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 Nikka, Ryoka

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Ryoka Nikka

Ryoka Nikka

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PostSubject: Nikka, Ryoka   Nikka, Ryoka EmptySat Aug 06, 2016 12:47 am

Nikka, Ryoka 1zzqphd

Name: Nikka, Ryoka
Age: 17
Birthdate: December 10th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Clan: Neko
Rank: D - Rank

Village: Wanderer
Element(s): Futon, Katon
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Special Characteristics:


Weight: 85 Lbs
Hair Color: Lavender
Eye Color: Lavender
General Description: Ryoka's appearance is not something that can easily be overlooked. She's beautiful, yes, but there is more to it than that. As a member of the Neko clan (like the rest of her family) she has feline characteristics that manifest themselves as two cat-like ears positioned on the top of her head as well as a tail that protrudes from the base of her spine. She stands at an even five feet tall, and weighs in at only eighty five pounds: this allows her to have a slender female form with soft hourglass hips but not much else in the way of fat on her body; as well as a c cup sized bust.

Her skin is a light tan in color naturally, which darkens deeply if she spends too much time in direct sunlight. Her eyes, much like her hair, are quite strange; both are a lavender purple color which her eyes a shade or two lighter than her hair. Her lavender colored eyes are framed by thick black lashes naturally, leaving little use of make-up on her: enhancing her natural beauty.

Despite having left her Geisha life behind Ryoka more often than naught can be found wearing a kimono or yutaka normally of a light color along with white tabi (split toed socks) and wooden geta (raised wooden sandals).

About You!
Personality: Ryoka in a way is much like water: she can be a terrible raging torrent one moment capable of mass destruction (not so much in the sense that she is violent, but rather unable to be deterred from the path which she is on; willing to get to her goal no matter the lengths she has to go to) while in the next breath be as gentle and wonderful as a stream. She has the sort of determination and fortitude behind the decisions she makes that can cause even the more defiant of opposition end up turning their opinion her way.

However, this is a side rarely seen from her throughout her life. Due to the life that Ryoka has been forced to live the side often seen of her is that of a quiet and very obedient girl. A girl who outwardly showed no issues with following the rules and laws laid down in front of her, a girl with little defiance and a willingness to please. Of course this was all an act; one to where if you turned it upside down much like a tapestry you would find colors entirely opposite of those on the front on the back. Ryoka was very much an opinionated girl, one who wanted nothing more than to do as she pleased - however she was simply intelligent enough to realize what trying to do so would get her: which was a world of pain.

That isn't to say that Ryoka didn't enjoy her life as a Geisha up until a certain point. Art fascinated her, and studying and training came easily enough to her due to her natural dedication and love for her 'craft'. She was quick when it came to learning, and witty as well, which made a dominating duo when it came to learning; or rather anything in her life at all.

Still, even to this day Ryoka portrays a quiet and almost shy like quality to her; taking quite a while to warm up to someone enough to trust them and open up fully. Which, of course, when she does it much like the difference between day and night. A shy girl turned into a funny and witty one with a smile easily coming to her face and a quick word to her lips.

"A story like mine should never be told. My world is as forbidden as it is fragile. Without its mysteries it cannot survive. I certainly wasn't born to the life of a Geisha, but like so much in my strange life I was carried there by the current..."

Ryoka was born in a small and rather poor fishing village named Ine-cho on the outskirts of Umigakure no Sato. She was the second child born to the family, her sister whom was four years older than her named Chiyo. Ryoka and Chiyo from the very start of their lives were like two separate people. While most children seemed to take on traits from both parents Ryoka was very much like her mother (beautiful, graceful, soft spoken, and cautious) while her sister Chiyo was very much like their father (homely but not pretty, a bit crude or rough spoken, and far more of a risk taker than she ought to have been). Together the two seemed to offset each other perfectly, keeping one another in balance despite their age gap.

