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 New In Town [Open]

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Hikari hadn't been in Morigakure for long, she had come with her twin brother Kurai when he had taken over the position of Harukage, and already she had had a good look at the village's hospital. While it was all well and good for a civilian level hospital it was just that: civilian level. The staff was under-experienced for handling the wounds and ailments the likes of which shinobi often got, the wounds such as what Muninn Senju had got. Still, the place held a great deal of potential. It was well funded and those funds were going to be put to their proper use. Hikari was usually good with working with what she was given, and she knew that if she needed more than Kurai and herself could figure out a budget to make that possible. She doubted it would come to that though.

At the moment Hikari was sitting at her desk in her newly created office. It was on the first floor of the hospital, connected to the waiting room and entrance for the Emergency Room area. The office also had its own private sleeping quarters and bathroom which were closed off from the public. A bit of adjusting had allowed Hikari to add a small personal kitchen and living room area for some added use. It was small but it was more than comfortable to suit Hikari's needs. She liked to be hands on, right where she needed to be, and her task right now was mainly to get the hospital up and running unless her brother chose to give her another job to handle as well - which she was more than fine with doing.

The sound of papers being adjusted followed a yawn from the blindfolded female with the long black hair. She was rather a sight to see, a blind woman doing paperwork as efficiently if not more so than someone who could see, but that was Hikari for you. She had long ago got used to people staring at her because of her 'handicap'. For the day she was dressed much like the doctor she was: plain light pink hospital scrubs with a white doctors jacket over it with her clan name, Yanagi, embroidered into the front in fancy forest green writing. The back of the doctor's coat, which went down to her knees, had the universal symbol for 'medic' on it. The only thing remotely strange about the female was the fact that her feet were entirely bare; this was so she could see using her clan's sight ability when not relying on her radar.

A knock on the door caused her to 'look' up and toward the doorway. "Miss Yanagi, here are the files you requested. I've also taken the liberty of putting those posters up around the village advertising medical training for anyone interested, as well as the hiring flyers for those looking to get a job here." One of Yanagi's civilian nurses entered in and placed a stack of yellow colored folders down in front of her before walking out. "Thank you!", Hikari called after her before Hikari simply shook her head: she was so used to everyone just calling her Hikari that the whole Miss Yanagi thing was still a bit startling: she'd either learn to deal with it soon or convince everyone to just use her first name. Hikari picked up the top most folder, opened it, gave it a quick read through, and then put it to the side: these were potential candidates for her to teach Medical Ninjutsu to if they were interested, but she wanted more information on them.

Hikari picked up her coffee mug, prepared to take a sip of it, when she noticed that it was empty. Frowning somewhat she stood up and walked into the waiting room where there was a small station of both coffee machines as well as machines filled with hot water for those like herself who wanted tea. Hikari wandered over and began to make herself a nice and hot cup of chai tea.
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New In Town [Open]
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