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 A Meeting of the Funny Hats [Umi -> Mori]

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PostSubject: A Meeting of the Funny Hats [Umi -> Mori]   Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:11 pm

Umiko had told Myuto when he had left to deliver her messages to take as long as he wanted. She hadn't wanted him to feel stuck in the village, and had wanted to give him the chance to go and explore and see other places. With that thought in mind, and with Mizuko and Ryuu nowhere around, she knew she would be going to the Kage Summit alone. She wasn't' worried, with her slew of abilities and natural defenses she figured she was as prepared as ever.

With her robes on, and her hat in place on her head, as well as her heavy gourd of demonic ice fitted to her back, she left out the window. Her secretary would handle things in her absense, and knew how to contact her quickly enough if anything happened to go wrong while she was away.

So, without wasting time, Umiko began to run across the top of the ocean, chakra and raw speed keeping her from sinking in as she went, off to Morigakure.

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A Meeting of the Funny Hats [Umi -> Mori]
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