Despite growing up with barely enough to scrap by on from day to day Ryoka was a very happy child. Her father, a fisherman (something that made some of the other Neko clan members laugh considering the dislike of water they all seemed to share), spent the majority of his day at sea while her mother remained at home to care for the house and look after the beginning of her and her sisters schooling. Given her mothers educational experience she was even able to tutor several other children from the village adding a bit to the income of the household: though this rarely had anything to do with money, and instead was more of a bartering system with goods and food between households. This went on from the time Ryoka was three years old (her sister seven, nearly eight) to about the time Ryoka turned seven years old; this was around the time that her familys luck - as little as it was - seemed to have run out.

Her mother, pregnant at the time, became quite ill. This caused the doctor to be needed more often then naught, which began to drain what little resources the family had accumulated over the years. With her mother on bed rest the chores, cooking, and daily running of the household fell to the second eldest female: her sister Chiyo. This allowed things to go smoothly until her mother was nearing seven months into her pregnancy. Ryoka's father who had gone out fishing that day despite the swelling storm that was blowing in was nearly three hours late in coming home. Ryoka had already been sent to the village (once by her sister, and then again by her mother when she too realized how late her father was) to see where he was. No one seemed to have a clue, and everyone claimed they hadn't saw him all day. It wasn't until a few days later that his ship blew in, or what was left of it, and it became clear that the violent and unpredictable ocean had claimed him. What little income the family had had to rely on at that point was suddenly gone: without a boat they couldn't fish, and without being able to fish they couldn't provide for themselves.

Their ill fortune did not go un-noticed however. The chairman of the fishing company her father had sailed under had heard of the family's little predicament and one evening showed up at the house to speak with Ryoka and Chiyo's mother. The pair spoke in private for a longer time than Ryoka could at that moment keep track of. When finally the man (Mister Tanaka was his name) emerged he looked a great deal pleased with himself while her mother looked pale, almost sickly. When Ryoka inquired what was wrong - after Mister Tanaka had left of course - her mother simply replied that tomorrow Mister Tanaka would come to take her and her sister tomorrow to go and stay the night at his house so that they could play with his daughter and 'be children for a day'. Ryoka had no reason not to believe her mother, and so that night she went to bed thinking that that was precisely what was going to happen - she even felt a little excited about it, though she was worried about leaving her mother alone for such a long time.

The next day when Mister Tanaka came and picked up Ryoka and Chiyo it wasn't long before the pair became quite aware that it was not his house they were going to but somewhere else entirely - somewhere foreign and terrifying for two young children who had never been outside of their little village, let alone to an official village. They arrived by wagon, Ryoka and Chiyo clutching to each other: the unspoken fear they both felt clouding the air around them.

When they finally did stop, however, their terror was only beginning. Mister Tanaka wrenched Ryoka from her elder sisters arms while his assistant who had come with them held Chiyo back while also driving the wagon away and out of sight (Ryoka didn't know it at the time but that would be the last time she would see her sister for many, many years). Ryoka was dragged to a gated house where they waited to be let in - Mister Tanaka never letting go of Ryoka's arm as if he expected her to flee. Ryoka wouldn't have though, considering she was in such a strange place with nowhere to go and no idea where it was her sister had just been taken. An elderly woman answered the door and soon Ryoka found herself being stripped naked and examined by both her and a doctor. When she was declared healthy and 'intact' money exchanged hands between this elderly woman and Mister Tanaka and then she saw Mister Tanaka no more.

The next following days were spent learning her new life - as she was informed she could never go back to her old one. When her crying eyes had dried up, when her screaming had finally stopped, she had been informed that her and sister had been sold by their mother: that they were the property of those who had bought them - that Ryoka was the property of a Geisha house, and was to act as a servant. "Cheer up, if you impress Mother and do as she says you too might one day become a Geisha" the elderly woman she was forced to call Auntie had explained to her - though Ryoka had no idea what a Geisha was at the time.

