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PostSubject: Hikari   Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:54 pm

Name: Hikari
Age: 20
Birthdate: October 25th
Gender: Female
Rank: Jounin [S] | ANBU Captain

Village: Kurayami
Clan: Yanagi
Element(s): Earth [SS] | Wind [SS] | Fire [S]
Specialties: Taijutsu [SS] | Medical Ninjutsu [SS] | Ninjutsu [S] | Fuuinjutsu [S]
Special Characteristics:
Chakra Radar:
Master Sensor:


Weight: 125 Pounds
Hair Color: Black | Long
Eye Color: White (Due to Blindness)
General Description: Throughout the years Hikari's general appearance has taken somewhat of a change: she has grown several inches taller and her skin has darkened instead of the paleness that it once was.
Where she used to favor light and bright colors she now favors those of a darker tone - those that allow her to blend in more naturally with the world around her. Hikari's normal outfit consists of a black tank top that clings to her tone figure and C-cup bust, a pair of black pants, and black shinobi sandals when deemed absolutely nessecary - barefoot when not.. Over top of this is worn a knee-length duster with a hood on which the back holds in silver the Yanagi clan symbol.
Her black hair hangs to just below her shoulders with shorter pieces (about chin length) being towards the front that then blend into black bangs. Though she brushes her hair it can often be found teased up into a 'bed head' style, making her look as if she has just recently woken up. A white cloth is wrapped around her useless eyes, keeping them from view.

About You!
Personality: Bubbly, energetic, fun, loyal. These are only a few of the words used to best describe Hikari's personality.

She's never been the type to talk behind someone's back, or hang around while others do it - often choosing to walk away, especially when people are trying to get her to start talking about her brother: she is loyal to him most of all.

She's a happy and friendly person, able to see the light even in the darkest of situations; making it nearly impossible for her to see the bad in anyone. This isn't to say she's too naive to think that there is evil in the world, she is just normally willing to give everyone at least one chance.

This makes her rather innocent, however, in the way she sees things, and can sometimes make her vulnerable to the jokes and cruelty of others: mostly due to her willingness to help everyone who needs it. She wishes to make the best of the world that she can, either through her skills or her willingness to be a good soul: this in itself makes her willing to volunteer for almost anything, including charity type functions.

Unlike most females who care about the way their hair looks or who like to chatter about nonsense just to hear themselves talk, Hikari likes to focus on important things - training, knowledge, missions, or topics that effect everyone and everyone. That isn't to say she's quiet, at least not as quiet as her brother, she just likes to have an important point to talk about when speaking.

Likes: Hikari loves sweets; it's her one weakness in the world, or so she claims. While chocolate is nice she tends to gravitate more towards hard candies, and more specifically lollipops, which she can always be found to have on her at all times.

Hikari also loves music, and takes great joy in listening to all sorts - willing to give every kind a chance at least once: though she does confess to her favorites tend to be the more calm and meditative songs without lyrics than those with a quick beat or those that have lyrics in them.

She also loves to help others; always known to be offering her help in one thing or another - especially if it had something to do with rescued animals, or other fuzzy and adorable things.

When not volunteering at something Hikari likes to spend her time with her family, more specifically her twin, or otherwise training or increasing her knowledge by using the braille books that the library provides.

Dislikes: Hikari's major dislike would have to be bullies; she just cannot stand them. Even though she was more social than her brother she was picked on from a very early age due to her blindness, just as her twin was picked on due to his less social behavior. Due to this constant picking from the other children Hikari learned to have an extreme intolerance for bullies, to the point of feeling enraged when she witnesses bullying. Normally a sweet and kind girl, in situations like these she will rise to the defense of others either with words or with her fists if need be.

Motivations: Out of everything that could motivate a person - money, fame, fortune, fans - the one thing that motivates Hikari is her family, including her clan. She knows that they look to her due to the prophecy just like they look to her twin, and she doesn't want to disappoint them. Therefore she uses this as motivation when it comes to training; which helps a great deal as it tends to keep her focused and willing to go on even if what she's training is hard.

She also uses her brother as her motivation: she sees him as strong and intelligent, and wishes to be just like him - so she pushes herself harder than she otherwise would for this reason as well. She wants him to be proud to call her his sister, his twin.

Fears: Failure above everything is the worst fear of all. Death and pain go hand in hand for most people but not Hikari - though, she will avoid these things are all costs of course. Failure, however, trumps everything because it means more: failure would be letting her brother down, her family down, her clan down. This failure of course could come in many forms, including her and her twin not being the ones the prophecy spoke of, and therefore disappointing the Yanagi clan Elders.

