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Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Kinzoku   Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:38 pm

Name: 金属Kinzoku
Age: 15
Birthdate: 10-24
Rank: Jounin (S-Rank)

Village: Kurayamigakure
Clan: Koutetsusei/Jishaku
Element(s): Steel, Magnet
Specialties: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics: 
Metal Shield:

Mind's Eye:


Specialization Mastery:


Height: 6'
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
General Description: Kinzoku wears a red top with yellow stripes that once belonged to his grandfather. It has a large collar that hides his mouth and nose from view. He wears black ankle length pants, black fingerless gloves and black sandals.

About You!

Personality: Kinzoku was once a shy, curious child, but today he is much like his mother after her “incident;” (explained below) quiet, withdrawn, distant, giving most who encounter him the cold shoulder. Kinzoku rarely smiles or shows any sort of emotion on his face besides rage and anger; he seems to only show joy or happiness when stealing or comitting murder. He is a cold, calculating individual who will not hesitate to resort to using violence to solve a conflict. Kinzoku is not so evil that he will blatantly murder innocent men, women, and children, but if pushed he can be known to resort to drastic measures. Kinzoku is not easily swayed by the charms of some beautiful female, (Though he has been shown to have interest in females as a whole) or by the threats of some overly-confident male. Years of being bullied in the academy has changed his demeanor into that of uncaring and assholish; yet were he to come upon a situation in which someone being harassed by someone larger or stronger, he will intervene and deal with the harasser. Kinzoku didn't consider himself a hero not even in the slightest, but has the judgement and the intelligence to know right from wrong. 

History: A Yokuchigakure ninja team was sent out into the desert on a mission 15 years ago. It started out as a simple reconnaissance mission, but upon the discovery of a raided weapons transport, a plot hatched by roaming nomads and desert bandits was uncovered to attack the village, sack the government and kill the Yokuchikage. The team should have immediately reported their findings but instead decided to try ending this plot themselves.

The attempt ended in disaster. The team's Sensei was decapitated. 2 of the team members, both males, were horribly disfigured, tortured, then left alive so that crows and other desert scavengers could feed upon their carcasses, ensuring a long, slow, painful death. The 3rd team member, a young Kunoichi of the Jishaku Clan with mediocre Magnet skills, did well in defending herself but she was soon overwhelmed. She was captured and forced to watch the deaths of her Sensei and team mates. Kept for 3 years within their desert hideout, she was used as a plaything by the males who lead the band of desert bandits.

The Kunoichi endured unthinkable conditions and situations for 3 years. One night she finally mustered up the strength and courage to escape, before poisoning and slitting the throats of her abusers while they slept. She returned home to the relieved embraces of her family and love interest, but the Kunoichi was forever changed. Once happy and smiling with a bubbly and energetic personality, she was now cold and withdrawn, never showing any emotion besides anger and rage. Home life was no longer exactly a joyous occasion, as she'd become very difficult to live with. The relationship between she and her love interest became very highly strained. Upon the realization that she was pregnant, she attempted to abort the child many times. She even attempted to take her own life, but this attempt was prevented by her love interest.

The child was born 9 months later, a boy, in a process that nearly killed the Kunoichi. Abnormalities in the child were noticed immediately. The child appeared to have skin coated in a Metal-like substance, at it's hardest whenever the child cried. When the child was calm, his skin was normal. The child showed mild signs of being able to control certain metals within his vicinity as well. This was noticed by Village Black Ops. After ascertaining that the Kunoichi had been impregnated by one from the Koutetsusei clan, and that the child was a perfect mixture of it and clan Jishaku, a sample of the child's blood was taken to be studied in secret underground labs, and plans were made to watch the child for further progression as he grew up.

The former Kunoichi showed her child little to no attention, unable to look upon him with any sort of love or motherly affection, for when she did, all she saw were the faces of her captors, and reminded of 3 years of captivity and abuse. She didn't even give the boy a name. Eventually, the boy began to grow. He began to exhibit signs of a high intelligence, and realize that he could turn his skin into a metal substance, and also manipulate certain metals by what appeared to be mere thought. The Kunoichi took the boy to her parent's house one day, and simply disappeared soon after with no word, never to be heard from again.

The boy's grandparents were elderly and in no condition to raise the boy. He began to question why he didn't have a regular family like the rest of the kids in the village his age, but his questions were met with vague answers. Academy days were filled with torment from other kids and abuse from bullies. One of the bullies boldly told him the story, told to him by his parents, of how the team his mother was once part of “fucked up” their mission, and how his mother was turned into the “train for all of the bandits to ride on,” thus the reason for his existence, the “rape baby of some dirty bandit.” The boy was so angered that he punched the other child with such force that his jaw was broken and his skull fractured. He survived, but from that day on, the “rape baby” became an outcast.

Things suddenly began to make sense for the first time in a long time; the unloving ways of his mother, his grandparent's vague and shallow answers to his many questions, the stares and whispers of many villagers. His attitude and demeanour began to change into that of his mother's uncaring coldness. Those that tried to befriend him were met with what could only be described as a wall; a door slammed into their face. When his grandparents died, first his grand father, only to be followed by his grandmother 2 years later, he showed very little remorse. After graduating from the academy with very high scores, he disregarded the normal ways of a Shinobi and took to the streets, now homeless, having to resort to stealing to survive. It was then that he began to first feel... alive, so to speak. The rush he got from stealing was enough to bring a grin to the child's stoic face. He began to steal more and more, eventually being caught several times and serving several stints in the boy's home, and when he turned 14, the regular jail, as he was old enough to be charged as an adult.

