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PostSubject: Sakebi   Tue Jun 28, 2016 3:00 pm

Clan: Sakebi

Location: Scattered

Clan History:

"She was so beautiful. So alluring. I wanted to be her friend immediately, and I just couldn't seem to stop myself from listening to her as she spoke to me. I felt like... I'd do anything she asked. Anything she wanted. I know it sounds weird... It just felt like I was under some sort of... Spell. Ha ha."

Spoken, in minor variations, over and over by citizens that came in contact with a certain mysterious lady. She had just moved into the village of Denryuu- she had been there for only a few days, no longer, and she already had nearly the entire population wrapped around her pretty little finger. She did nothing more than waltz in and speak her mind. It was a phenomenon that no one seemed to care to discover. She settled down with a man (hardly difficult in the least) and, simply, had a family. All of her children shared the same enchanting quality their mother had, and so did their children, and so on. Before long there was a clan of smooth talkers that nearly always got what they wanted.

It wasn't a big epidemic. It wasn't a big creation. It all just sort of happened... And is what it is.

Elements: /
Specialization: Genjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Joufu's Houmon

Kekkei Genkai Description: Passed down the line since the first Sakebi, all members of this clan are able to mix their chakra with their voice to create a rather powerful genjutsu. The power of suggestion, known as the Joufu's Houmon, is the kekkai genkai of this clan. Using means of persuasion, through their speech, the user of this ability is able to put the target into an obedient trance and have them carry out actions that the user wills them to. This is, quite simply, a genjutsu used to influence people. While scaling by rank, the power of this technique also scales by the will of the person being affected by it. The Sakebi is unable to persuade someone to do something completely out of their nature; like murder people they care for, or kill themselves if they have the want to live. Those are just the eccentric sides of it, though. Getting information is an easy task and the most basic objection the Joufu's Houmon is used for. None of this is as simple as just walking up to someone, casting the genjutsu and demanding something, however. It is named the power of suggestion for a reason. The user must persuade, using their own intellect and that of the target's. Throwing a fit and screaming for answers isn't going to work. You have to be sweet and influential. Sickly sweet, that is.

Special note: Even outside of their ability, the members of the Sakebi clan are charasmatic. They all just seem to be born with a charm- an aura- and a way with words that makes it hard to dislike or distrust them. This isn't fueled by any sort of energy, and isn't an actual power- It's just a characteristic that all members possess. (Should be listed in profile.)

*Songs may be sung if they are suggesting an action/response in some way, for an effect.

Obviously, the genjutsu can only take effect if the user's voice is heard. If they are unable to be heard, this kekkai genkai is useless.

At lower ranks the Jofu's Houmon can be nulled by someone else interfering and talking/knocking sense into the one affected.

Low chance to do anything to anyone higher ranked than the user. Anyone higher ranked in Genjutsu take no effect, as well as anyone two ranks higher or above the user. (RP'ers of the other ninja may decide to let the jutsu effect them.) Anyone equal ranked in Genjutsu take a diminished effect, fifty percent of the influential power used on them. (Less likely to work.) Same to anyone a rank higher than the user.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Name: Miwaku
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: Hearing range of the user.
Specialty: Genjutsu.
Duration; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 post(s) (D-S)
Cooldown; 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 posts (D-S)
The kekkai genkai jutsu of the Sakebi clan, Joufu's Houmon; dubbed Miwaku. This is the power of suggestion/persuasion. Innocently playing with the mind of the target, this genjutsu is cast through the voice of the user. Anyone caught by it is subjected to being manipulated by the caster. While scaling by rank, the power of this technique also scales by the will of the person being affected by it. This is unable to persuade someone to do something completely out of their nature; like murder people they care for, or kill themselves if they have the want to live.
D-C rank: Simply for getting information or planting information in the target's head by suggesting it. Cannot influence actions or decisions, purely to ask questions and get answers; or give false answers and hope they're believed. (Up to 5 people can be affected at a time.)
B rank: Influencing basic actions such as movement, and pushing directional thoughts on the target. ("Don't you think you should be getting home, now?") ("C'mon, follow me~ It'll be fun, right?") Unable to implant nor multiply the intensity of emotions. (Up to 10 people can be affected at a time.)
A rank: ABLE to implant or multiply the intensity of emotions, subtly or otherwise. ("I can't believe he did that! God, I'd be pretty angry. What about you?") ("Look, we were scared before... But now I'm terrified out of my mind. I can't stop shaking. How are you holding up?") (Up to 10 people can be affected at a time.)
S rank: Full out manipulating the actions and thoughts of another person. >Still can't force someone to do something they would never consider outside of the genjutsu. (Up to 15 people can be affected at a time.)
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