Given that Ryoka had nowhere to go, no idea where her elder sister was, she simply obeyed and did as she was told. The chores seemed never ending, and each night she would collapse with the kind of tiredness that would have her passing out before her mind could begin to revolt and stir up images and thoughts she would rather not think of. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and then eventually the months added up into years. With each passage of time it became easier and easier to accept her fate; to accept her new life. She went from resenting Mother for buying her in the first place to coming to rely on the woman. Unlike other Geisha Mother's who she came across while out running errands or picking up supplies she quickly realized that she had been one of the lucky ones: while her mother was strict she was not intentionally cruel. Of course, the okiya's resident Geisha surely made up for this by being cruel every chance she got. At first Ryoka had thought she had offended her some kind of way, only to realize later that Miko (as that was her Geisha name) was that cruel and nasty with everyone - even some of her customers.

When Ryoka turned ten years old she was given good news: because of her outstanding behavior, and the fact that she had not yet tried to run away (which was a problem in other okiyas in the village) she would be allowed to start her schooling into becoming a Geisha. Mother spared her no lies about it: she told her it would be hard, that her fingers would bleed and hurt, that sitting and laying down would become just as painful as standing. But, she told her, that in the end it would all be worth it. Ryoka had no choice but to believe her and to go along with it - she had no intentions of being a servant for the rest of her life after all. Plus, becoming a Geisha and earning an income would allow her to work toward paying back the debt she owed Mother (first for purchasing her in the first place, then for clothing and feeding her throughout the years, plus the little mishaps that had happened such as a broken dish here, or damaged this there). If she paid off her debt completely she would even have the choice to leave if she wished: though she had no idea where she would go even if she could.

While Auntie and Mother, even the cook and two adult maids in the house, seemed more than pleased that Ryoka was starting her schooling Miko was not. What Ryoka had thought was cruel and harsh before turned into downright nasty and evil later on. Miko seemed to hate her with a sort of passion she couldn't understand. Thankfully, each attempt to sabotage her, to ruin her career before it could even began, seemed to thwarted before it could even come. While Miko continued to paint herself in more and more of a bad picture Ryoka continued to work dutifully both in school and around the okiya. She excelled at her schooling and while not every chore she was given was completed - there simply wasn't the time of day to do it all - what she did do was done so completely and thoroughly that it made up for the lack of everything else being completed. It seemed for Ryoka that life was good despite the circumstances of it.

At the age of fifteen Ryoka even became an official Maiko, with several popular Geisha inquiring into becoming her big sister - the gods knew that Miko would never do so. Finally, Mahema was chosen to act as Ryoka's big sister, and her career began to blossom.

However, life did not give so many ups without throwing in a few downs. Shortly after Ryoka's sixteenth birthday the okiya burned down - Miko out of jealousy had finally snapped after years of strain and had torched the place so quickly there was nothing that could have been done to prevent it. This caused a great deal of problems for everyone involved. The okiya had housed all of the expensive kimono and make up of their trade, without wish they could not work. There was only one thing Mother decided could be done: she would auction off her Mizuage (virginity) earlier than expected. This very idea terrified Ryoka: she would have no choice on who it was, the highest bidder would be the winner so long as he was able to pay. Given how popular of a Maiko Ryoka was at that point there were several already lining up who were all willing to go high to win a bidding war. Mother wasted no time despite Ryoka's obvious objections: 'You owe it to the okiya, to me, to help us in this manner after we have taken care of you for so long' she had simply stated and expected it to be law as her word was all those years living under it. Even her big sister, Mahema, was little help as she too thought it was a good idea so that Ryoka could be back on her feet once more and return to her career.