It was while doing time that the boy found his affinity for controlling and manipulating metal, and here that he committed his first murder. His cellmate, a much larger and muscular individual doing time for rape and murder, was determined to make the boy his personal slave, or “Bitch” as he called it. Prisoners were given jobs in a mine beneath the facility mining iron, gold, and other materials. The boy used what was known as "Iron Sand" to cover the man and crush him to death. Altogether different from stealing, killing was something else that brought a wicked grin to his face. The feeling of crushing the life from a person, and watching the life leave their eyes, this was something he relished in. This man was never found. There was never a full investigation, and the boy was never implicated in the crime. Other prisoners who were witness to this murder, who were questioned by officials and all said nothing, thanked the boy for killing the man, for he'd tormented and taken advantage of them for many years. They took to calling the boy “Kinzoku,” meaning “Metal.” Having never had a name of his own, the name they'd gifted to him stuck.

Soon he was released from captivity, with an appetite for murder. Kinzoku would never be the type to just kill an innocent person for his own satisfaction, so he decided to take the lives of those who he figured deserved it: bandits, nomads, wandering vagabonds. No one would miss them, and as most of the scum out in the wastes had bounties on their heads, there would be no punishment. Having taken to carrying around a black Gourd made of Iron Sand from the mine in prison, for the next year Kinzoku began to wander the wastes, murdering bandits and bounties. He took many jobs to kill or apprehend dangerous criminals, but he left none alive, always returning with their heads as proof of his work. His success earned him much Ryo, and he took to sleeping in random hotel rooms and inns, never staying in one place for very long. He continued with the development of his skills, not knowing that he was on the skill level of an S-Rank Jounin at only the age of 15, but knew there was much more to learn. Kinzoku, attempting to be a somewhat “regular” ninja of the village, began to realize that the world was much larger than this desert, and aspired to travel, growing restless of the endless heat, sand, and the eyes of those who knew the true story of his origin.

Eventually, Kinzoku grew tired of Yokuchikagure and deserted the village. He became a Missing-Nin in the process, meaning there were those that would probably come after him to silence him and prevent his leaking of Yokuchikagure's secrets to the world, but none came. An infamous criminal once came to the village starting trouble. After getting drunk in a bar, he severely injured some of the rowdy patrons who often drank there. The Kazekage (Boss) at the time, an individual named Strafe, intervened himself to try and get the troublemaker to leave, but a fight ensued that left him without a leg.

This troublemaker went on to commit several other nefarious acts, such as robbing a Yokuchikagure Genin of an eye, bombing the former village of Hana, and assassinating the General to then defile his corpse. He would finally take over a village called Makkurakagure, located in "The Land of Shadows," and create a criminal Organization called "The Dark." Upon seeing this troublemaker - named Alec Kane - on a wanted poster, and learning that he was also a Missing-Nin who was recruiting others into his cause, Kinzoku thought of no other place better to go.

There was an exchange between all villages, Kinzoku in attendance as a bodyguard, in which a man named Kenta Inuzuka made threats to Makkura. This caused Alec and his son to completely destroy a village to show that they were serious and had the power to wage a war should it come to that. Nothing else was heard of Kenta after this act.

Kinzoku paid one last visit to Yokuchikagure, to find that his grandparent's home had been ransacked. He destroyed it so that nothing of the sort could happen again. After involving himself in the scuffle of a young lady and a drunk, he came to see that she belonged to the same clan that Alec's son Junior was a part of - a clan that worshiped an ancient phoenix - and this very phoenix had been sealed inside of the child. Kinzoku asked her to come back to Makkura with him so that she could meet Jr, but she refused, so he took the girl against her will. Initially she resisted, but upon the realization that she would get the chance to meet the phoenix of her clan she became more compliant. Strafe intervened and tried to prevent Kinzoku from taking the girl. Having already lost 3 other powerful ninja, not including himself, and not bothering to investigate their whereabouts, Kinzoku saw this as an insult. He warned the Kazekage not to get in his way. A fight occurred that resulted in Strafe having every bone in his body crushed, and the near destruction of Yokuchikagure. Kinzoku left the desert village for the final time afterwards.

After the female got the chance to meet Jr and the phoenix, he never saw her again. Makkura went on to become the most powerful of all hidden villages, and their reign went on unopposed. Alec decided to travel and explore other regions of the world. Kinzoku decided to go with him.

RP Sample: The attacks launched at him were all deflected and/or grabbed. Kinzoku stood within the mass of moving black substance, his arms folded, unmoving. The stench from the black substance stank of blood; the musty scent could be smelled with even the most clogged of nostrils. A large hand was form from this Iron Sand, reaching to grab the attacker, restraining all movements, squeezing the body. There was no escape... the pressure increased, as did the intensity of the attacker's screams. This person never dreamed that they'd be in the position the were when they woke up that morning; this much was for certain. Slowly, the constriction commenced. The pop sounds of bones being slowly and painfully crushed could be heard, while eyes that were bulging from their sockets became bloodshot. The screams ceased since the lungs were out of breath, making inhailation impossible, and there was heard the grotesque sound of a body being crushed. The head exploded, causing the red liquid to shoot out as if a geyser. The blood rained, and Kinzoku grinned...

Faceclaim: OC Naruto character, Deviantart
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku   Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:39 pm

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