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 The Land of Water and Fish [Kurayami to Umi][Myuto or Invite]

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PostSubject: The Land of Water and Fish [Kurayami to Umi][Myuto or Invite]   Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:58 pm

The Kage Summit hadn't been dull that was for sure. An all out war hadn't broken out, thankfully, but the previous Harukage had been demoted and a Kurayamigakure nin put in his place. Considering all of the issues everyone seemed to have with the Morigakure nin in general, and how weak they all seemed to be, it was for the best and so Umiko hadn't spoken out against the move. So long as no one was trying that shit with her she didn't really care.

She did care however about getting home. Ranmaru had decided to attack a Kage and who knew if he was still in that frame of mind or worse. She didn't want to leave her village unprotected, especially when Kaia-Mai had access to a Senju's blood and the possibility of her using it for Rinnegan was very real.

If Myuto decided to travel with her back towards Umigakure she would begin to explain the things discussed; he was the strongest person besides herself in the village after all so he needed to be prepared. "I wanted to give you the heads up on an important matter that was discussed. Ranmaru and Kaia-Mai, two hgh ranked individuals who used to live up north of our main village in the tundra, decided to attack Muninn Senju; that's why his arm is missing. Kaia-Mai is a very evolved Uchiha with power like mine - the ability to wield demonic ice like i can. She also has all kinds of sensory. Last but not least she's a high ranked medic. Chances are if that arm wasn't eaten or disposed of she harvested the Senju's blood out of it meaning she had access to something called Rinngan; the most powerful dojutsu ever heard of. We're talking god-like powers. Now, so far Kaia-Mai isn't in trouble, only Ranmaru is for attacking a kage. Alec Kane, the Kuraikage, has put one of his people in charge of Morigakure now, a Kurai Yanagi, who is going to be the Harukage until the Senju is strong enough. Kurai told me no harm will come to Kaia so long as she doesn't try anything, but no mercy will be shown to Ranmaru. I have no reason to believe either of them will be heading back to Umigakure anytime soon, but i wanted you to be aware of the situation should they arrive. Ranmaru uses cloth to attack, so I'm sure long range is no issue for him, outside of that not much is known about him. I only know what I do about Kaia-Mai because she's come into the village before several times - none of those times has she caused trouble."

Umiko would fall silent then, noticing their village rising up out of the water in the distance - or at least parts of it. It felt good to be home, and to see that everything still seemed safe and sound, just like they had left it.

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PostSubject: Re: The Land of Water and Fish [Kurayami to Umi][Myuto or Invite]   Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:13 pm

The trip home began. When Umiko left, Myuto went with her. He'd seen about all of Kurayamigakure that he'd wanted to see for now. The thought crossed his mind to stay a while longer, but tempers were heated right now. Sabakugakure and Kurayamigakure obviously weren't on even terms right now, as shinobi had problems with other shinobi, threats and smack talk went back and fourth, and someone ended up pinned to a wall in a choke hold. Myuto didn't want to add to the drama, so he decided to go back home. His parents, brother and especially his over-protective sister had to be worried sick about him by now.

Umiko began to discuss things with Myuto, being the only other shinobi in Umigakure. There were two dangerous shinobi out there somewhere, and when Umiko mentioned their names, Myuto remembered them, if only briefly. Ranmaru and Kaia-Mai. Myuto didn't know them personally, nor did he know what they were capable of, but Umiko continued on.

Ranmaru was responsible for Muninn Senju's missing arm. He attacked with cloth; anything else about him was unknown. Kaia-Mai was innocent, having noting to do with the attack on Muninn Senju, but she was also a threat. She was a Uchiha that was the pinnacle of Sensory. She could also use ice attacks much like Umiko. Being in possession of Muninn Senju's arm meant that she could gain something called the Rinnegan. Umiko said it was the most powerful dojutsu there was, capable of giving it's user god-like powers.

Myuto didn't know how to deal with something like that, but should he ever cross paths with the duo, he was sure that he could figure something out. By the time the whole explanation ended, the ocean was before them again, and they were home...

(RP post #29, WC: 4,835)

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The Land of Water and Fish [Kurayami to Umi][Myuto or Invite]
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