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 Rin Uchiha

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Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Rin Uchiha   Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:01 pm

Name: Rin Uchiha
Age: 24
Birthdate: Jan 8
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Jounin [S]

Village: Morigakure
Element(s): Yang | Yin | Kuton | Katon
Specialties: Kenjutsu | Ninjutsu | Fuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Blue Flames of Satan:

Kuton Release:


Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
General Description: Rin has messy, jet-black hair that sweeps down in his pale skin and intense blue eyes. While in his human form, Rin exhibited a number of physical traits that hint at his demonic nature, such as prominent canine teeth and slightly pointed ears. After using his blue flames for the first time, Rin also gained a black, fur-tufted tail just above his hips.

When using his blue flames, Rin gains two horn-like blue flames floating above his head, long elf-like ears, and slit-like red pupils while his irises remain a deep blue. The blue flames also blaze around other places of his body, mostly at the tip of his tail.

Before going to the ninja academy, Rin's wardrobe consisted of a simple blue hoodie over a pink T-shirt and a pair of black jeans with chains on the side, giving the impression of a rebellious nature. He was also known to wear a white jacket with big pockets and various decorations on it and a fingerless pair of black gloves. Because of how often he got into fights, Rin was seen with band-aids over his cheeks and fingers, wounds which were usually taken care of by Yuyo.

About You!
Personality:  Don't push his buttons" is an expression that many might say in reference to Rin, but the truth is it's not entirely accurate. You see, Rin doesn't have "buttons", oh no, he has a button. It's big, it's shiney, but it's not labeled one bit. Push at your own risk. When not testing the similarities between fire-wood and the people that piss him off, Rin can generally be seen trying to give himself a reason to make the world's first human firecracker. He's argumentative, loud, obnoxious, and a bit rough around the edges. He's subject to his curiously, which can occasionally stem from less than noble causes. This isn't to say he's a complete jack-ass all the time - he's not, you just have to give him a reason not to be. When given a reason to not be a jackass, Rin turns into the most loyal person that you'll know -- moreso if he respects you.

A blazing inferno to Rin is about as good as perhaps a bar of chocolate would be to someone else, or a nice cup of tea. The larger and hotter the better. It could be the fire itself as a whole that he likes, or perhaps several of the pieces of it put together; such as the color or the heat that comes off of it. Or, perhaps it's neither of those and is simply the pure destructive power that the fire itself has; the ability to burn something that once was into complete nothingness; ashes to scatter to the winds, to be forever gone. In anycase, there is no denying his fixation for pyromania.

In the same light of him loving fire, Rin also adores the natural world around him. As an avid hunter, Rin believes that his place is in the wild, sharing the same earth as the animals around him. Every animal has a purpose in the circle of life, no matter how small -- even if that purpose was simply to allow a larger animal to live on.

History: During the time of the Blue Night, Satan murdered a huge number of the world's greatest ninja, in order to find someone who he could possess without any ill effects to save Yuri Uchiha, who was going to be executed by Morigakure for being impregnated by him. Sho Fujimoto and Machavelli de Firenze were ordered by Yuri's father, Frederik Uchiha, to go find and kill her and Satan's children. They found Yuri within the forest with her newborn twins, whom she named Rin and Yuyo, and she soon died of childbirth. Instead of killing the twins, Sho decided to seal Rin's demonic chakra within the demon-slaying blade Kurikara with the help of Machavelli, and raise Yuri's children as his own. Machavelli then made a deal with Fujimoto that if he doesn't succeed in raising the twins as normal children and if Rin's demon chakra ever came out, they will be under his custody.

In his childhood, Rin led a normal human life, but his strength and temper seemed unnatural, so all the children and even teachers feared him and thought of him as a Demon, throwing slangs such as 'Demon child.' He got into fights often and injured all his classmates, and the only one who could stop him was Sho. Rin always admired Shiro and wanted to become like him when he grew up. Rin always protected Yuyo from bullies and encouraged him to chase his dream. Also in his youth, Rin learned how to cook, which became his natural talent.

After getting into yet another fight with a local thug and his gang, and being fired from another one of his part-time jobs, Rin's guardian, Sho, strictly reminded Rin that he would have to make a living on his own someday. After Yuyo treated Rin's wounds, Yuyo asked him if he would be alright without him around since he was going to move from the church to attend school at a private academy. Rin admitted that he was also worried, but he said that he had done nothing wrong.

Soon after, Rin began to see a lot of small black creatures floating in the sky. He went outside and began to wonder why no one around him was noticing them. Then suddenly, Reiji, the local thug and his gang appeared and asked Rin to come along with him to have a talk. In an alley, Reiji said that he came to apologize and tried to give Rin some money as a request for him not to mention about the fight that they had the other day, as it would damage his own reputation and his chance of getting into Rose Academy. Rin declined the offer, but when Reiji said that he should accept the money because his family was poor and that Yuyo got into the Academy only for his grades,Rinpunched him, saying that he could insult him all he wanted, but not to Yuyo. A scuffle ensued, with Renji's gang jumping in and pinning Rin down. Then, as Reiji was about to burn Rin with a heated steel pole, blue flames started to appear from Rin, surprising himself. Astaroth, the Demon whom was possessing Reiji, said that the blue flames were the proof of Satan's offspring and was about to take Rin to him, but Sho suddenly arrived and exorcised Astaroth from Reiji. Afterwards, a horde of Demons started to appear and attacked Sho and Rin, to which Sho stated that they won't stop at nothing to bring Rin to Satan.

When they finally arrived home, Sho and the other ninjas placed many protection barriers surrounding the chapel. Sho also gave Rin the sword Kurikara, which had been used to seal his Demonic chakra when he was an infant. Then, Astaroth (possessing Reiji again) and his Demon minions started ambushing the church, but the ninjas managed to defeat them. After the fight, Rin got into an argument with Sho, believing that he just wanted to get rid of him. Mentally shocked from hearing Sam's accusation and hitting him, Sho dropped his mental defenses and was possessed by Satan who came to drag Rin to Hell. After Satan opened the Gehenna Gate, Sho, managing to regain control of his body, stabbed himself in the heart and proclaimed that Rin was his son before he died. As he remembered his life with Sho, Rin drew out Kurikara, which returned his Demonic chakra, and destroyed the Gehenna Gate, leaving himself and Sho to remain in this realm.

After the death of Sho, Machavelli appeared Machavelli appeared at the funeral with several armed ninjas. Machavelli gaveRinthree choices: him killing them, them killing Sam, orRincommitting suicide. Rin choose neither of those options and instead decided to become an ninja, stating that he didn't want anyone else to die. Hearing this, Machavelli became amused and accepted Sam's idea, letting him start at the ninja academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Rin Uchiha   Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:30 pm

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Rin Uchiha
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