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 Kouki Uzumaki

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Kouki Uzumaki Bezzq1

Name: Kouki Uzumaki
Age: 20
Birthdate: July 28th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Uzumaki
Rank: Jounin (S - Rank) | Previous Kage

Village: Wanderer
Element(s): Water Release, Fire Release, Boil Release, Ink Release
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Taijutsu
Special Characteristics:
+2 Fuuinjutsu:
+1 Suiton:


5 Foot 7 Inches | 170 cm
Weight: 119 Pounds | 54 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: Kouki stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighs 119 pounds. She has the form of a fighter - musclar without being too much so - and yet still has feminine curves and a hour glass shape to her hips. Her bust is a C-cup, adding to her natural feminity.

Kouki has black hair that just barely touches her shoulders, and brown colored eyes. She wears little to no make up, with the only flaw to her skin being the fuuinjutsu seal used to contain the bijuu sealed within her.

About You!
Personality: Kouki is wild to put it easily. She broke the mold so to speak. She's unique and unpredictable in both her actions and words. While most people as a whole react one way over a situation she is known for reacting in a completely opposite or different manner; sometimes giving her a more rebellious out look.

She's definitely the type to think and act outside of the box; preferring to look at situations and obstacles from all angles before attempting to tackle them headfirst. This also makes her a bit of a thinker.

She's the type to always go the distance, and always push herself further and harder. She's not afraid to put the hard work and sweat into something to get it done and get it done right.

She's an overall nice person with a great deal of control over her temper. It takes an awful lot to get her to explode, and by that point it's best to just walk away slowly.

She takes friendship seriously, and is as loyal as they come.

While sometimes a trouble maker, she is still a good hearted person; willing to go the extra mile to help someone out, even if they're a stranger. Though, this does not stop her at all from spray painting any and all surface, or skateboarding on them for that matter. If it's solid, it's a target.

History: Kouki was born in a water village named Denyruu. Like many young people within the Uzumaki clan and the other clans of the village, she was trained to become a shinobi from a very young age. Like other members of her clan she was proficient in Taijutsu and Fuuinjutsu, and excelled in those areas at school.

Kouki was never the 'girly' type. That isn't to say she wasn't feminine in appearance, but she preferred playing with her conversion board instead of shopping, or hanging out with her brothers (one younger and one older) instead of dealing with girls and their drama. The rest of her time was spent doing missions or otherwise training with her squad and sensei Mizuko.

When Kouki was about twelve years old an attack was launched on her village that at the time she thought was on purpose, but afterwards she realized was by accident. Kouki and her family were out of the village when the village was hit with a very powerful Raiton attack that slaughtered everyone within the village itself.

Kouki and her family then moved to a village named Niwaurushigakure where Kouki found two other members of her village that were still alive: Mizuko her sensei and Isao who had been the helper of the Kage of their village. The three of them, likely because of the need to be close due to the loss of so many people, fell in love and created a love triangle of sorts.

This 'love' grew stronger as they moved to a recently destroyed village that was once known as Korigakure, and created Hinowagakure: Kouki's family soon following them there. Instead of a single Kage-ship the three of them became part of a Council that controlled the village.

Kouki soon met a Boil Release dragon that she befriended before it sealed itself inside of her, allowing her access to its special abilities and powers.
Kouki quickly became the face of her village, being the one to be the most hands on when it came to dealing with the other shinobi despite her young age, including a set of twins who rose up quickly through the ranks and then left the village due to the lack of 'work' being put in by the other two Council members.

Kouki, pregnant at that time with triplets, ventured to Makkuragakure - the village that the twins and their family had gone to - with Mizuko along with.

While Kouki had planned on just finding out why they left and leaving it at that, a confrontation was quickly started in which Mizuko brought Kouki up while stating that in a fight Kurai (one of the twins, the one whom Kouki had used her Fuuinjutsu abilities to seal a bijuu in) would lose against Mizuko and Kouki.

Kouki, who had no intentions of fighting, was taken aback as was the small group of Makkura ninja who had formed at the village entrance. The group of Makkura nin spoke of how they had no intentions of putting hands on Kouki, and how they were now even more pissed that Mizuko had tried to hide behind a pregnant woman. Mizuko bailed soon after.

They attempted to convince Kouki to remain behind since the village had all of the powerful medics of their world, but Kouki returned to Hinowa where she began to think long and hard about the 'situation' she was now in.

Kouki decided to venture back to Makkuragakure and left in the dead of night, not knowing if Mizuko and Isao would attempt to stop her or not if they knew she was leaving. However, the trip wasn't to be as Kouki went into labor early and both her and the children died: Kouki was twenty-one years old.

However, this wasn't going to be the end of Kouki. She found herself 'waking up' in Makkura village in a country she wasn't familiar with with her family around her. They claimed that she had been 'sick', and seemed to know only the most basic details of their life in the ninja world while Kouki remembered all of it. Kouki thought long and hard over this and decided to take advantage of the chance to 'start over' so to speak. She kept the 'secrets' she knew of the other world to herself, not wanting to trouble her family with the rest of the information since they were all so much better off than they had been, and far happier...

RP Sample: <3

Faceclaim: Jun Kazama
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Kouki Uzumaki
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