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 Collecting the Debt (Closed/PG-13/700 Words)

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Collecting the Debt (Closed/PG-13/700 Words) Empty
PostSubject: Collecting the Debt (Closed/PG-13/700 Words)   Collecting the Debt (Closed/PG-13/700 Words) EmptyThu Feb 25, 2016 6:25 pm

Rated PG-13 for language


"So all I have to do is get the money?" Rin asked in her surprise, not expecting it to sound so simple for her first mission.The woman at the desk nodded gently and Rin shrugged it off like nothing.Why give such an easy task? It wasn't like she was a little 12-year-old genin who could barely even fight.She could perform quite a bit of jutsu and was smart enough to keep where she wanted to be in her battles.But then again.What exactly could you expect from a D-rank mission? C-ranks were more along the lines of fail and get hurt.D-rank was literally just find the cat in front of your face and chase it till you catch it."Congrats Rin.You now have to get money from some random dolt."

Within minutes, Rin signed the form to accept the mission and walked out to start searching for some man named 'Mori Daisuke'.Great, she barely even had a good description of the male; 36 years old, Citizen of the village, wears gray a lot, big ass womanizer/douchebag with a drinking problem and brown hair.Did the village want her to go chase every damn man with the same similarities? A fucking clan would be a greater help than that.She rather goes find the damn cat now.With a small snort, Rin began walking around the marketplace and searching for the features of her target.The target, however, was going to be quite unlucky very soon.

Hours seemed to pass.One word defined Rin at the moment, pissed.Her mission was due to finish in about three days and yet she hadn't seen a single person who matched  the profile.Passing shinobi came close to it, as well as older citizens.But yet, one mistake and she could get arrested for assault.And useless assualt of any kind never went well on anyone records. Suddenly, Rin felt a wash of limited relief go over her as she someone who looked exactly as how the man was depicted through the mission's papers.However, everything set motion into 'fucking book it' when the man ran at the sight of her."Hey! Stop it!" Rin screamed as loud as she could as the man dodged in and out of the crowd of people."Who says I have to stop bitch?! I know you've been tracking me you, whore!"

"I say you have to stop you dolt! By the orders of the fucking people who gave me, this damn mission say so you fucker!" Rin shouted, her voice becoming vulgar and becoming vicious at his insults.When the man ducked into an alleyway, Rin smirked and ran after him, surrounding the man into the enclosed space.He wasn't going to make it out while she was still ready to rip him into half so he could watch himself bleed out.Then she could simply heal him and rip him apart once more.She huffed out air momentarily and stood tall in front of him.She got closer and closer, encasing a space of 13 meters between the two."We can do this easy or we can do this hard." Rin threatened with poison in her words.

By now the man was up against the wall of the alley and staring at her with a threatening demeanor.'Hard it is,' Rin thought, forcing her hand signals for her feline manifestation jutsu.She watched the man kick at thin air and growl in his confusion.Rin rolled her eyes and pulled a kunai out of her tool pouch, throwing it at a belt the man was wearing with a pouch on the side.As Rin watched the leather strap rip and the simple kunai scratch the side of the man, she concluded it to be his ryo pouch and took it with no issue.When she got to the end of the alley she spat at the ground and walked toward the Harukage's tower was, hoping to finish her mission right now.And boy, she was happy to get this fucker away from her right at that moment.


700 Words = 700 Ryo
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Collecting the Debt (Closed/PG-13/700 Words)
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