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 Prison Break (A B-Rank Mission, 1,001 WC)

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Prison Break (A B-Rank Mission, 1,001 WC) Empty
PostSubject: Prison Break (A B-Rank Mission, 1,001 WC)   Prison Break (A B-Rank Mission, 1,001 WC) EmptyMon Feb 01, 2016 9:24 pm

The last mission Suna did, he saved the village single handed from a band of pirates. Suna didn't brag, let it go to his head, or expect any rewards. It was all in a day's work to him, and his way of showing that he was loyal to Sabaku, his new permanent home, and to his Kage, mentor, and clan head Emiko, who was also the closest thing he had to an actual family.

Suna had changed since moving to the desert, where he felt the most comfortable, even moreso than in Mori. Not to say that Mori wasn't nice; it was, and Temaki was a good leader. He didn't blame her for stepping down either. Suna felt more at home in the desert. He'd changed since coming here. Suna was taller than he used to be. He didn't smack talk as often as he used to. He wore bright colored hoodies to deflect the sun, and knee length shorts. Though he hadn't trained much since his arrival in Sabaku, Suna had even put on some muscle.

He felt the itch to do more for the village, and took up a mission at the mission board. it was time to get back to business. The latest mission: In the widely dangerous Sabakugakure Prison, notorious Death Row inmate, an individual that goes by the name “Anarchy” has initiated a riot on the inside. His followers have taken over the cell block where he is being held in order to prevent his execution. Someone brave enough was needed to infiltrate the prison and either seal he and his followers inside, or to take them out.

Suna didn't want to take the risk of this animal being loose in the village, so he decided to end him. It didn't take long for the sand ninja to reach the correctional facility, located on the southern outskirts of the village. Getting over the outer wall was as simple as jumping over it, landing in one of the recreation yards. Upon noticing this kid with the gourd on his back walking across the yard toward the main building that had been taken over by the prisoners, some of them came outside. All were dressed in prison garb. Some used the chains from their handcuffs as weapons, some used Kunai, others used prison guard tanto swords.

“Look what we have here, fellas! A boy carrying around a big nutsack on his back!” said one out front, causing all the rest with him to start laughing. “Did they send you here to try and stop us, or as entertainment?”

Suna, not wanting to hear a bunch of useless shit talk today, answered this question with a shoulder block executed so quickly that he didn't see it coming. He flew off of his feet and slammed into the wall of the building, flopping to the ground motionless. All laughing stopped. "Yeah, in a place like this, you'd know all about nutsacks, wouldn't cha." Suna was upon the closest prisoner next, riddling his lower body and mid-section with a series of kicks. His comrades saw him knocked violently to the ground to bounce twice by the boy, and took looks of shock.

These guys were small fry. Suna was easily able to dispatch all of them and fight his way inside, to the cell blocks. Prisoners inside that tried to stop them were met with hard, single blows that knocked them unconscious, or countered by sand. In the back of the cell blocks was a large, muscular man kneeling with his back turned. Normally he dressed in the prison garb with cut off sleeves, but today he wasn't wearing a shirt, only prison pants, and was barefoot.

“I know why you're here,” he said. “There's no need for words. Either I will kill you, or you will kill me... it's that simple. So let us begin...”

"You guys and your comic book lines. It's priceless, truly..."

He stood to his feet, revealing that he was several feet taller than Suna, and while turning around to face him suddenly thrust a large black ball connected to a chain toward the head of Suna. For such a heavy object, it traveled toward the child like a bullet from a gun. Suna caused a lot of sand to rise around him, blocking the ball. Suna then formed 2 large arms from the sand using his Manipulation ability. Anarchy himself managed to block some of the blows and counter with his ball and chain, but after so long the large hands of sand began to swat him around like a ragdoll.

When Anarchy threw the ball aside and suddenly became faster for some reason, Suna decided that he wasn't going to waste time with him. The two arms turn back into sand as they engulf the prisoner, who began to thrash and struggle. "Whatever you did to end up in here had to be pretty bad, and I don't think I even wanna know," Suna said, holding his arms out and his hands open to manipulate his sand, holding him within the brown substance that moved and shifted as if it were alive itself. "But this whole riot thing was for nothing, busted up by a little kid. Isn't that a sucky situation to have happen right before you die?"

Anarchy began to struggle harder, looking terrified while the sand began to constrict, halting his movements. He tried to yell something but his mouth was filled with sand. Suna could have crushed him into a bloody, gooey mess, but he didn't want his sand to smell like blood like Emiko's did. Suna simply strangled Anarchy to death. He left the prisoner hanging upside down from his ball and chain, wrapped around one of his legs and waist, from one of the upper catwalks.

With that done, Suna turned and left Sabaku Prison...

Word Count: 1,001
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Prison Break (A B-Rank Mission, 1,001 WC)
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