With no one to turn to, with nothing to do, Ryoka gathered what little money she could and fled. She was a sixteen year old female, a cat girl none the less, who had little experience taking care of her own let alone defending herself. To be suddenly thrust out into the worlds waiting arms terrified her, yet the darkness waiting for her back home terrified her even more - at least at first. The little bit of money Ryoka had managed to gather up ended up spent quicker than she could have believed - she was no fool but she was not used to handling money because Mother had always done that for her, and her birth parents before that. In the end it left her with nothing more to do than to try and steal to get by - which she wasn't all that good at either, but which worked well enough to keep her from starving to death.

Royka never stayed in one place for too long though: she was more than aware that her appearance drew unwanted attention. Slavers looking to make a quick buck, perverts looking to score easy, and other degenerates simply looking for trouble. All of them seemed to notice her, and Ryoka knew she would eventually need to learn how to defend herself.

It was that point in her life, as she turned seventeen, that she realized she needed to learn to fight. She needed to find someone willing to teach her, willing to take her under their wing and show her the ropes. She considered joining a ninja Academy - the main villages each had one - but she had no identification papers and feared the idea of trying to get any in case anyone realized who she was and sent her back to Mother. Yet, the idea of becoming a ninja never left her - though she had every intention of going about it a different way. Of course, this led to a lot of traveling for the Neko... not that she minded, getting to see such differences between villages was enough to take her mind off of the past that was constantly looming over her head like it was prepared to snatch her up again...

RP Sample: "Hello there, girlie... My friends and I were wondering if you'd like to come join the little party we're having. Invite only, you know...", came a sleazy voice from Ryoka's left. In truth she should have been paying more attention to her surroundings as she walked down the market district (it wasn't that late in the evening though, being only about seven, but that certainly did nothing to stop the sleazebags from coming out, did it?). Yet, she had been busily focused on the newest book she had bought which she had decided was too good to wait until she got home to read. Shame on her: she should have known better.

Knowing that these men would likely not go away without a response she kept her voice as soft as possible (keeping as much of the anger out of it as she could muster) and responded with a simple and light "No, thank you." before attempting to hurry on her way. Ryoka hoped she would be able to keep walking without them continuing to follow her but no such luck: apparently they weren't going to take no for an answer quite so easily. Bummer.

"Aw, come on. Don't be like that. We can have a lot of fun together, right guys?" A murmur of agreement followed the man's words along with chuckles filled with amusement and what Ryoka knew to be dark intentions.

"I'm sorry, I'm not interested.", Ryoka would respond while holding in her sigh. This wasn't the first time she had found herself in a situation like this and it made her all that more desperate to find someone to teach her how to defend herself.

"How about we just snatch you up anyway... I promise you'll have fun.", came the sleazy man's voice, though he sounded nowhere as cheery as he had moments ago and in fact sounded rather angry. Apparently he was used to getting his way, but Ryoka had no intentions of giving it to him. Instead, she looked around frantically for an escape route only to find a member of the villages shinobi force already looking in her direction and clearly assessing the situation. She mouthed the word 'help' and he seemed to disappear and appear right next to her.

"Is there a problem here, gentlemen?"

"No officer. We were just offering to help this young girl home: she shouldn't be out alone at this time of night ya know?" The man's face had gone from shocked when the shinobi arrived to calculating how to keep himself out of trouble. The shinobi simply waved them away and they left without giving further issue: clearly they knew they were out matched.

"Come on, I'll walk you home - he was right, it is too late for you to be out alone, miss. Though, I know his intentions were no where near as noble as he claimed."

Ryoka sighed, feeling at ease, and nodded: she had no objections to the shinobi walking her home and ensuring her safety. "Thank you... I appreciate it."

The shinobi gave a slightly crooked smile. "It's my job as it were... though I'd do it for anyone as young as you - I have a sister your age, and the idea of letting something like what those guys likely had planned happen to anyone like that would sicken me.", he responded honestly. Ryoka simply nodded, falling silent as she lead the way toward her home: she was thinking of what might happen the next time she found herself in such a situation - would she be so lucky to find someone to help her again or would she be on her own? She really needed to learn how to defend herself and quickly...

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