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 Robbing the Market is Never a Good Idea [C Rank Mission][Private][1490 / 250]

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PostSubject: Robbing the Market is Never a Good Idea [C Rank Mission][Private][1490 / 250]   Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:50 am

Mission Being Taken - Defeat the Bandit!:

Namie hadn't really bothered to do missions in the past because she simply hadn't had reason to care. That wasn't the case anymore, though. Ever since Alec had done for her what he had she had found that she wanted to be helpful. She knew she couldn't tackle the big, high rank missions alone just yet, but there was nothing stopping her from tackling a few low ranking ones. The fact that she got to beat on some criminals and use her skills she had learned were a bonus.

The mission she had grabbed sounded like an easy enough one. It was ranked as C-rank, and involved putting an end to a bandit who had been stealing anything not nailed down for several nights in a row. From the information available it seemed as if he had a few favorite haunts he always struck and Namie knew that that would make finding him all that much more easier. Knowing she was going to have to work at night when the bandit worked to be able to catch him properly Namie took a good long nap while ensuring she set an alarm clock to wake her up at eight o'clock in the evening; it was right around the time the shops closed and would give her time to get in position without the bandit spotting her and getting spooked or so she figured.

Sure enough, Namie was awake by eight o'clock in the evening and fully prepared to tackle a night of work. She left the Kane Mansion and found her way to the market easily enough through a series of back alleys she had become all too familiar with lately. Upon arrival she picked a nice location that gave her a great view of several of the bandits haunts and took up position; now was the waiting game.

In a way Namie felt like a predator stalking prey at a watering hole. The market stalls were all closed up, as were the shops, and they were ripe for the pickings. As Namie expected she didn't have to wait long before the bandit showed up. He was cloaked in a black cloak but made a series of clanking noises as he moved. When he stepped clumsily beneath a street light Namie realized that the noise wasn't coming from the bandit himself but rather from the pillow sack of goods he had apparently already lifted. Shaking her head she watched as he glanced about nervously and then put the sack down on the ground before crouching down and pulling out what clearly had to be a set of lock picking tools.

Figuring that was her cue to make herself known she grinned from ear to ear and coughed, loudly. "So, you're the one breaking into peoples shops and stealing stuff, eh? You don't look like much..." To Namie's credit she didn't laugh as the guy jumped a mile and then fell backwards and onto his ass. It took him several seconds to untangle himself from the black cloak he was using to try and blend in with the natural shadows of Kurayamigakure. He looked from left to right several times before spotting Namie who was standing now beneath a street light and had her arms folded across her chest. Namie was watching him with an amused expression on her face, and it caused the guy to pause a moment in confusion.

"Who 're you?", he asked in broken english, and with a thick accent that Namie couldn't exactly place at the moment.

"Name's Namie. I'm one of the shinobi of this fine village that you seem keen on robbing. I'm afraid that's going to have to stop. You've been upsetting these poor shop keeps and we just can't allow that to continue...."

"You think you're going to stop me? You're just a little girl. Isn't it past your bedtime?"

"Little girl, eh? Suppose that's going to make a pretty embarassing story then for you when people find out a little girl kicked your ass all the way to a jail cell."

Apparently her words registered enough to cause the bandit to pull out two kunai. He spun them around expertly enough, which was slightly surprising given out clumsy he had seemed to be earlier. Still, Namie wasn't worried. It wasn't that she was over confident, as she knew she still had to be careful, it was just that she had Firestarter where as he had two kunai that he was likely going to attempt to throw at her soon enough.

Namie unsheathed her weapon without speaking and sure enough the bandit let loose one of two kunai which flew well over her left shoulder, missing her easily by several inches without Namie even having to move a muscle. "Going to throw the last one and miss too?", Namie asked a bit sarcastically.

Instead of answering her with a verbal response the bandit chose that moment to rush at her with the kunai raised. As he neared, Namie waiting patiently, he raised the kunai up over his head. As he got closer he made a downward slashing movement. With Namie's weapon already unsheathed it was nothing at all for her to bring the weapon, horiztonal, upward and meet the kunai. The sound of metal hitting metal clanged loudly through the otherwise quiet streets and she watched as the bandit jumped backward while keeping a firm grip on his kunai. His eyes darted to the other laying several feet behind Namie and she grinned without even glancing back: she wasn't going to take her eyes off of him while he was still armed. "I wouldn't even think about it. You stand no chance in hell of getting your hands on that one, you better just focus on not losing the last weapon you've got against me."

The bandit, apparently not that stupid, focused his full attention back on Namie and rushed towards her once again. He made a series of slashing movements from the left, the right, and then the left again in an attempt to cut Namie. However, all his attempts failed, as with clang after clang she blocked each one with her sword with relative ease. As the bandit jumped back again Namie could see that he was perspiring. The thick cloak mixed in with his untrained and rushed movements was beginning to take its toll on him, all with Namie having barely moved a muscle save for the attacks she had blocked. As Namie waited for the bandits next move she found herself realizing that this was a fighting style she rather liked: simply blocking attacks and waiting for her opponent to tire so she could either bring him in or kill him was easy enough in situations like this and it would save on her getting dirty, tired and frustrated herself.

Breathing hard the bandit ran at her once more, this time letting out a yell of rage and frustration. Several more attempts to slice at Namie were made and once again each and every one of them was blocked. This dance went on several more times before finally, entirely exhausted, the bandit threw his kunai off to the left where it hit the ground with a thunk. The bandit, sweating and breathing heavily, dropped to the ground on his knees and put his hand behind his head without having to be told to do so. "Okay, you win. I can't best you. I give up. Just... give me a nice cell to sleep in. I'm done."

Namie, unsure of whether or not the bandit really had learned his lesson in the long run, made quick work on getting the man to his feet and taking him to the Kurayamigakure jail. She had no idea if she would see him after his release up to his old tricks again, but she would be ready for it if she did. After she handed him off to the proper authorities Namie made sure to head back and locate both of the bandits kunai; she didn't want a little kid in the morning to find them and start playing with such a dangerous weapon. Back home the kunai were disposed of before Namie returned to her room, put her sword down, and then all but fell into her bed in hopes of getting a good nights sleep.


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Robbing the Market is Never a Good Idea [C Rank Mission][Private][1490 / 250]
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