation, calming techniques, or even medicinal drugs to force themselves to remain calm - though even at times these methods will fail to work.
    Unlock Requirements: This state of mind can only be taught or trained by the user themself; no one else may learn this without the aid of Jayr.
    Special Training Requirements: This special characteristic cannot be trained up in the normal sense, it simply ranks up with the user due to its effects of blocking attacks and so on of the users rank and lower. If the user is D rank then it will block D rank and lower, so on and so forth.


Weight: 120 Pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown (Wears a Blindfold)
General Description: Like the majority of her clan Jayr wears a blind fold across her eyes to protect them due to them being useless: she is blind. She also goes around without shoes so that she can always use her Shinsai ability that allows her to see using the earth itself. She has a well toned body; lean muscle showing that she is strong while still giving her a lean and slender frame. Her hair, black in color, goes down roughly to her waist: depending on her preference for the day she will either leave it down or put it up in a ponytail. The most pronounced portion of Jayr's appearance would have to be the constantly intoxicated look she has about her: as if she is always high - and she probably is. When she does bother to wear her village's headband it is either hung from around her neck or otherwise wrapped around her head to help and keep her bangs out of her face.

Unlike most females who prefer to show a lot of skin Jayr prefers to keep herself as hidden as possible; often wearing baggy or bulky clothing items. Her typical outfit seems to consist of shorts that go down to right below her knees which are black in color, a white tank top, with a black hooded zip up hoodie over top of it with a skull and cross bones patch on the left shoulder. Weapons and items are often carried in pouches around her right leg for easy access.

About You!
Personality: Checked out. At least, that's what she seems to always be; Jayr always has a blank expression on her face, as if she is never paying attention to the current situation. Often, people assume that she is under the influence of drugs; and the majority of the time those assumptions would be spot on and right. No matter how faraway her expression however, Jayr is always paying attention what is going on around her -- a perfect cover for the seemingly lazy ninja. With most people believing that she is 'just a dumb little druggie', she is granted a bit less suspicion while moving about on missions or just doing things for the village in general.

At least this checked out personality of hers is far better than the beast that is lying in wait within her very mind and soul. The killer, the murderer, the demon. The very real, and very serious issue that she smokes so much to get away from. The very thing that keeps her up at night, that causes her to keep her distance from those she might become attached to for fear of losing herself one day and hurting or destroying them entirely: for this inner beast knows no friend, only foe, and when it has complete and utter control on Jayr she too follows in those footsteps.

When Jayr is sober enough to actually bother doing anything she can prove to be a rather interesting individual: she sees the world not in just black and white but also in shades of gray. She see's the world around her as if she doesn't belong to it at all, like an outside party looking down on everything and seeing it from all viewpoints. Perhaps it is this, that when she feels the knack to do so, makes her drawings and artwork all that more skilled and detailed.

History: Jayr's past is steeped in lies and mystery. Jayr and her mother came to Morigakure no Sato when Jayr was only five years old - with Jayr's mother claiming not to know who Jayr's father is, for she felt it safer for Jayr than the truth. They had lived in one of the minor villages along the outskirts. Jayr's mother, Wakai Yanagi, married her father Hattori Senju at a very young age. The pair had been assigned to a squad together and had grown close as they worked together and did missions. When Wakai became pregnant with Jayr was right around the time that some strange individuals started to appear around their village. These individuals seemed to be up to no good; they were asking questions, and seemed to know more information than they should.

For Wakai and her unborn child's protection she was sent away to another village to stay with extended members of her family until Jayr was born: the story behind her leaving being that she was going to help out due to one of her close friends being severely sick. Because no one knew she was pregnant before she left, and because she was gone for a little over a year, when Wakai returned no one knew that the baby she brought with her was in fact her own - instead, both Wakai and Hattori spread the story that the little girl was adopted, the child of a Yanagi friend of Wakai's who had passed away in the other village. It was with this lie that Jayr grew for five years: everyone pretending she was adopted for her own safety - something even Jayr knew nothing about at first.

