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 Mailman [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 545/100]

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Mailman [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 545/100] Empty
PostSubject: Mailman [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 545/100]   Mailman [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 545/100] EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 11:19 pm

Da Mission:

Suna was beginning to be widely recognized in the village that he was now calling home. The shop owner whom Suna lived above told him a story of how he was once a fearless shinobi. He'd once gone on a great quest to stop a powerful warlord and save a princess. The shop owner didn't hesitate to elaborate on how he'd fought his way through 5 floors, each floor containing one of the warlord's best men, before confronting the warlord himself in a dramatic battle. In the end, the warlord was defeated and the princess saved. They would ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after, with her having him lay down his weapons to open their own shop and start a family.

...Yet his wife, the princess in the story, pulled Suna aside sometime later, while Suna was on his way to get another job, to tell him a very different tale. The warlord wasn't really a warlord at all; instead he was a jealous rival, and the 5 warriors all his brothers. He didn't actually fight the brothers, but used quick thinking and jugs of alcohol to bribe his way by. The “warlord” was dispatched simply because he'd been out witted; this wit is what attracted her to him. Suna, his migraine still throbbing within his cranium, simply shrugged his shoulders...

The shop owner gave Suna what remained of his ninja tools: Several Kunai, Shuriken and Senbon. Suna was really big on using weapons, but he took them anyway. The next mission was playing delivery boy. It didn't seem like it was going to be a very action packed mission, but Suna didn't complain. Winding down was what he needed.

Suna arrived at the address of the first recipient, Xan. An old man came to the door. “Ah I was expecting a letter from my grand daughter today, thank you child,” he said, and Suna responded with a nod as he handed the letter over.

Lee, the next recipient, lived on the opposite side of the village. It didn't take long for Suna to reach his house. He was out back tending to his garden when he looked up to see Suna walking into the yard. Lee wiped sweat from his forehead and took off one of his gloves to take the letter Suna handed over. “Thanks son, appreciate it,” he said, and again Suna responded with a nod.

The final delivery was to a female name Miz, who was loud and arguing in front of her house. It took her a while to notice him standing there while she and who Suna assumed to be her boyfriend went back and fourth in front of her house. “Yes what!? What?? Who are you? What do you want?” she yelled, causing a slight look of irritation from Suna beneath his gas mask as he handed the letter over. “Well, why didn't you just say you had something for me? Children! Hand it here!” Suna handed the letter toward her for it to be snatched out of his hands. “Yeah, fine! Thank you! You can go now,” she said, and Suna, finding females like her to be a nuisance, didn't hesitate.

Word Count: 545/100
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Mailman [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 545/100]
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