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 Homeward Bound [Travel, Kurayamigakure - Morigakure]

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Homeward Bound [Travel, Kurayamigakure - Morigakure] Empty
PostSubject: Homeward Bound [Travel, Kurayamigakure - Morigakure]   Homeward Bound [Travel, Kurayamigakure - Morigakure] EmptySat Jan 30, 2016 5:12 pm

Stretching his remaining arm and attempting to stretch his missing one, Muninn stood at the bow of the ship that was to take him home. The crew was muttering behind his back, wondering why the Harukage was on the ship with them. Oh, the concept was simple to grasp, but the mere presence of a Kage was enough to send most people into awe. Sadly, all the man wanted was to treat his people as equals. Reflecting on what had happened over the course of his trip, Muninn looked down sadly. One of his Genin was dead, and although he had deserved what had happened it had been a shame. What was he going to tell Okami? Well, he'd get to that when he got to that. He was already planning something, something big, but that was a ways off. For now, he just concerned himself with getting home in one(ish) piece.
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Homeward Bound [Travel, Kurayamigakure - Morigakure]
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