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 Stop that thief! [A C-Rank mission-WC: 673/250]

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Stop that thief! [A C-Rank mission-WC: 673/250] Empty
PostSubject: Stop that thief! [A C-Rank mission-WC: 673/250]   Stop that thief! [A C-Rank mission-WC: 673/250] EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 9:24 pm

Da Mission:

Suna saved Sabaku twice. Once from a band of pirates, and another time, against a powerful prisoner who'd orcestrated a riot with the help of other inmates to prevent his execution. He didn't let it go to his head, nor did he brag, even with the fact that Suna often ran his mouth, and seemed exactly the type to rub his accomplishments into the faces of others. Suna had done nothing of the type, and whenever someone spoke of what he'd done, he only nodded his head in silence.

Nowadays, Suna wasn't really acting like himself. He came down with some kind of headache while attending the Kage summit in Kurayamigakure, and since thin the pain hadn't let up. He tried lying in bed, but that did nothing. Suna didn't want the rust to set in, so he decided to do some missions, even with the headache. First he wanted something to eat.

He'd used some of his newfound wealth to buy something to eat from a mobile restaurant that fixed your food right in front of you. The dish of flavored meatballs, some having bacon and lettuce wrapped around them, with toothpicks through the middle was pretty good. Suna still had one of these toothpicks to pick the dirt from his nails when he felt the running and heard the yelling. He looked to see the wife of the store owner downstairs from his two roomed home yelling for someone to stop a thief. A young, dark dressed individual was hurriedly attempting to make an escape, barging through people and making some of them fall over, crash into things and make various messes.

Suna didn't move. The gourd on his back began to churn and vibrate before the cork came off, and sand spilled out of it. It mixed with the sand underneath, causing the ground to begin to move as if someone were down there underneath the sand. The thief, running while looking behind him, ran directly into the sand, falling into it as if it were water. The sand seemed to have a mind of it's own and restrained the fleeing thief.

“Wow, amazing! You're quite talented, young man,” said the mobile restaurant owner, and Suna just shrugged. The thief wasn't going to just get up and keep running after an impact like that, so Suna casually walked over to him.

“So who are you supposed to be... some sort of hero?!... Owwwh...” said the thief, unable to move. Suna didn't respond, instead simply stood over the boy with his blank expression. The sand released him, and he jumped up and took a fighting stance. Suna just shook his head before slowly taking his. The thief threw a kick at Suna that he didn't attempt to block or avoid. The kick slammed into a shielf that suddenly appeared in front of Suna to block it; a shield of Sand, and it appeared that the thief was hurt from kicking it. He tried punching Suna in the face, but Suna head butted his fist, producing a loud popping sound and a yelp from the thief.

Suna didn't really want to make a scene. When the thief attempted to kick him again, Suna spun in the opposite direction to perform his Gale Kick, knocking the youth completely off of his feet to land on the side of his head. He lie there in a daze. People began to clap and applaud as the shop owner and his wife caught up to the scene. Suna searched the thief and retrieved a stolen package, handing it to the shop owner.

“You helped us! Such a talented young man and so helpful. I wish my lazy good for nothing son had been more like you! Thanks again!” he said, sharing some of the stolen Ryo with him. Suna gave his simple nod, noticing village security arriving to take the thief into custody. With another job in the books, Suna moved off...

Word Count: 673/250
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Stop that thief! [A C-Rank mission-WC: 673/250]
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