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PostSubject: Nekonote   Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:30 pm

Clan Name: Nekonote

Location: N/A

History:The Nekonote are a very... High and mighty clan. They think much of themselves, or at least, the founders and elders do. That's one of the few things that make them remind people of cats- They're haughty, territorial, and elegant. It's unclear how the Kekkai Genkai itself came to be, but one day a child was born with it in the family of the Nekonote's, before they became a clan of ninja. You can see that they would be shocked at first- A demon child, perhaps? The baby was born with the cat-like, heterochromatic eyes of the Buyougan, and no one knew what to make of it. The girl was shut away in a room for many months before the clan (read: "family") head at the time came to conclusion that it wasn't a curse, but a gift from God himself. The girl could see where people were in the house, though she couldn't say who it was exactly. If she tried, she could even extend it's range, pointing out people passing by the house and even in the store next to the home. They also watched the way she moved around her little room, with an agileness not seen in people who hadn't practice for that specific skill. Almost like a cat, even.

Needless to say they wanted to spread this gift- Or more honestly, abuse it. The girl was arranged a husband selected from a careful group of fit males, and made to bear a child at once. The man was disturbed by the eyes she had, which had evolved out of contempt for the people she was surrounded by. Now in a six pointed star, it was difficult to see how she could be anything but a demon. The family, however, was adamant. They'd pathetically hold on to any hope, like most people would, that they were favored by higher beings. "Special." The man was already swarn to the girl, now woman, and a long time later she gave birth to a child. He was a beautiful baby boy, born with the same two eyes that his mother was- One pink, one orange, with a slit like a cat through the pupil. The original bearer of the Buyougan died during the process of having a child.

This one was taught to be a dancer, a performer, and made to get money for the moderate family. They weren't poor, but they weren't very wealthy, and they'd take what chance they could. A new family head had taken the position by the time the child was in his teens, and quietly disapproved of the way the family was treating the poor boy. He never got a normal childhood, was never let alone to live, never got to make his own decisions. Him and his "gift" were merely tools.

The clan head, Hisagi, stole the boy away. He ran with meager supplies, no direction in mind. As the boy was around fourteen at the time, he wasn't easily "stolen". He was however used to doing what he was told, and as Hisagi explained that he would be able to have his own life if he came with him... He wanted the chance to be free. The now X like eyes he had showed the lives other children got to live from the confines of his home. He wanted that, he's wanted it so bad, for so long. And now he could have it...

Hisagi was like a father to the boy, a better father than the deadbeat that left when the mother's soul left her body, terrified of the child that was born with those eyes. The two, more or less father and son, were graciously accepted in to Konoha. They weren't very troublesome, so were left alone by the village as the clan grew. Hisagi passed and the boy was made the head, and as he married and passed with his wife, they left behind more children. It soon became a ninja clan, changing from head to head, with different views on how they should use what they had.

As the bloodline got mixed with others and the trait of the Kekkai Genkai became muddied, children stopped being born with a permanent version of the eyes. This scared the group of Nekonote for years before the children born without naturally developed the skill at later ages. It was now a learned skill, rather than an automatically inherited one. This was easily remedied by the clan elders who now trained the new members from a very young age to unlock the Buyougan.

The technique wasn't even named until a certain female clan leader at a time pushed the fact of the grace the clan gave, and made everyone required to be professions such as dancers with the skill. The "Dancer's Eye" it was dubbed, and the name caught, passing through the generation.

The current clan elder, Kiraki, a stern and uncaring man of about seventy, is who gave the clan the title of "Konoha's Guard Cats". He saw potential the other leaders didn't, focusing only on the aspect of the ability that gave the people the skills of great performers. He saw the deadliness the Buyougan could bring about if used right. He then put forth a new training regiment- To this day, the members of the Nekonote clan are purely Assassins, Trackers and Bodyguards, and should only learn as such.

The name wasn't given by Kiraki himself, but rather the village people who heard of what the Nekonote did, and saw them in action.

For some reason, the clan, or at least the older members, have held a petty feud against the Inuzuka for all these years... It's easy to make jokes about the situation.

When the plague hit across the lands, the Nekonote survived as any other clan had. They moved with the villages to resettle some place safe and they where often the ones to keep a look out for any incoming danger.

Description of clan ability: The Buyougan is the Kekkai Genkai of the Nekonote clan. This interesting Doujutsu has three stages;

Stage one, the most basic version of the Buyougan. This is taught to all members at a young age, normally during the time frame that they're in the academy. This jutsu manifests itself in both of the user's eyes- One eye is changed to the color of neon pink, while the other is changed to the color of neon orange. Both eyes gain a slit reminiscent of a cat's, vertically cutting through each of the pupils. The main skill of this jutsu is the ability to sense the chakra of others, as well as get a taste/smell for it. This rank of the jutsu only shows that there are chakra signatures in the area, and that they're separate- It's not very distinct as it doesn't give you a hint to if you know the person or how strong they are. As for getting a taste/smell for the chakra, the user is able to lock on to one of the chakra signatures they feel and keep it registered in their mind, though this requires them shutting off the other signals and becoming "blind" per se. This gives them the ability to track someone, whereas tracking is the point of the clan in the first place.The range this allows you to "sense" is shorter than the other areas, and you can only "track" one person at a time.

