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 Protection Detail [A B-Ranked Mission-WC: 557/500]

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Protection Detail [A B-Ranked Mission-WC: 557/500] Empty
PostSubject: Protection Detail [A B-Ranked Mission-WC: 557/500]   Protection Detail [A B-Ranked Mission-WC: 557/500] EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 9:41 pm

Da Mission:

To pass the time while dealing with unending pain and create an even better reputation in Sabaku, Suna took on another job. This time, he'd be playing bodyguard to the child of a rich family, “Little Miss Hai” she was called. His task was simple: follow her around all day, in school, and escort her back home. Her family was rich, so successful completion of this task would probably set in well with Emiko. Even though Suna didn't say anything, he was quickly taken on for the job. Hai's father even complimented Suna, saying that most youths his age these days “talked to damned much,” and that Suna was “easy to talk to because he wasn't interrupting him every 5 minutes.” This was only because of the pain. Otherwise, Suna would probably be cracking joke after joke.

Walking the girl to school was no problem. Hai and her fellow schoolgirls gossiped and giggled amongst themselves, occasionally shooting glances in his direction before bursting out into ridiculous giggle fits, but Suna paid it little to no mind. Following her around school was no problem either, going with her from class to class and enduring the looks of her fellow school children, but this was no problem either. In lunch, there was a massive food fight. Suna was successful in using his speed and sand shield to deflect any food that came in Hai's direction, much to her amazement. Suddenly the giggles and hushed gossip stopped upon seeing what Suna was capable of, and a barrage of questions came his way from she and her friends. Of course, Suna said nothing.

Little Miss Hai seemed to be disappointed that she got no answers to her many questions; nevertheless her tone was now changed and she seemed to become one of his “fans,” so to speak. It was when escorting the girl up the front walk to her large luxurious house that the man dressed in black with a mask covering his features appeared from the bushes that went around the entire perimeter of the estate attempted to snatch the girl. Suna - for some reason - saw him coming long before they were even near her house. Instead of the girl, he was given a furious combination of kicks that knocked him flat on his ass. The kidnapper jumped up and performed a jutsu in which he created 2 other clones of himself. Suna couldn't really feel that they were there when they moved, letting him know that the kidnapper's clone technique was little more than a ruse; an optical illusion. Suna let the kidnapper know that he knew about his fake technique by creating two long arms with hands on the ends of them from is sand. The arms swung, allowing the hands to travel through the fake bodies of the clones and "clap" the man between the two hands of sand. He wasn't dead, but severely injured, falling to the ground twitching and foaming at the mouth.

Amazed and thankful, Little Miss Hai gave Suna a hug, but he kept his hands to himself. Hai's parents were witness to the short brawl and also thanked him. Suna only nodded his head, and went to leave as village security arrived to apprehend the attempted kidnapper. It was another job well done...

Word Count: 557/500
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Protection Detail [A B-Ranked Mission-WC: 557/500]
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