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PostSubject: Yota   Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:19 pm

Clan: Yota Clan

Location: Scattered

Clan History: This clan was a family that had the ability to manipulate weather, they were a travelling clan, and sold the weather for their trades. They were a clan known for the ability to manipulate the weather, amongst their numbers, there was a member who excelled in it. They were wanderers by trade, travelling from village to village selling weather. They also practised a ritual to help the individual in the ritual's centre to manipulate the weather.

Elements: /
Specialization: Ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Weather Manipulation
Kekkei Genkai Description: A special ability of the clan, they are able to and are extremely skilled in, the creation, control, and manipulation of weather in all it's forms. All members of the clan are able to manipulate the weather to some degree or another via various means; usually via special rituals or jutsu.
Drawbacks: Emotions can effect the ability of the clansmen to control severity of the weather created; and while extremely powerful storms can be created, the range of effect can be limited. The types of weather created can be limited by the elements you have; creating a snowstorm without Ice or Snow Release can be extremely difficult without several members of the clan working together.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Weather Manipulation
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D-S
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Element: /
Range: Any (Maximum of 150 meters)
Specialty: Ninjutsu || Yota Clan
Duration: -X per post, where X is double the normal cost of the chakra drain per rank
Cooldown: Duration + 3
Description: The specialty of the Yota clan, this ability allows them to freely control and affect the ambient weather in such a way as to positively aide themselves in battle. Any sort of weather can be created, however the intensity of the weather created is highly determined by the rank of Manipulation used at that moment. D-rank manipulation will get you a gentle rainstorm, where as S-rank would be a raging hurricane.
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