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PostSubject: Tesaki   Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:15 pm

Clan: Tesaki

Location: Scattered

Clan History: The Tesaki is not a traditional clan, per se. Long ago, members of the clan were known by another long forgotten name. They were a smaller and weaker than the majority of known clans, and as a result, most often they were easily beaten because of mediocre fighting skills, poor chakra control, and few numbers. Furthermore most of it's members were prone to illnesses, and born with life threatening diseases. Their villages were sacked and their numbers began to dwindle, easily falling victim to more powerful clans.

But not all of them were weak and sickly. One of the more strong and wise, tiring of the suffering of his clan, drew up a contract with the Tesaki (Minions) that watched humans from a world parallel to this one. As he was tired of his clan being bullied and slaughtered by clans more powerful, the Tesaki were bored of their world, having nothing to do but wander aimlessly through the dead, dried up landscape, gamble, and watch humans. From that moment, each member of the clan - now renamed Tesaki - would receive a guardian that would grow with and protect them. This wouldn't be a forced deal; the clan member could refuse the guardian if they chose to.

The two would form an inseperable bond, sharing each other's memories, experiences and abilities. The guardian cannot die - if their body is destroyed, their spirit simply returns to the other world where they are re-constructed, usually taking about a full day. The guardians enable the Tesaki to gain a foothold in the shinobi world, and become a scourge. Many of the Tesaki went on to become Rulers, Crime Bosses, and Villains because of the years of torment.

Elements: /

Specialization: Ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: The Guardian

The guardian is present with it's owner until the time they are conceived within the womb. Many of the guardians have the ability to conceal themselves totally; not even the highest form of sensory can detect them. They cannot be harmed in this state, but they cannot cause harm to anyone else either. The guardian shares the same Specialties, Elements, and Stats as it's owner, but can learn it's own Jutsu. In times of danger, the Guardian can join with it's owner in a fusion that allows the owner's stats to raise 1 whole tier (For example B-1 to A-1, maxing out at SSS-0). The fusion can only be used once per thread. It can be canceled at any time, and lasts until the thread it is used in ends.

Drawbacks: The guardian shares all of the weaknesses of it's owner. If the owner is knocked unconscious, the guardian will disappear until the owner regains consciousness. If the guardian is destroyed, it cannot be used for the remainder of the thread.

(Users may draw up their own guardian and have it approved before use. They are allowed 1 Special Characteristic, 1 weapon and 2 custom Jutsu. Anything more must be apped and trained. The guardian cannot be stronger than the user; it grows with them. If the user starts at Genin, so does the guardian.)

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