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 Protect the merchant [A C-rank Mission-WC: 658/250]

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Protect the merchant [A C-rank Mission-WC: 658/250] Empty
PostSubject: Protect the merchant [A C-rank Mission-WC: 658/250]   Protect the merchant [A C-rank Mission-WC: 658/250] EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 9:26 pm

Da Mission:

The next job he got from the Mission Board looked to be more exciting than stopping a fleeing thief, but that wasn't to say helping out his neighboors was boring. A merchant had the task of re-supplying several businesses in the area of the marketplace. On several of his last outings he'd been attacked by rival merchants, so this time he was hiring protection to watch over him as he made his rounds.

Huang was waiting near the Mission Board already, next to a mule loaded with many bags and sacks. “You're my escort?” he said, looking Suna up and down. “You don't look like much...” Suna showed no response, staring at him through his gas mask. he was still suffering a migraine, but he'd learned to live with the pain. “But, I guess beggars can't be choosers... Well, let's get this over with.” He and the mule started off toward the Marketplace, with Suna not far behind.

The first delivery was made without any problems, and the business owner seemed to be very happy with his package. It was walking toward the second destination that Suna noticed that they were being followed. When Huang went to hand the second business owner the package, the individual, dressed in dark colored clothing, attempted to run up and snatch it from his hands. He instead ran into a cloud of sand. 2 kicks to the mid-section followed, then he was sent hard to the ground by a Leaf Whirlwind.

Huang and other standing around looked surprised as the would be thief went unconscious, bleeding from his nose. “Perhaps I was wrong about you! You're pretty good,” Huang said as they continued on, and still, Suna showed no response.

2 other individuals attacked on the 3rd and 4th deliveries. Both of them received Sand, fist and foot combos that left them also slumbering on the pavement next, much to the surprise of the business owners, Huang, and those standing around watching. Suna began to suspect something fishy as they were headed toward #5. One more individual attacked, but this one had a sword. He sliced the package in Huang's hand in half, revealing a white powdery substance within. Suna engaged the swordsman. He expertly and quickly dodged many swings of the sharp weapon, then after coating his right arm in his sand, grabbed and snatched the weapon from the man's hands. A punch that threw the man backwards at high velocity was what ended the fight.

Suna picked up the other half of the package and looked at the white substance within. He dipped a finger in it, quickly coming to the conclusion that Huang was a drug dealer, and was re-supplying his local dealers while collecting the money from their last sales. Huang had a stupid grin on his face when Suna looked at him. “Now listen, there's-there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this--” he started to say, before Suna grabbed the back of his collar.

”Good,” he said, beginning to drag the man toward the Administration Complex. ”You can tell it to the authorities.”

“Now wait wait, let's talk about this! There's no need for the higher ups to become involved! What say I pay you right now and we forget all of this, huh? What's the Mission Board giving you? 150 ryo? I'll give you 200 right now!” Suna didn't answer. He continued dragging the man to the Admin Complex. “Come on! Listen to reason! That's a lot of money for a young man like you!”

Suna wasn't one to take a bribe, but as he turned the drug dealer in to the authorities he did happen to take one of the scrolls from a bag on his mule. It held a technique that he would definitely need in the days to come...

Word Count: 658/250
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Protect the merchant [A C-rank Mission-WC: 658/250]
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