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 New here (Open)

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Jubei Neko
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PostSubject: New here (Open)   Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:58 pm

A large rodent was stalking something sticking out of the sand. It appeared to be a worm of some sort. The rodent crept closer and closer to the worm, and as it went to pounce, was suddenly impaled upon something sharp from below. The object was revealed to be a kunai. A person emerged from below the sand, revealing the situation to be a trap. The worm was actually this person's tail.

This was no ordinary person. He was a member of Clan Neko, who were part human part cat. Since arriving on the continent he'd taken to living in the barren wasteland known as the Yasei. He'd hunted several rodents and animals; this one making the 5th. He'd established a small camp nearby, where he'd started a fire. The process of gutting the animals and propping them to be cooked didn't take more than a few minutes.

So far... Jubei had been unsuccessful in finding any other members of his family, or clan. Since entering the continent he'd avoided villages and towns. There was a map on a corpse he'd passed, and Jubei came to find that there were 4 villages. Umigakure, which was mostly underwater, Morigakure, a forest village. Sabakugakure, which was a village of sand, not far from his position, and Kurayamigakure, which was mostly unknown.

He messed around with the idea of traveling to the desert village, to perhaps find a job as a handyman for money since he'd lost his funds in the journey to this continent, but he was hesitant. He was just fine with living in the wild, but this could only last for so long. On the other hand, villages and cities usually had morons. Morons who liked to like to make a name for themselves on out-of-towers. Troublesome situations that he rather liked to avoid.

Jubei ate cooked meat while staring at the village in the far distance, debating like he'd done he past 3 days.

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New here (Open)
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