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 Kaneko, Rie

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Kaneko, Rie 2drukpt

Name: Kaneko, Rie
Age: 16
Birthdate: Feb 2nd
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Kaneko
Rank: Genin

Village: Sabakugakure
Element(s): Katon, Fuuton, Raiton, Denton
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Master Sensor:

Enhanced Speed:

Enhanced Reflexes:

Enhanced Hearing:


Weight: 110
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Amber
General Description: Rie is a very beautiful woman, or so she is often called. She is thin with long brown hair and eyes that match. She has big breasts, though she won't reveal what size they are. She can often be seen with a smile on her face and some comfortable clothes on. Some form of long sleeve shirt, shorts, and her hair pulled back in a pony tail is her usual attire.

About You!
Personality: She is often described as bubbly by people around her. She tends to see the best in people and situations that would otherwise be hopeless. She has a kind spirit and is polite to everyone she meets. She would much rather help someone that hurt them. She is also very gullible, able to be tricked easily by those that know her well enough. That doesn't mean she's stupid, as she has some good book smarts, she just doesn't have that much common sense or street smarts. She tries her best not to insult others and considers etiquette a top priority in conversation.

There is also a side of her that many do not see. If you are rude to her or make sexual advances at her without her permission, she has a massive temper that explodes. She can only be stopped by being physically retrained or by someone very close to her calming her down. In some ways, it's like a bipolar personality disorder, the only difference is that there are set times and ways to make that side of her reveal itself. If she ever does in get into that state, it's best for the target to just run.

Rie loves a lot of things. She enjoys hanging out with friendly people and laughing. She likes children and can relate to them with her sweet personality. She tends to crush on boys a lot, often giggling when one is near by that she thinks is cute. She loves sweets of any type and will eat them on an hourly basis. She is also very fond of her family, choosing to spend time with them in her down time from missions. She also likes to wear clothes that are comfortable, as dressy stuff often itches and makes her feel awkward.

Above all else, she hates when someone is rude to her others that she is around. She feels the world is a dark enough place without people being mean for no reason. She will not stand for unnecessary violence and will often times lecture someone after they have been stopped. She doesn't like to be bossed around like a child either, as she feels she is grown and can make her own decisions. She hates dressy clothes as well, as they don't really fit her correctly. Lastly, she hates food that is bitter because she doesn't want to get used to eating something that is gross.

She is motivated by a a lot of different things. First, she wants to one day have a family and be able to protect them, which pushes her to train. She also wants to prove that being nice can get you just as far in life as being mean and sneaky. She wants to one day retire from being a shinobi and live life simply with her future husband as her future kids become powerful shinobi in their own right. Lastly, she wants to leave a good impression on the world she leaves behind, causing her to pay it forward as much as she can.

While she doesn't like to think about things that fear her, there are a few of them. She fears being single for the rest of her life, as she thinks that the best part of life is sharing it with that special someone. She also fears being the cause of someone's hate, as she has seen enough of it to know she wants no part of it. She is scared of being an outcast, as she thrives on social interaction and having friends. She also gets great anxiety when she has to give any kind of public speech, as she isn't confident enough to do it without stumbling over her words.

History: Unlike most ninja that come into this world, Rie had a rather normal life growing up. Her parents were both ninja that were respected within the village of Sabakugakure and found each other on a mission. They have both sense retired and had Rie. As a child, she was rather sweet. She could often be seen playing with other kids or spending quality time with her mother. She idolized her mother growing up, often dressing up in her clothing to seem like a 'big girl'. While she was an easy child to raise, she was also a bit of a wimp. Without her KKG, which didn't develop until she was 11, she was ordinary and didn't like to fight. However, that all changed when something drastic happened to her family.

Her parents, after 9 years, ended up getting pregnant with a boy. Everything seemed to be going really well until the pregnancy hit the 6 month mark. At that point, medical problems started to appear left and right. Her mother started to get sick from them, causing Rie to worry about her. a week later, the child died inside of her mother and was removed via surgery. This was hard on the family, and depressed them all for 2 years. In those two years, Rie took that sadness and turned it into motivation. She started training and working her hardest to get strong. Why? Well she wanted to make sure that when her time came to have a child, she was in the best condition and position possible for it to be a success. After two years of training, her Kekkei Genkai finally showed up. It surged life back into the family as Rie was shipped into the Academy and became the center of their world. They helped her practice and she passed on her first try at graduation.

Since becoming a Genin, she has been doing missions and continuing to build on her strength. She used her new found abilities to help those around her, even if they were just little tasks. She couldn't wait until the day when she could help in bigger ways and she grew older, those tasks were given to her. Now she is ready to become a Chunnin and is doing everything in her power to get to that point. If she has a lot of fun on the way, that is fine with her too.

RP Sample: XD

Faceclaim: Kaya Miyoshi from Bakuman
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Kaneko, Rie
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