Stage two, the mildly advanced version of the Buyougan. The user must be at least a Chunin, C-rank, to learn this skill. It requires an RP of at least 1500 words from the Nekonote member about training and unlocking this level of this jutsu. This can be split between multiple RP posts but must meet the word requirement in the end. At stage two, the Buyougan manifests much like the original stage- However, there are two cat-like slits in each eye, forming the symbol of an X through the pupils. The range of the sensory technique is increased, as well as the user is now able to track people they have met before. To be able to do this, the Buyougan usee must have felt the chakra of the person before, whether by being near a battle they were in or being in a battle with that person. The limit to people able to be tracked has been increased from one to two or three, as well, but the other limitations of the technique still apply. (Focus, shutting off the other signatures sensed, any other listen drawbacks.)

Stage three is the second highest version of the Buyougan. The clan member must be at least B-rank to learn this skill. This training must be at least 2000 words in total, and can again be split in to multiple posts as long as it meets the requirements. The overall coloring on the Buyougan eyes is the same as the last two stages, however there's now a horizontal line-slit through the X mark in each eye, ending as a thin, six pointed star crossing through the pupil of the member. Each eye also glows slightly brighter, able to be seen even in dim places by another party. The range of the sensing ability is increased now, and every chakra has a very definitive shape. Humans who try to suppress their chakra level to that of a woodland animal, will find that it is useless. They will still have the chakra shape of a human, thus being a very strong rendition of the Buyougan.

Stage four is the highest level of the Buyougan. The user must be S-rank to learn this skill. This training must be at least 300 words in total, but can be split into multiple posts as long as it meets the words requirements in the end. The coloring of the Buyougan is the same as it has been for the last three levels. The eyes however glow rather brightly. Often the last thing the people being tracked see before they die. The small slits in the eyes gain a horizontal slit, thus making a small 8 pointed star in the eyes. People can now be tracked by passing them on the street, or by having an item they carried at one point. The user can now track up to 10 people at once. The drawbacks still apply.

*Note: While "tracking" a person or group of people, the user is always aware of the direction the person they're tracking is, and feels a slight pull towards the tracked. The pull intensifies the closer the clan member is to their target, to the point that if the person is only a handful of meters away that the tracker's body and posture is constantly focused and pointed towards them. This is a good skill to use in combat as it allows you to keep constant track and focus of your opponent as long as they are in with close distance- As they usually should be.

Drawbacks: o Attempting to track someone a higher rank than you can cause dizziness as well as dull, and sharp, throbbing pains behind the eyes.

o The user has a high chance to get headaches and or migraines when this jutsu is used in a crowded area with a great number of chakra signatures around. This same effect can occur with overuse of the Buyougan in general. (Multiple activations in a post.)

o It is possible to extend the use of this jutsu past the range limiter your stage gives you, however doing so has a 100% chance to cause the Buyougan to be dropped 1-2 posts later and put on a forced rest of topic cooldown. Overuse of this strain can cause the loss of the Kekkai Genkai forever. (This can go up to double the range limit. Forcing it this far guarantees fainting.)


Name: Buyougan
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: /
Specialty: Dojutsu
Duration: / -5 chakra per post.
Cooldown: /
Description: The Byougan is the Kekkai Genkai of the Nekonote clan, and manifests in the eyes of the clan members. This doujutsu is what makes them perfects assassins, trackers and bodyguards. The ranks of this jutsu are split up in to 4 stages. The main point of this technique is the ability to sense, find and "track" chakra signatures. This, along with the image the Buyougan takes, is what gives them the title "The Guard Cats."

(D-rank) Stage one; One eye is changed to the color of neon pink, while the other is changed to the color of neon orange. Both eyes gain a slit reminiscent of a cat's, vertically cutting through each of the pupils. Can only see/feel that there are chakra signatures in the area and where they are. The only means the user has of knowing what the target is, is by how much chakra they give off. If the person tracked suppresses the chakra, then they can pass off as woodland animals. Clan members may "mark" a target in their brain, going in to a tracking mode where they always feel a slight pull towards the direction the target is. The range of this jutsu at this stage is 30 meters straining, 20 meters with mild concentration, and 10 meters effortlessly. Can only track one person at a time.

(C-rank) Stage two; One eye is changed to the color of neon pink, while the other is changed to the color of neon orange still. There are now two cat-like slits in each eye, forming the symbol of an X through the pupils. Can now start to tell apart different chakra signatures, though having to "taste" the chakra of a person beforehand to pick them out. This can be done by battling the person or being close and witnessing one they were in. (Any time a reasonable amount of chakra is used by them, that is, even in a general setting.) The range of this jutsu is increased to 70 meters strained, 50 with mild concentration and 30 effortlessly. Can now track up to three people at a time.

(B-rank) Stage three; One eye is changed to the color of neon pink, while the other is changed to the color of neon orange- now dimly glows, able to be seen in the dark if the person doing so is close. There's now a horizontal line-slit through the X mark in each eye from stage 2, ending as a thin, six pointed star crossing through the pupil of the member. The user can now tell apart chakra signatures by shape. If a human lowers the amount of chakra they put out, they will still show a human shape. They identify the chakra of a person by seeing an amount of chakra used from that person, like in battle when a jutsu is used. The range has increased to 100 meters strained, 70 with mild concentration, and 40 effortlessly. Can track up to 5 people at a time.

(S-rank) Stage four; One eye changes to the color of neon pink, while the other is turned to the color of neon orange. Same as before, however they now glow in the dark. The only hint that people who are being tracked get. There is now a vertical slit where the other slits where, making a very narrow 8 pointed star on the eye. The user can now tell who someone is by just passing them by the street. The range is vastly increased to 150 strained, 110 with mild concentration, and 80 effortlessly.

All members of the clan are given a basic kunai to help in their endeavors when they graduate from the Academy and become official Genin.
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