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 Escort a man of power [A B-ranked Mission-WC: 1,279/500]

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Escort a man of power [A B-ranked Mission-WC: 1,279/500] Empty
PostSubject: Escort a man of power [A B-ranked Mission-WC: 1,279/500]   Escort a man of power [A B-ranked Mission-WC: 1,279/500] EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 9:06 am

Da Mission:

For some reason, the migraine was becoming more manageable. For some reason, Suna could see certain things happen before they actually happened. For some reason, Suna could "hear" what people were thinking. At first, many voices filled his head at once, making his migraine worse. But wen he concentrated, he found he could narrow the voices down so that he could hear only one. He didn't concentrate too much, because that made the migraine worse also. Suna stayed away from most people for the moment, because he also found that touching people allowed him to see certain images too. What was this? Was this some kind of secret power, locked away and emerging now?

Like so many times before, Suna showed up to the mission board, seemingly dropping out of the sky, to the many strange stares of other shinobi and pedestrians. It was possibly because of his entrance, or it was possibly because of the gas mask that he never took off, or perhaps because of the fact that everywhere he went, he always wore a gourd of sand upon his back, that sometimes moved like it was alive, or something was in it. Either way it went, Suna didn't care much. He wanted to make money and a name for himself in Sabaku, headache or not.

Without a word said, he picked up a scroll and peeled it open. The job listed inside was an escort mission. He was to go with someone from Sabaku to Mori. As there were many morons, bandits and vagabonds out in the wastes and wilderness, the chance that this ninja needing escorted would be attacked was high. That was exactly the kind of task Suna was trying to get himself into. "The last 2 shinobi to take that job were found dead after being skinned alive," said one of the shinobi standing around the mission board. "Sure you want to take that one? You might not come back..."

Suna didn't answer, he simply turned and headed off to the meeting point. He would be escorting Dean Losechester, a retired ninja who was an older man. He was about the same size as Suna and looked at him strangely when he showed up to the village gates, where the escorting would begin. "...You?" he said, with a frown. "You're the one they sent? Bahh... another dead kid I suppose... Or perhaps you'll surprise me and actually survive the first attacks." Suna showed no response to what the man was saying. He just waited for this show to get on the road. Dean gathered his things and put a big bag onto his back. "Well, come on then, I guess we all have to die sometime, right? Too bad it'll be you when the time comes..."

Suna still showed no response, nor did he have a smart remark when normally he would. Dean made a "Harumph" sound as they started to walk. The two exited the village of Sabaku and began to head in the direction of Mori. The path lead through the desert along a much walked path. There were many places to hide and ambush people from, but Suna also began to find that if he tried hard enough, he could sense things in the surroundings. In fact, he was looking forward to it.

The attackers didn't disappoint. The wicked grin returned to his face when a tall individual came charging in toward them. Punches and kicks came first, blocked by a wall of sand, letting Suna know that this one was a skilled Tai fighter. He would often throw Shuriken, Kunai and Senbon in Suna's direction in between punches and kicks, none of which met their mark. Another fighter jumped in wielding a sword. He wasn't as tall as the first, also throwing Kunai and Shuriken. Another one off in the distance looked to be readying some sort of jutsu. Amplified lensed eyes memorize the hand signs he used while deducting - judged on the way he was dressed - that he was the Genjutsu user of this little team.

Suna suddenly stopped fighting, right as the Kenjutsu user lunged at him, stabbing him in the mid-section. Dean just sighed and threw his hands up. "Why am I not surprised," he said, until Suna suddenly disappeared into a cloud of smoke, signaling that that wasn't the actual Suna at all. The Genjutsu user jumped down and formed hand signs with a scared look on his face.

"What the hell are you do---" was all the tall man was able to get out before he was trapped within an illusion. Whatever the Genjutsu was, it made the tall man commit suicide. The Kenjutsu expert, furious, called the Genjutsu user a traitor and decapitated his former comrade. This was around the time that the actual Suna came flying in from above with something in his right hand that looked like a sword made of glass. The Kenjutsu expert looked up in surprise, but by then it was far too late. Suna drove the glass sword into his mouth, sinking the weapon in deep, all the way to the handle. Sand began to enter the opened mouth of the swordsman. His body expanded until there was a violent explosion, filling the air with sand, dust and smoke.

Dean coughed and fanned smoke and debris away from his face. When the air cleared up some he could see Suna walking out of the smoke, and the Kenjutsu expert in pieces. "...Well, i'll be," he said. "Perhaps I spoke too soon..."

Dean didn't have any more negative remarks as Suna escorted him the rest of the way to Mori. He was in fact impressed at how Suna outsmarted the 3 attackers, downing 2 of them through clever means and finishing off the last in an almost effortless fashion. He was sure to thank Suna as they reached their destination, shaking his hand. Suna just nodded his head while shaking back, before turning to head back toward home...

Word Count: 1,279/500
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Escort a man of power [A B-ranked Mission-WC: 1,279/500]
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