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PostSubject: Jiseki   Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:56 pm

Clan: Jiseki


[size=11]Clan History:
 In centuries long past, the Jiseki was less of a clan and more of a loose alliance of similarly gifted peoples; the power to control magnetic fields and magnetic weaponry was one that had arisen several times in different bloodlines that worked closely with metals and ores. For generations they kept their ability secret, using it to gain advantage after advantage in the mining world; their ability made it nearly impossible for them to fail in their endeavors, as they could sense and safely control the ferromagnetic ores they mined and where able to purify them to such high qualities that the villages and peoples of the world paid them top dollar for their services. Rich and happy, the various clans and families continued this way for generation; with only a few members ever taking the time to reveal the 'secret' power to the ninja world.

Elements: Doton || Raiton 
Specialization: Ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Jiton - Magnet Release
Kekkei Genkai Description: Magnet Release is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai which allows the user to convert chakra into magnetic forces and magnetize an object. Users combine Doton and Raiton chakra in order to magnetize an item, or in order to control pre-existing magnetic fields around themselves. While normally found only in the Jiseki clan bloodlines; this KKG has been known to spontaneously appear outside of the clan; and as such is not outright locked to it.
Drawbacks: User are unable to control anything that is not magnetic in nature; however if an item can be turned into an electromagnet then it can be controlled with enough practice and skill. Magnet Release users rarely focus on their physical bodies, prefer to attack at range using their magnetized weaponry; and as such receive a -1 rank and power to Taijutsu and Kyujutsu. Kenjutsu requires an additional 750 words per rank to train due to the difficulties of controlling a sword in conjunction with Magnet Release. Users are unable to take a 4th specialty or element; except in cases of Bijuu/Chakra Beast sealing. 

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: Name: Magnet Release: Magnet Shuriken
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C-SS
Type: Offensive
Element: Magnet Release
Range: 50 meters from User
Specialty: Ninjutsu || Jiseki Clan
Duration: Dependent on Rank of Item Controlled
Cooldown: /
Description: Utilizing their Magnet Release kekkei genkai to magnetize a large quantity of shuriken, the clan member then throws them in the direction of his opponent. Any individual  that comes into direct contact with these shuriken are themselves magnetized; as such, it is crucial that the opponent avoids all of them as even a single deflection will result in the production of a powerful magnetic field around their body. Once the person has been magnetized, the user can  manipulate the magnetic field in such a manner as to make any subsequent attack using a metallic weapon impossible to evade. While primarily used in conjunction with Shuriken, any metallic weapon can be used here. Weapons of B-rank or higher require a higher passive cost; with B-rank weapons requiring -15 chakra per post, A-rank requiring -20 chakra per post, S-rank requiring -25 chakra per post, and SS-rank requiring -30 chakra per post.

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