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 Jubei Neko

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Jubei Neko
Special Jounin
Special Jounin
Jubei Neko

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Jubei Neko Nao4SVz


Name: Jubei Neko
Age: 17
Birthdate: 7-24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Clan: Neko
Rank: S. Jounin

Village: /
Element(s): Katon, Fuuton
Specialties: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Jack of all trades:



Height: 5'
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Gold
General Description: Jubei is a very reserved individual. He doesn't reveal his true identity to many, so the majority of the time he keeps himself hidden. He wears a mask over his face and a large chinese straw hat to conceal his feline ears. He wears a sleeveless top and baggy pants that has many pockets to conceal weapons. He has gloves and boots too big for him in order to hide the paws on his hands and feet, with medical tape wrapped around his forearms and ankles. He keeps his long tail wrapped around his waist in a fashion that makes it look like a belt; the tail being strong enough to be used to attack with, and to support doubled his own weight. Jubei has light brown hair that hangs in his face and pale colored skin. He has many tribal tattoos that he rarely shows anyone.

About You!

Personality: Jubei is a quiet, detatched individual; he tends to avoid people and crowds. While he does not share the Neko hatred of humans that many of his other clan members harbor, he doesn't exactly have love for them either. Jubei learned from a young age the necessary skills and tactics to live off the land and to take care of himself, so that he didn't have to rely on anyone else. Jubei rarely speaks; when he does it is only when he feels it necessary. Since he was a kitten he trained his brain with knowledge, and his body into a razor sharp weapon. He learned many forms of fighting (hand to hand, weapons) and combined them into his own unique fighting style. Jubei is a jack of all trades. He has experience doing many jobs and can fix nearly anything back to perfect working order. Jubei never settles somewhere for very long. He is a wanderer and a drifter, calling nowhere home, unable to plant his roots...

History: The first few years of Jubei's life were relatively normal. He was born into what was considered a normal family of 4 brothers and 5 sisters. His father was a carpenter and a handyman who fixed things. His mother staied home to take care of him and his siblings. Jubei became fascinated with the jobs that his father did, and often went with him when he went to work, slowly picking up on many of his skills as he grew up. His father was also an adept martial artist, as was his brothers and several of his sisters. Jubei began to be sculpted into a weapon at a very early age. He learned to read and write, and found himself addicted to learning new things. Jubei learned to hunt and to track from his father and brothers. He took these skills and developed them, becoming a solver of small crimes around his village.

Then one day, a clan of humans attacked their village. It was often said that the humans "feared what they didn't understand," and their solution was to simply destroy. While doing an excellent job of fending off the invaders, there were far too many, and Jubei was forced to watch as everything he knew was wiped out. Many of his family and friends were killed one by one, while some just disappeared. Their home was burned down with the rest of the village. Before being struck down, Jubei's father gave him the family's prized sword and cast him into the river valley.

Jubei awoke sometime later, looking to see that all he knew was dead and gone. His whole perspective on life and personal demeanor changed from that moment on. No longer the jolly, cheerful young Neko he once was, Jubei became a silent loner, buying and stealing clothes that hid his identity while at the same time allowing him to move and fight easily. He began to drift from town to town, village to village, city to city, looking for the remainders of his Clan and family that happened to make it out. He absorbed all of the knowledge and skills that he could everywhere he went, reading many books back to front, further honing his tracking and hunting skills, and learning Ninjutsu from Shinobi willing to teach.

Jubei didn't hate humans, even with the fact that some of them had killed some or potentially all of his family. All humans weren't the same; he knew this. Jubei wasn't without a sense of justice; many times he would defend those that couldn't defend themselves, asking for nothing in return. He had no qualms with killing when it was necessary; scores of bandits and robbers were felled to his sword and fighting skills. Jubei has no specific life goal in mind; he simply wanders the world in search of what remains of his family and of his clan...

RP Sample: A male, two females, 3 children. They were all surrounded by bandit scum. Wasteland derelicts who preyed on the weak; the unfortunate who had to make the trek through the barren no man's land on foot. The man did well in defending himself and his family, but was overwhelmed by sheer numbers. He'd suffered a broken leg, arm and nose. The leader bragged that he'd rape the women while making him and the children watch.

This was around the time the mysterious stranger appeared. He wore a straw hat and a mask that hid his features from view, and carried with him a large sword. Those that went against him were felled easily, even without the sword. All were eventually dead and dying, until there was only the stranger and the leader. There was a long sword fight in which the bandit leader was left without his head. The family were afraid that the stranger would turn on them next, but this wasn't the case. He applied medical treatment to the father, supplied the family with water and the means to catch food, then continued on...

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Jubei Neko
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