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 Stop the pirates [Mission, A rank 1,418 WC]

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Stop the pirates [Mission, A rank 1,418 WC] Empty
PostSubject: Stop the pirates [Mission, A rank 1,418 WC]   Stop the pirates [Mission, A rank 1,418 WC] EmptySat Jan 30, 2016 10:03 am

Suna was at home in the desert. He took the time to get to know all of it's streets and back alleys. He'd made several friends in and around the marketplace. Suna had even found a perfect 2 room apartment that was similar to his home back in Mori.

Suna took to wearing bright colored hoodies and knee length shorts to deter the heat from the sun. He'd spent his days exploring the village and the desert, but knew he would have to eventually start back training, as well as doing missions.

A suspicious looking ship managed to sail its way here by way of one of the rivers that out into the ocean. A carrier pigeon was sent to tell them to turn back. They responded by killing the pigeon. People standing around the shores reported that the ship was flying a black flag with skull and crossbones – A jolly roger. This meant they were pirates. A certain kind of pirates, known for sacking towns, looting riches, raping women – pirate shit.

By killing the carrier pigeon, the individual brave enough to attempt to stop these pirates was given the green light to eliminate them with extreme force. Suna didn't want Miyuki being dragged into this, and he wanted to make a good impression with Coach Emiko, so Suna would take this task into his hands. He needed to get back into the swing of things. Strapping on his gourd and pulling his fingerless gloves on a little tighter, Suna left the small restaurant he was currently sitting in after catching wind of the ship. He made his way through the village by rooftop to the docks area. In minutes the duo arrived at the eastern edge of the island. Their pirate ship could be seen in the distance, and at the shore, a Chuunin was waiting with a small boat.

The Chuunin jumped when he turned to see Suna standing there. “Oh!...Oh, you must be who they sent to deal with this... but, you're doing this alone?"

Suna nodded his head. He noticed how shaken up and nervous the Chuunin was, and how he was sweating so heavily that his uniform was soaked completely through. ”You scared? No worries butterball, i'll go beat up these pirates myself."

“But... but i'm supposed to get you close to their ship, and supply you with a grapple so you can get on board,” replied the Chuunin, before Suna stepped out onto the surface of the water himself.

”It's alright. Go get some ice cream and cool out! I'll have this done before you know it.”

Suna ran across the surface of the water, staying out of sight as best as he could, using the darkness from the coming evening to mask his approach. His unbuttoned hoodie flapped around behind him as he moved. Once he figured he was close enough to where they wouldn't be able to get a line on him with cannons or ranged weaponry such as crossbows or kunai launchers, Suna jumped, spinning himself as he made his way up onto the deck. He sent feet into the faces of two unsuspecting pirates, knocking them violently to the wooden deck of the ship. "Am I too late to sign up for the wet T-shirt contest?"

Everyone else was alerted to their arrival. The pirates came at him with knives and Kunai. Every one of them were felled by hard kicks, punches and sand attacks. There was a variety of different ways that Suna could have handled the situation, but he decided to reserve his chakra, for he knew something way worse than the likes of these goons was in store once they were all on the ground sleeping, dead, or in the water drowning. Power shots broke jaws and sent bodies flying. Some went overboard into the drink. Some were knocked through the wooden deck of the ship after being juggled around in the air by sand, creating an explosion of wood chips.

After all 13 of the low level goons were down and out, the Captain and his first mate came out of the Captain's quarters. The captain was an older looking guy with an eye patch and swords. His first mate was an insane looking individual with a half mask on his face and knives. The Captain looked seasoned with age and experience, whereas the first mate looked wild and reckless.

”You guys look like villains from a comic book,” said Suna. The captain laughed, but the guy with the half mask just frowned. "Got plans to pillage my village for booty and loot, do ya? Well bad news, mateys. You ran into me, so i'm afraid i'll have to smash you guys. Here comes the pain!" Suna started walking towards the captain.

“Just make this good, alright? Don't die in the first 5 seconds,” said the captain, pulling out twin swords. The first mate laughed at the gas mask wearing shinobi.

“Can you believe this? I'm gonna get my ass kicked by a twerp like this, hahahah--” he said, before Suna was before him very swiftly, and kicking him in the mouth. Suna had been trained by Emiko, as well as done training of his own, so despite his small size, he was still able to knock the grown man completely off of his feet.

“Don't underestimate him!” said the captain, never taking his good eye off of Suna, who was still slowly walking toward him. “This one is something else!” Suna was brave enough to walk right up on the captain. The man swung the swords toward Suna's head, but touched nothing but sand. The captain swung 3 times, missing all 3, and was kicked in the mid-section. Every swing that missed from that point on was countered with a kick to the mid-section.

The first mate began to showcase extreme speed and agility with his twin knives, but Suna was faster still. The Sabure was making sport of the men, dodging when he didn't have to, with his sand deflecting the blows that he didn't try to avoid, greatly frustrating the knife wielder. Suna used this frustration to his advantage, making him attack wildly and countering when he least suspected it.

The captain was now spitting up blood from being kicked in the mid-section so many times. He'd resorted to swinging at Suna with only one arm, using the other to attempt to block those rock hard kicks to his stomach and sides. He was kicked twice in that arm. The second produced a loud audible pop sound, signaling that the arm was now broken. Then came the clone, and then Great Whirlwind. A kick to the leg, then to the mid-section one last time, then a roundhouse kick that launched the captain airborne.

This was around the time that the clone executed the very same attack upon the first mate. Both of them were launched airborne where they crashed into each other, then down to the deck; the captain upon his head, and the first mate slamming through the deck. Suna dispersed his clone and jumped over the side of the ship. On the surface of the water a distance away, Suna put his final act into play.

The captain and first mate were able to shake off the haze of the beatings they both took to see the sands on the shores of either side of the ship moving in a strange way. The pirate ship seemed to be suddenly engulfed in a cyclone made of sand. Since his arrival, Suna had been manipulating the sand on either shore, saturating it with small amounts of chakra until more and more sand was under his control.

The cyclone began to rotate faster and faster, combined with razor sharp shards of glass that began to slash and cut at all of the unprotected flesh still on board the ship. There was a chorus of screams. The pirate ship began to be torn apart under the pressure of the sand and glass within the cyclone. The sand in the cyclone began to turn red from all of the blood.

Soon the ship was torn apart and the screams went quiet. Everything within was shredded down into fine particles of nothing, and the cyclone stopped. When everything was settled again, Suna turned to head back to the village.

1,418 word count
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Stop the pirates [Mission, A rank 1,418 WC]
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