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PostSubject: Holeman   Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:04 pm

Clan: Holeman

Location: /

Clan History: 150 years ago, the Holeman clan were once part of clan Uchiha, probably the most famous clan there is in the ninja world. In a long forgotten desert village, The Uchiha ruled unchallenged by the various other clans that inhabited the area. These were prosperous times, with many of the young growing and being sculpted into fine Shinobi. But upon discovery of the strange ocular powers the Uchiha were capable of is when the needless death began.

There was one particular Uchiha who didn't desire the strange powers that the eyes gave them, but instead researched the eye to it's extent to find what he called a "cure" to the madness that befell those who activated the powers of the eyes through death. The Uchiha, a very talented Medical Nin, chose to surgically remove his own eyes, but through various medical techniques he was able to develop what he called "The Blind Eye." Though permanently blinded, the user would be granted a "radar-like" ability, while all other senses would be advanced to super human proportions. This Uchiha even went so far as to combine the elements of Lightning and Water to create something entirely new, something unheard of at the time.

He no longer wanted to be associated with the evil ways of the Uchiha clan and began calling himself "Holeman." Having picked up other names such as "The Chosen One" many began to follow him and undergo his blinding procedure. Holeman was highly convincing, and was said to be nearly unbeatable in battle. He spoke of change and peaceful times instead of war and unjust rule. He was against killing his fellow brethren just to obtain more power, and built a large number of followers, all of them taking up the Holeman name to form a new clan.

Eventually a war would erupt with what remained of the Uchiha, resulting in the deaths of many on both sides of the battlefield. Before leaving to fight his final battle, Holeman told his people to live their lives peacefully and to never forget his sacrifice. They didn't want him to die, but he also told of a second coming, that some day another "Chosen" like himself able to combine the elements would be born to change the ways of the Holeman clan. To safeguard the future of his people, Holeman used a forbidden Jutsu to destroy the desert village, eliminating all within and sacrificing himself in the process. The village was erased from history as were the bulk of the Uchiha that inhabited the Sand.

Elements: Lightning, Water

Specialization: Medical, Ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: The Blind Eye

Kekkei Genkai Description: The first Holeman, fully educated on the various powers one could gain from the Uchiha eye, surgically removed his own eyes, and those that chose to follow him followed suit, rendering future generations of the Holeman clan permanently blind. But because of the Elder Holeman's extensive background in Medical abilities, he devised a Medical technique that forced only several few Holemans into a state of "Evolution". Holemans cannot see, but all other senses (touch, smell, hearing and taste) were boosted to almost super human levels after many years of blindness. A Holeman can "feel" things around them by vibrations and changes in the air pressure. Holemans can remember anything they've smelled, and can naturally track the scent within a radius of roughly 5 city blocks. A Holeman can also hear things within that same radius, and can tune into almost any conversation, even if the people talking are whispering. A Holeman can also taste things in food that others cannot, such as poisons.

The current generation of Holemans have also developed a sort of "radar." A small amount of Chakra is constantly emitted from the body and rebounded back to the Visual Cortex, a part of the Cerebral Cortex in the human brain responsible for processing visual information. (The Cerebral Cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.) This allows the user to "see" the environment and other people around them in the immediate vicinity. Should they choose, a Holeman can even teach The Blind Eye to non-clan members that have the use of their normal eyes, with the drawback being that they must first close their eyes before making use of the ability. Attempting to use The Blind Eye and normal vision at the same time will result in severe migraine headaches that last as long as 3 weeks, and constant nose bleeds.

Drawbacks: A Holeman suffers a -1 weakness to Doton based Jutsu. Doton can block the effects of The Blind Eye. Because of the Holeman's Chakra radar and the constant emissions from their bodies that allow them to "see," A Holeman has 100 less Chakra than an ordinary Ninja would. Also, should a Holeman obtain a Dojutsu eye, it is impossible for the Holeman to use the eye and the radar at the same time. Doing so will result in severe migraine headaches that can last for as long as 3 weeks. A Holeman can no longer activate and deactivate a Sharingan eye at will, should the Holeman obtain an Sharingan, and has to cover it when not in use.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Chakra Radar
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D - S
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: All ranges
Specialty: Holeman Clan
Duration: Indefinitely (Permanent -100 Chakra)
Cooldown: /
Description: The user is able to expand upon the usage of the constant Chakra Radar and scan much more of a distance. As the range increases, so do the details of the scan. A user can use a scent to track a specific person. Once found though scanning, the user can "zoom in" and even "lock-on" to the person or scent. People underground or using Doton Techniques to cover themselves are invisible to the scan. Being interrupted or startled while expanding the Chakra Radar can over-whelm all senses and stun the user for up to 3 posts.

D-Rank: The user is able to scan a small area, roughly the size of a yard. People and animals in the scan that are outside of this radius appear as intangible blobs, and it is almost impossible to distinguish between the two.

C-Rank: The user is able to scan a larger area the size of a city block. People and animals in the scan that are father away are becoming clearer and can be seen.

B-Rank: The user is able to scan an area the radius of about 5 city blocks. Chakra appears as colors in the scan. Male, Female and animals each have their own color and can be distinguished by such.

A-Rank: The user can scan an area the size of a village. The radar is so accurate at this state that the user can see clear details such as clothing, scars, tattoos and facial features.

S-Rank: The user is able to scan an area the size of a country. The radar allows the user to see places and other people in crystal clear detail, just as any average person would.

SS-Rank: The user can not only scan the entire country they are currently in, they can also see half of the next country over. Chakra natures appear in different colors, allowing the user to see what is being used on them in order to form counter measures.

SSS-Rank: The highest form of the Holeman chakra radar, the user can scan the country they are currently in, as well as the next country over. At this rank, the user can send out a pulse from their body that affects people differently. Friends will find their perception raised to the maximum, granting them incredible clarity and the slight ability to see attacks before they are fully executed. This effect can last up to 5 posts. Enemies will be affected differently. They will find their Perception lowered 3 ranks, hampering their ability to perceive incoming threats. This too can last up to 5 posts.

This ability can be used with no drawbacks up to 3 times per thread. After the third use, the user will suffer headaches, nausea, and their Perception will drop 3 ranks every time it is used.


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