However, failure is not the only thing that Hikari fears: there is one other that she has only spoken of to her twin - the fear of losing her ability to use the clan's sensory. While being blind she still has a method of seeing which keeps her from being helpless, but to lose that would be to become helpless - it's a fear that has often given Hikari nightmares.

History: The Yanagi Elders came into contact with a prophecy dealing with the birth of of two twins: one which was to be born blind and the other which was to be born with the gift of sight. The prophecy spoke of these twins holding a great deal of untapped potential and power: it was said that these twins would be granted the power to one day save the world from evil clutches.

The prophecy had been almost forgotten - twins were not a common thing among the Yanagi clan after all - at least until the birth of Hikari and her 'older' brother Kurai. Kurai was born at night, the first of the pair, and so their mother called him Dark. Hikari was born that morning, just as the sun was beginning to rise up over the mountains, therefore she was called Light. Unlike her brother, who was able to see, Hikari was blind from the moment she was born.

However, this blindness never stumped her in her goal to thrive: Hikari, from a very young age, showed she was able to over-come her blindness and sprout like a little flower. Hikari trained from about the age of two to she was old enough to enter into the Academy with her clan - normally under the careful supervision of the clan Elders; they were always more than interested in how her and her brother were coming along.

As Hikari and her brother grew and matured they entered into the Academy; which was around the time that Hikari began to notice the distinct differences between herself and her twin. While her brother seemed dark, and a loner, Hikari loved to be around people - she was bubbly, energetic, and far too innocent for the world. Even when she wasn't trying she tended to draw people to her, attracted by her lovely personality and kind words.

She never hesitated to let it be known that she was blind - up until she realized that people would pick on her for it. However, she also quickly learned how fast her twin was willing to rise to her defense - putting the kid literally under the earth for the comments he was making.

Hikari wanted to be just like her brother; and poured herself into her work - books printed in braille came in handy very quickly, and she began to study as hard as she could, and train just as hard. She was always in the front of the class, and always with her hand up in the air and an answer to any question ready in her brain.

When it came time to graduate the Academy Hikari felt more than ready, and stepped into the life of a Genin to begin her new journey in the world, all while the prophecy the elders had told her and her brother acting as a constant reminder in her head to do her best...

While it took most nearly a life time to rise up to the ranks of Jounin Hikari found herself in almost like a race with her twin as they began to rise up through the ranks. Missions came and went, and new skills were learned with rapidness. The village that they called home during that time period was quickly left for greener pastures - or rather, those of darkness as Hikari and her twin, as well as their family moved to the Land of Shadows.

They joined into the organization known as The Dark, run by a name named Alec Kane. Hikari, shortly into moving to this Land of Shadows, helped to form their first hospital - and helped to keep it on its toes and running. During this time period she learned a valuable amount of knowledge and continued to prove herself as a loyal member of the village as well as a loyal friend.

About two years into living in the Land of Shadows Hikari found herself exploring around; she had gained two unique methods of seeing even though she was blind and felt some exploring was in order. During this time period she came across a bijuu; a shadowy looking tentacle monster that called itself Ankoku. The two battled feircy, Hikari demanding that all, including her twin who likewise at this point had a bijuu sealed inside of him, to stay out. This in itself amused the beast, as did Hikari's determination not to fall to the creature. In the end the pair tied - Ankoku stopping the fight due to being highly impressed by Hikari's tenacity.

The two began to speak and it soon became clear that they were very much like each other in some ways - at least when it came to protecting the things they cared for. Ankoku was quickly sealed within Hikari of his own choice, lending Hikari a great deal of power and cementing her on her path to come.

Hikari would have continued to live in the Land of Shadows, however, a summons by Alec Kane who had gone exploring with his young daughter sent Hikari and her twin across the ocean to the new land... where it was explained they were to rule.

RP Sample: Eyelashes fluttered open to reveal useless white eyes; while she couldn't see the sun she could feel the warmth of the rays on her face as they streamed through her window. Morning had arrived, bringing with it a new day, and a new chance to learn. She threw the covers off of herself, ignoring the chill in the room, even more so as bare feet touched the cold wooden floor.

She threw off her night-gown and hurriedly dressed. As she finished shoving her arm into the sleeve of her sweater, and the sweater down over her under shirt she ran out of her room and to her brother's room, knocking repeatedly on the wood. "Come on, Kurai! Sunshine's burning! Don't want to be late for training!"

Without waiting for an answer she moved to the kitchen, feeling around on the counter until her hand hit the very familiar bowl of fruit. She sorted through the different textures of those available until she found an orange. Using her fingernail instead of a knife she began to peel away the skin, all while waiting to hear her brother get up.

Faceclaim: Google Pic, Edited by Me
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PostSubject: Re: Hikari   Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:02 am

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