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 The Mission Continues (Travel from Mori to Sabaku)

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PostSubject: The Mission Continues (Travel from Mori to Sabaku)   Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:27 pm

The area known as Yasei was vast and dry. Myuto could immediately began to feel the effects of such a place, since there was very little moisture. It was a good thing that he grabbed extra bottles of water before leaving Morigakure, because in a place like this he had to drink double the amount to stay hydrated. Besides a town here or there, there were no hidden ninja villages, meaning there were no laws.

Myuto found a cloak in the sand, and decided to wear it to avoid the sand. It covered his body and face, leaving eye holes in order to see, but Myuto could also use his Echolocation to find his way. Myuto took the time to sit and draw his surroundings, while at the same time keeping an eye open for any wandering scum. He drew several pictures of the Yasei, managing to capture wildlife like jackals and roadrunners.

When he was done, Myuto decided not to waste any time out here. Using a trick he perfected when he was younger, Myuto began to teleport his way across the landscape using sounds. he covered mush distance very quickly, when ordinary people would take hours walking. He noticed that it got dryer the farther he went, and soon everything was a desert and sand. A village was in the distance...

(RP post #13, WC: 1,345)
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The Mission Continues (Travel from Mori to Sabaku)
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