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 Fennec, Sephora

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PostSubject: Fennec, Sephora   Fennec, Sephora EmptyMon Jul 25, 2016 12:44 pm

Fennec, Sephora Fe1mqa

Name: Sephora Fennec
Age: 33
Birthdate: April 15th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Rank: Jounin [S-Rank]

Village: Sabakugakure no Sato
Element(s): Doton (SS)
Specialties: Genjutsu(SS), Medical Ninjutsu(SS), Fuuinjutsu(SS), Ninjutsu(SS), Taijutsu(SS)
Special Characteristics:
Fox Characteristics:


Height: 4 Foot 8 Inches
Weight: 95 Pounds
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Gold
General Description: Gold, piercing eyes, are only the tip of the iceberg for this one. Out of everything that could be described for Sephora – from her light blond hair with golden tips, or her pale flesh – the most stand out feature would have to be the fox ears atop her head, and the tail that splits not into one but five separate tails. Despite the heat of Sabakugakure no Sato Sephora prefers to keep herself covered from head to toe: though her outfits changed she does gravitate between darks and lights depending on her mood.

Sephora prefers to wear no make up at all, though she is naturally beautiful and young looking despite now being thirty three. Her hair, light blond in color and as long as her waist, is worn normally down, framing her face in such a way as to enhance her golden colored eyes.

Her choice outfit above everything are Kimono - for they help her to remain completely covered while being beautiful and eye catching. Of course, Sephora doesn't wear them as a means to draw attention to herself - for she really cares only for Kin's opinion on how she looks - but rather because she enjoys art so well and loves wearing such lovely creations.

About You!

Personality: Sephora is a very shy individual. She is easily skiddish, and prefers to avoid large crowds at all costs. when possible. She is not the sort in a crowd or populated area to be the first to initiate a conversation unless she deems what she has to say or ask important. Otherwise, she remains completely silent and is very content to remain so.

For those who get a chance to know her they find her to be a very gentle and kind creature, always willing to help others and willing to help in any way she can. She's the sort of person to ask how you are and really wish to know rather than trying to do so for basic conversation.

When helping people she prefers to remain in the shadows rather than allowing her 'good deeds' to go noticed. She prefers not to be in the spotlight as much as possible, and would rather do work from a distance so long as its done properly.

When it comes to business Sephora seems to shift slightly in her personality. Despite not liking to be around a crowd when it comes to work she's more than willing to deal. She has a tongue of honey when it comes to speaking, and is easily able to presuade people to see things her way when she wills it so - even without the use of genjutsu. She's quick witted, very smart, and has a lust for knowledge unrivaled by almost anyone else - making her business adventures all that more interesting and easy.

History: Sephora doesn't know exactly where she comes from; and if asked she wouldn't tell anyway. She has no idea if she has parents, or even a parent, or if there's anyone even looking for her. She doesn't even know if she was actually born in Yokuchi or brought here by this who 'took' her.
At the age of five Sephora simply found herself on the streets of Yokuchi with no knowledge of how she got there or where she came from.

She noticed quickly that she was different then the majority of the world: a curiosity, and a thing to poke at. She was treated like an animal, shunned for what she was, and unable to hide it well at all. This went on for months with Sephora being treated like an outcast until one evening a man named Yung found her. Yung had apparently been watching her for days; and had saw a little skirmish between her and a shop keep for food. It had given him an idea: a wicked idea that would haunt Sephora later on.

He took her in; though he didn't give her a choice in the matter. He expected her to obey him and when she didn't he beat her, when she spoke back she was punished. He taught her to be rarely seen and never heard – to speak only when spoken to. This 'training' went on until she was seven years old. And when Yung finally felt he had broken her her training began: she was to be his 'watch dog'. With her appearance and natural talent he figured she would be a natural – and she was. She learned quickly, and effectively. She became his eyes and his ears; meant to dispatch of any who attempted to harm him – and she did because she didn't have a choice. To refuse was to be beaten; beaten or denied basic needs needed for survival.

As Sephora aged and her body began to change Yung noticed; he noticed and he began to lust after his pet. One even he decided to attempt to act on these urges – but it was something Sephora knew was coming. She reacted violently, maiming him before escaping. She fled to the desert, to the only place that found safe, where she then found refuge far away from the humans... someplace safe, to call home, some place to protect. She avoids going into Yokuchi at all costs; knowing not if her old 'master' is alive or not... and scared to find out.

Then, one day, she was found. Not by Yung but by a group of merchants angry at her for stealing from them. She had done so only to survive but that seemed to matter little to them in the end. Before they could storm the cave she had been hiding out in however the demonic kage of Yokuchigakure no Sato came in first. The man terrified Sephora, grabbing her and speaking to her in such a way to have her nearly pissing herself in fear. He attempeed to presuade her into a deal that was no better than the one Yung had had her in - a slave to pay off debt she could never afford with work that would never amount to enough. She refused to leave the cave, and even hid as well as she could from the brute until finally he left.

He told the merchants he had 'dealt with her' and it seemed to appease all but one of them - Kin Fennec. He was different by far than the rest, and much like her in the fact that he too had the same type of fox characteristics as she did - though they didn't belong to the same clan. He was gentle with her and spoke kindly - two things she wasn't used to. He wished for her to go with him - despite what would happen to his reputation where he to be found out - and so she did after some time to think it over: which he was more than patient enough to give her. He took care of her, giving her the medical treatement she needed, as well as allowing her to live with him; and eventually this led to Sephora slowly coming out of her shell.

Kin took care of the debt she owed, and freed her completely from her master. Kin became Sephoras best friend, and the one and only person she trusted in completely. By the age of twenty three the pair were married - ten years after they had first met. By the age of twenty eight Kin had become the Kage of Yokuchigakkure and Sephora created a division known as the Desert Foxes whose soul purpose was to rescue those who had been in the same position Sephora had been - slaves.

At the age of thirty Sephora created the medical corps, juggling her responsibilities fairly well given her way of prioritizing.

However, as soon as things were set up, and a proper heir to the hat chosen, Sephora was more than content to settle back into the life of a merchant with Kin - though she did continue to also work in the hospital. Eventually, the pair moved on elsehwere, to the village of Sabakugakure in a new land - setting up a new home. Shortly after this Sephora became aware that she was pregnant with their first child - something neither had expected after ten years of marriage but which both were extremely excited about anyway.

RP Sample:  ”FREAK! FREAK! SEPHORA'S A FREAK!”, the taunting voice called out towards her. With a very soft sigh Sephora lifted her head and looked in the direction the taunt had come from. Her yellow  gaze took in the sight of four boys roughly her age who had just entered into the park. They had spotted her and had apparently felt need to torment her.

'Why couldn't they just avoid her like their parents did?', she found herself thinking.

Sephora drew her attention back onto the book in her lap, pulled down the corner so that she wouldn't lose her page, and shut the book up. She opened the flap of her brown leather shoulder bag and slipped the book carefully back inside. A sudden glance to her right showed her that the four boys were coming closer: apparently her lack of response wasn't enough to dissuade them to move on elsewhere. Sephora hastily shut her bag, snapping the buckle shut, and slipped the strap over her head so that it laid diagonal across her chest.

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PostSubject: Re: Fennec, Sephora   Fennec, Sephora EmptyMon Jul 25, 2016 1:03 pm

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Fennec, Sephora
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