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 To a New Village [Soragakure -> Sabakugakure][Closed]

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To a New Village [Soragakure -> Sabakugakure][Closed] Empty
PostSubject: To a New Village [Soragakure -> Sabakugakure][Closed]   To a New Village [Soragakure -> Sabakugakure][Closed] EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 10:06 pm

Oto had spent several weeks already in Soragakure but things were starting to seem a bit slow. She didn't hold this fact against the village however - it was quite nice to have ventured into such a peaceful and serene place after all despite the few run-ins she had had with the local bullies. But, she had promised the monks back home that she would travel around and try to learn new things, pick up new skills. She couldn't very well do that in a village in which no one was really around: where things were so slow for the moment. Even the bullies she had had to contend with hadn't really taught her much; she hadn't even been able to go all out against them - not that she was the type of person to do such a thing unless her hand was absolutely forced.

So, the previous evening Oto had gone around the little one room she had rented out and gathered up all of her belongings which had been packed away in a handful of scrolls and the nap sack she now carried on her back. The items she wouldn't need right away were put away in the scrolls themselves while items such as food and warmer and cooler clothing were in the nap sack for easier access. Her weapons outside of her bo staff were in the pouch strapped to her left leg. Her bo staff was in her right hand, currently being used as a walking stick as she traversed the landscape.

She had left the village floating in the air behind - an air ship allowing her to go from the upper village to the lower portion safely enough - and had just begun to head in whatever direction her feet carried her in. She wasn't relying on a map, or even directions, simply wanting the joy of getting a chance to explore.

However, it wasn't long before the weather around her began to take a noticable and rather drastic change. The heat, which was dry and intense, beat down on her with the high noon sun. Even the landscape around her was changing: gone were the lush greens and browns and now everything seemed tan in color - sand, lots and lots of sand. Oto paused long enough to check her water supplies as she had no intentions of dying in such a place of dehydration, before continuing on. It took hours of wandering, and stopping at a resting caravan to seek directions, but she soon found herself staring at what she was sure was the village of Sabakugakure and not in fact a mirage.

As she pressed onward the village grew inside until it seemed to swallow her up as she walked through the village gates. At first glance the place seemed cheery, and rather busy: a vast difference in the village she had just left. She tightened the grip on her bags left strap with her left hand, and then continued onward, still using her bo staff much like a walking stick as she did so.

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To a New Village [Soragakure -> Sabakugakure][Closed]
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