Much like any child of two shinobi parents Jayr was trained at home in preparation for her entering the academy. Both physical skills and the skills of the mind were taught. It quickly became clear that while she could use Genjutsu and knew a bit about Taijutsu, she was rather proficient in Ninjutsu, and excelled at Medical Ninjutsu. When it came to learning basic techniques she was often trained with others in the compound in which they lived, yet when it came to clan technique they were taught in secret. Her father would take them on 'camping trips' as he called them out into the deepest portions of the forest where they would train for several days - with the excuse he always gave Jayr when she asked being that they had more room out there. Given the general rule of thumb in her household was that you didn't discuss or show clan techniques to anyone because of the fact that they were to be guarded techniques only usable by the clans, Jayr never questioned that he father had any sort of ulterior motives behind this secret training.

Perhaps, though, her father started her too young in her Senju training, or perhaps trusted her too much, because when Jayr turned five years old she happened to have a momentary lapse in judgement that cost her the life of her father. She was outside playing in the backyard, poking at a young apple tree her parents had planted a few weeks ago that was looking weak and dull. The more she poked at it and played with it the more it grew and bloomed. Unknown to Jayr she was being watched by the same strange individuals who had been roaming her village for answers nearly six years previous. They saw her power for what it was: the power of a Senju, one of the oldest clans, a clan thought to have been wiped out.

Her father came out on the porch just as the two individuals hopped over the fence, and saw what Jayr was doing. He recognized them from years previous due to an odd shaped scar one of them had on his face, and ordered his daughter inside. Jayr ran in the house just as the two attacked her father. Helpless, since her mother was at the market, she watched through the window as her father was brutally attacked and killed. This traumatic experience caused a shifting in her mind, an awakening of sorts of a beast the likes of which hadn't seen seen in years. Just as these two individuals, these two murderers, entered into her home with likely ill intentions for the child, she entered for the first time into a beserkers rage. With her new found strength and speed, as well as the techniques already taught to her, she murdered the two men before they could land a single hand on her.

When her mother came home, found the dead bodies of the intruders, as well as that of her husband, and then found her daughter hiding in a cabinet under the sink and heard her explanation, she fled right then and there for the main village. With nothing more than the clothing on their backs, and the ryo in her mother's pocket, they sought out a new life in Morigakure no Sato. Wakai worked hard as an inn keeper, earning more than enough to get them by and give them a comfortable life while hiding the terrible truth of what had happened to bring them here, as well as the truth behind her daughter's half Senju blood. When needed she would double as a medical nin in the hospitals, using her access to keep a steady supply of medicine in the house to help and keep her daughter's new found nature under control: causing the child to be high the majority of the time.

When Jayr became of proper age she asked her mother to enroll her into the Academy which she did. Due to the constant need of the drugs in her system, and the fact that it messed with her personality and motivation, Jayr graduated two years after the majority of her friends: and earned the reputation of being a slacker. However, no one could doubt her skill: when she did put her mind to things she excelled, which was precisely why she was able to graduate in the first place. The constant thing her teacher's pointed out was that she was indeed a genius, she just lacked the motivation to use what she knew.

Even still, graduate she did, becoming a proper Morigakure no Sato Genin, as well as a budding medic: all while keeping her past, and the beast inside of her a secret from those who could potentially use the information to cause her or her mother harm.

RP Sample: The doctor nodded calmly to Wakai's words: he had no intention of having his teeth knocked out of his skull and while his methods seemed a bit out-there he indeed had had this planned all along. That was the nature of this beast: you had to see it to ensure it really was there. And by the God's it was there, right in front of his face, struggling against the bonds that held her. There was no doubt in his mind that if Jayr got out of those restraints before she calmed down that he would be dead within minutes, it was all in the way she was looking at him along with the insults hurled in multiple different languages. So, the doctor just kept watching eagerly, waiting to see what would happen.

Jayr meanwhile continued to struggle against her bonds, that was at least until Wakai positioned herself in front of her. Her body and mind instantly began to reject any course of action that would cause her mother any sort of harm. She stopped struggling instantly and slowly turned her now red colored eyes onto her mother. She stared at her, face still screwed up in rage, for several seconds while she remained deadly still: almost like an attack dog ready to pounce at the first command – in this moment if her mother told her to kill the doctor she gladly would, and anyone else she wanted dead too.

