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 Soaring Shinobi Division

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PostSubject: Soaring Shinobi Division   Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:04 am

The Soaring Shinobi Division is a special division of the Soragakure forces that specializes in ariel combat. These ninja are the forces of the sky, and have many uses within the villages from bomb squads to espionage. This combat unit gives Soragakure one of their many advantages in war and are elite in their ability. Often times, a shinobi of this division will go on missions to aide in the travel required to get to Soragakure. They are lead by a commander and have two captains running things from the ranks.

To become a memeber of the Soaring Shinobi Divison, you must fill out the application below and post it here. You are also welcome to put a link to the application in the Kage Requests, which I check regularly. It is up to myself and the staff as to whether you are accepted or not. Acceptance into the division will make you a regularly member, and promotions are available from there.

Flight Technique:

Commander: 0/1

Captains: 0/2



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Soaring Shinobi Division
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