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 Bail Out [Travel from Sora to Sabaku]

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Misaki Yata
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Jounin (A)
Misaki Yata

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PostSubject: Bail Out [Travel from Sora to Sabaku]   Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:47 pm

"This air village blows. I thought there would be come cool ninjas up here or whatnot, but there's only weirdos. Let's bail..."

Misaki took the next airship that came to make deliveries, stowing away in one of the cargo holds. It took a while to get underway, but eventually the ship began to move again. Misaki was able to stretch out and settle in for a quick nap.

He woke up again to the itching feeling of sweat, since it had suddenly become so hot. When he looked out of a window he saw an ocean of tan. They were in a desert... which mean nowhere to ride his board. Great...

Sooner or later, the ship was landing in a small desert village. When workers began to unload things, Misaki slipped out, quickly leaving the village and heading out into the desert wasteland. After an hour of walking, and drinking all of his water, a big village came into view on the horizon.

"Hope this place is more fun than that boring sky village..."

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Bail Out [Travel from Sora to Sabaku]
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