Then she blinked, once and then twice, before her entire body relaxed and her facial features returned to normal: her mother's words registering enough and her body and mind letting loose the rage and urge to kill it once held. Her eyes faded from red back to their normal brown color and the firey display around her that continued to give off no heat likewise disappeared. After several seconds she looked away from her mother and down to herself: she saw the straps which was the reasoning behind the slight pain she was feeling and knew she likely would have bruises or at least red marks from them for a while. “Wha...?”, was all she could ask as she looked back up to her mother, confused. She didn't remember anything that had happened after she snapped out like she had, though she could faintly remember her mother's voice and her bringing her back out of the darkness that had swallowed her.

Once the doctor was satisfied that Jayr was back he pressed the same button he had again and the straps slowly and carefully retreated, leaving Jayr no longer restrained. “I apologize for that, but I had to be sure before I made my diagnosis.”, the doctor explained before he leaned back. He would wait until both were paying full attention to him again before he would continue on. “It has become apparent to me that you suffer from Berserker – Blind Rage Syndrome. It hasn't been seen in such clarity in several hundred years. It is a dissociate disorder in which something, some sort of trigger, sends the person spiraling out of control. Those who enter into this Berserker state normally find themselves unable to respond to most pain stimuli. Even most Genjutsu are rendered ineffective against those in this state of mind. From the way you were acting and the way you nearly broke through the straps I would find it save to assume that this rage also makes you more faster and stronger: though it would likely drain your chakra at the same time. You should know though that as you come out of this state you'll be more susceptible to being injured and to Genjutsu for a bit.”

Jayr listened carefully to the doctor, all of her attention once more focused on him as she rubbed her arms where the straps had held her. This diagnosis sounded... well, deadly. But, at least she knew what she was dealing with. She listened as the doctor explained that while she was in that state she likely wouldn't feel much pain from injuries inflicted, nor would most Genjutsu work on her – at least there was a plus side to this, right? He also said that from what he had noticed her speed and strength had increased as well – given the way her arms and legs hurt? She would have to agree. “What can I do to stop this from happening, doc? Or at least is there a way I can control it?”

The doctor nodded with a thoughtful expression. “Well, there are a few methods we could try. The most easy method of course would be to put you on medication. I don't personally recommend this because it will drastically alter your normal personality. The medicine would have to be strong enough to trump your Berserker rage and for it to do that it would essentially turn you into a mindless zombie the rest of the time. However, if the medication is what you want then I will give it to you, the choice is yours. There is also another method though: learning what your triggers are and avoiding them. You said you first blacked out when your hair was cut, obviously that is a trigger. My questions kept annoying you and triggered another. Physical exhaustion normally works too: if you start feeling even a slight bit angry then go work out until your tired, or run until you can't anymore. Sparring works too. But, Jayr... if I may be so bold, this diagnosis isn't exactly a bad thing. It is clear from your actions that you are unable to hurt those you care about. When your mother got in front of you, before he even spoke to you, your body instantly stopped moving as if it rejected any idea of causing him harm – and moments before that you were doing everything you could to get free and kill me, I could see it in your eyes. You also were able to be brought back out of it instantly by him. With that said you could use this in a battle situation: learn how to place yourself into this state. If you go into it more willingly instead of trying to fight it then you likely will be able to control yourself more. You'd be far more dangerous against an opponent and far less susceptible to harm. Plus, even in this rage you would know exactly how to fight: that's what makes those who have had this diagnosis in the past so feared – they're like a one man wrecking ball.”

Jayr slowly turned her focus back onto her mother, her mind churning over the new information while she attempted to figure out what she wanted to do about this: she didn't want to take the doctors medication: she preferred what she normally smoked to that. She would be useless on it, she knew it. “I didn't try and hurt you at all?”, she asked her mother. Her response would determine how she went about handling this...

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