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 The Inn [Open]

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PostSubject: The Inn [Open]   Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:58 am

It wasn't new for so many people to be at the inn so early in the day - it was about four o'clock in the late afternoon - but it was a bit new for it to be so rowdy sounding. Even in her own private quarters that were closed off to the guests of the inn - both those whom rented rooms for the evening and those who came for the bar and the good food - she could hear it all quite clearly. At first Jayr though that perhaps a fight or something had broken out, but as she sat there she realized that her senses were slowly growing stronger, more importantly her sense of sound.

With a sigh Jayr unzipped her pouch that held her bowl, lighter, and Chill, and began to pack herself a good sized bowl. She had no idea if her senses increasing suddenly was a good or bad thing and it instantly stressed her out: she was blind by the normal sense so having increased hearing would likely be helpful, but at the same time she also knew that having increased hearing could likely lead her into trouble if an opponent found out about it and exploited it as a weakness. It was something she would have to learn to deal with in any case. By the time she was finished with that thought process her bowl was packed and she was bringing it up to her lips; a flick of the lighter in her hand and an inhale later and she could already feel herself relaxing as she exhaled. The drug her mother had created for her worked well and it worked fast.

Jayr did the light up and inhale thing three more times before putting her supplies away and sliding it all into one of the pouches on the shoulder bag she hooked onto her left shoulder: she never even left her room without it on the off chance of being pulled away into something. Just as Jayr stood up and began to stretch, figuring she would head out front to do her usual meet and greet, she heard her mother calling her. "Jayr... I need your help."

Jayr didn't bother telling her mother she was coming - her mother could sense her just as easily as Jayr's own senses worked even if the woman wasn't fully blind - and instead left her room and heading down the hallway. She exited through the little doorway marked "Employees Only" and came to stand behind the registration counter with her mother who was looking quite annoyed. "What's up, mom?"

"It seems we've run out of beer, and for some reason a new supply hasn't been delivered. I'm going to go check on things, I need you to man the counter for me while I'm gone.

"Alright. I'll be here."

"Thanks hun. I won't be long." Her mother hurried out from behind the counter and out the front door, clearly off to give someone hell. Jayr was just glad that annoyed attitude of her mother's wasn't directed at her. Figuring she would likely be stuck there for at least a little while she slid her butt onto the padded stool and pulled out a pencil, eraser, and sketchbook from her shoulder bag before putting her shoulder bag next to her feet on the floor. She leaned forward on the counter, placing her sketchbook down and opening it up before flipping to a blank page. She glanced around the room; she could see the bar and restaurant area from her position, both of which were busy - some families having come for dinner while some sailors had just docked and had found the inn as a cozy place to have a drink. Absently Jayr began to sketch them, all despite the fact that her eyes were covered in a white silk cloth.
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The Inn [Open]
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