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 Clearing the path [A B-rank mission-WC: 2,337/500]

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Clearing the path [A B-rank mission-WC: 2,337/500] Empty
PostSubject: Clearing the path [A B-rank mission-WC: 2,337/500]   Clearing the path [A B-rank mission-WC: 2,337/500] EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 9:41 am

Da Mission:

There was a well known foot path through the desert for merchants. Suna heard that some of these merchants were robbed as they came and went by bandits. Some of these merchants had become friends with Suna, so there was no surprise that there was a task at the mission board for someone to go and clear the path of these scum.

Suna still had a headache, but as already mentioned, he was learning to live with it. Furthermore it seemed to be slowly going away. He found that he could still hear what he figured were other people's thoughts, and he was still having visions of things that would happen before they happened. Suna began to think that maybe he should pay one last visit to his old desert home. It was long gone now, wiped out by some mysterious powerful force - maybe Mori - and maybe he wouldn't find anything besides corpses, but it was worth a look. Something was drawing him back there.

Suna kept away from Miyuki and coach Emiko still, not wanting them to be worried about him, or to start asking a bunch of questions that he didn't have the answers to at the moment. he kept himself busy with working, training and missions so that he wasn't seen much. He didn't know it, but he'd made a name for himself on the streets. People were talking about him. People were saying he was one of the good guys. His dreams were coming true, even if he didn't realize it yet.

After taking another mission scroll, Suna headed out of Sabaku using the north path; the main road that he and everyone else used when leaving the village to head to another country. The scroll at the mission board told of 4 individuals. The intel was gathered by a survivor of one of their raids. Lee, the ringleader, is a man who can only be described as built. He's a tall man with a great deal of muscles which he tends to use to his benefit. He wanders around mainly shirtless and in a tan pair of torn and stained trousers. He either wears black boots or no shoes at all. He has a tattoo on his left pec of a bear paw. His head is bald, and he has black eyes. He tends to use his feet and hands to fight instead of an actual weapon. However, he does carry a sword and knows how to use it, or at least the basics of Kenjutsu.

Goro, his right hand man, has short black hair, normally done in a crew cut type style. He's a little on the thin side, and likes to cover up his size with wearing several layers of clothing. His clothing is somewhat on the brighter side, but hardly ever matches. He tends to favor greens, blues, and purples as his preferred choices. His personality can be described best as a loyal puppy dog. Whatever his leader demands of him he does without question or hesitation. He's quiet, and otherwise rather still, unless preforming some sort of task that's been asked/ordered of him.

Shuji, the 3rd, had shoulder length black hair and bright green eyes tend to be the first thing people notice about this man, other than the fact that his hair is greasy and he smells like a bar. He wears a lot of dark colors, normally black. His clothing is mainly ripped and dingy, due to the fact the man doesn't like to bathe. Assholish tends to sum the man up. He's a jerk all the way around. Children hate him, women hate him, men hate him, his own /friends/ hate him. If there's a way for him to be mean he is. He's also very insulting, and tends to use a lot of vulgar language. He lacks any sort of respect for anyone but his leader.

The last, Kenji, tends to wear nothing but ragged shorts, held up by a belt made of rope. He has black hair that goes down to his ears, and brown eyes. He has a scar that goes across his back in a jagged slash. He's a fighter. Loves nothing more than a good rumble, well... except for the ladies. He also is a rather vulgar pervert.

4 basic bandits that thrived on preying upon the weak and helpless. They wouldn't be counting on someone coming along with the means to defend themselves. After about 10 minutes of walking through the wilds around Sabaku, and maybe another 20 minutes before he would reach the border between countries is when he caught sight of them. There was the smell of ass, feet and underarm funk. The aroma of scum that lived in the wilds, and didn't know what a bath was. Fortunately, Suna had on a gas mask.

Lee noticed the kid with the mask and the sand gourd. He and his other 3 goons were up in trees that were around the border. They'd jump out of the trees and surround unsuspecting victims that came this way. Suna already knew they were in the trees, yet they walked into the middle of the trap anyway, to have them jump out and surround them.

“Fuck man, it's just some skinny weakling,” said Shuji. “I was hoping for another fat caravan. This little chump isn't even gonna be worth it.

“I thought it was a girl,” added Kenji, the pervert, scratching his crotch area. “Well, when we're done with him, I can always pretend right?...”

Like lightning, Suna was upon the man Kenji. Leaf Strong Whirlwind kick was executed so fiercely that his jaw was instantly shattered upon impact. While he was still airborne, and his comrades struggled to keep up with the fast movement, Suna jumped into the air as well. Kenji landed hard on the ground, to be followed by Suna, who landed upon the bandit's crotch with the force that produced a disgusting pop and crunch sound. Kenji screamed before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out.

The remaining 3 looked upon the scene with wide eyes. “You're dead, kid,” said Lee, as Suna purposely stepped onto the side of Kenji's face, stomping his head into the dirt as he got off of the man. Suna lunged toward Shuji as he opened his mouth the let out another insult. His 2 cohorts could only make out an orange blur as Suna was all over him, pelting his body with rapid blows. Loud screams filled the ears. Suna snapped both of Shuji's legs and left him screaming and helpless on the ground, begging for his fellow bandits to help him. Goro urinated on himself, and Lee began to sweat. Suna shut Shuji up by repeatedly stomping on his head.

Lee suddenly rushed toward Suna. He threw kicks that Suna didn't block, and ended up stumbling backwards after the kicks landed on the sand wall, holding his legs and grunting in pain. He threw punches that Suna head butted, breaking his fingers and knuckles with more loud pop sounds. Lee executed one more kick, having broken both of his hands, that Suna avoided and countered with a spinning back kick that sent him flying into the trunk of a tree. Suna then kicked Lee in the mid-section many times. The force behind the kicks made the whole tree shake, spilling many leaves and causing the birds inhabiting it to fly off. After dozens of kicks Lee slumped onto his behind, making choking sounds and vomiting blood and chunks from his mouth and nose.

Goro dropped to his knees with his hands together as if he were praying as Suna turned to face him. His pants were wet with urine. “Please,” he said. “This-this was their idea, I voted to just let you pass, I knew it would be a bad idea to ambush you, please! You have to believe me!!” Goro put his arms over his head to block as Suna walked toward him, but he didn't touch the man. Suna just walked past him and began heading back to the village.

Word Count: 2,337/500
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Clearing the path [A B-rank mission-WC: 2,337/500]
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