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 Ninja UPS! [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 448/100]

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Ninja UPS! [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 448/100] Empty
PostSubject: Ninja UPS! [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 448/100]   Ninja UPS! [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 448/100] EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 11:21 pm

Da Mission:

...And the next task was similar to the first, delivery boy. He pretty much knew his way around mainstream areas of the village from wandering around, and delivering letters to random people, but this delivery would be different. It seemed to be a very fragile package that needed to be handled with the utmost of care. The worker made sure to emphasize this over and over at the parcel headquarters, bringing a slightly irritated look to Suna's face beneath his gas mask, since he'd heard the guy the first 5 times he'd said it.

So off he went, through a busy marketplace. He had to side step around workers bringing in goods and food on pallet jacks. He had to zig zag his way between a flock of excited children. What was in this package, anyway? Suna normally wasn't the type to get nosy, so he didn't think about it too long, because someone was walking toward him from behind at a strange pace. As the person got closer to Suna, their pace seemed to quicken. Upon noticing him Suna kept an eye out, and easily noticed that he was being followed.

The person attempted to snatch the package out of Suna's hands. The never got to touch it since Suna saw them coming and was prepared for surprises. Suna simply avoided the grab attempt by spinning in a circle when the arm stretched from his right side, the hand attempting to grasp the box. The heel of Suna's left foot met the back of the head of the would-be thief, sending them spilling forward. Suna completed the spin and sent another kick to the thief's back, only it wasn't a kick. He used his foot to cradle the back of the thief's neck, preventing him from crashing into one of the market's fruit stalls and possibly making a huge mess. When the thief regained their balance, Suna swept them off of their feet to plop violently onto the back of their neck. Some of the people standing around clapped. Suna said nothing to the frightened thief, looking up at him with terrified eyes.

Suna continued on. Soon he reached the house of Hoshi, knocking on his door two times. “I'm coming... i'm coming,” a voice could be heard inside said. The door opened, and there was Hoshi. “Ah my glass vase arrived today,” he said, taking the package that Suna handed to him. He opened it and made sure it was intact, which it was. “Thank you kid, much appreciated!” As usual, Suna only gave a nod before turning to head off again...

Word Count: 448/100
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Ninja UPS! [A D-ranked Mission-WC: 448/100]
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