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 Kaia-Mai Uchiha

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Jounin (A)
Jounin (A)

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PostSubject: Kaia-Mai Uchiha   Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:01 pm

Name: Kaia-Mai Uchiha
Age: 18
Birthdate: October 31st
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Jounin A-Rank [Import]

Village: Umigakure no Sato
Element(s): Suiton | Fuuton | Hyoton | Fubukiton
Specialties: Genjutsu | Ninjutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Master Sensor
    Type: Supplementary
    Tier: 3
    Description: A Master Sensor is the best of all. It's nearly impossible for anyone to hide from them, and they're expert trackers. Only those with Perception higher than the user can effectively hide from them. Those of the same perception as the user has a fifty percent change of hiding. Those below are instantly revealed. This sensory allows them to find people even if they're using items or jutsu to mask themselves.
    Training Requirements: N/A

  • Name: Enhanced Perception
    Type: Supplementary
    Tier: Legendary
    Description: The user, due to their biological make up, was created with animal-like characteristics. Thanks to these characteristics the user has severely enhanced Perception (SSS-0).
    Training Requirements: /

Height: 5 Foot 2 Inches
Weight: 90 Pounds
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
General Description: Kaia-Mai is quite small for her size but has always been so; which is why even at the age of eighteen she stands no taller than five foot two inches; weighing in at an even ninety pounds. Her frame is slender due to her size, and yet she still maintains an hour glass shape and ample D cup breasts.

The most strange quality about Kaia-Mai would have to be the white bunny that protrude from her head, and the fluffy white tail that protrudes from the base of her spine.

Her skin is pale, likely due to the cold climate she spent a good portion of her life in, and exceptionally soft and flawless. Her eyes are red in color, with small black pupils in the center; her eyes nearly un-naturally large and open with thick black lashes framing them. Slender white eyebrows help to frame up her face, with a slightly pointed chin. Her hair is likewise white and normally parted on the right where her longer bangs frame her face: the rest of her hair which goes down roughly six inches past her shoulders is kept up usually in a ponytail at the top-back of her head.

Kaia-Mai's usual outfit consists of a net black long sleeved top with a long sleeved gray top over this; the chest portion of this over shirt is green as are the sleeve cuffs and the bottom hem of the shirt. This over top zippers up the front and has a hood on the back of it that when pulled up easily coats her face in darkness due to the depth of the hood. Just barely visible beneath of her sleeves of her top are a pair of black gloves. She wears with this black pants that hug her legs the whole way down to her ankles. Boots, flat on the bottom, and likewise black in color go up to her knees with no discernible straps or buckles.

About You!
Personality: From the time that Kaia-Mai was created – not born, but simply created as an experiment – the very art of survival was beat into her. When it came to survival there was no bargaining, there was no mercy. It was a eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, type of world: a world that she had been dropped dead center into. Because of that Kaia-Mai grew up without knowing kindness: there was no kindness in survival – if you screwed up you were not hugged and kissed, you did not have a band-aid put on the wound and told to try again when you felt better. No, you got back up and you did it again while the blood was still fresh in the wound because if you didn't finish by nightfall you would freeze or starve to death; or perhaps a large animal would come along and make a meal out of you. It was this mentality that Kaia-Mai grew up, and the mentality she continues to live with: do what you can to survive and screw how the rest of the world feels about it.

Now, that isn't to say that Kaia-Mai is heartless and cold. She knows love, she knows loyalty: they are two things that tend to go hand in hand with her. Two emotions that, while tied together in a way, are the strongest emotions that the female has. It's those two emotions that have led to violent and bloody acts in her past, that have led to her own self sacrifice despite her mind screaming at her to keep going and to push onward: to survive. It is loyalty above all that has led her to pluck her own eyes out and give them to someone else while on what was to be her death bed.

Yet, it was her psychotic and sociopolitical nature that led her to pluck her eyes right back out of her own father's eye sockets only mere seconds after he fell. He was gone, and they were useful: the world had simply come full circle and she was unwilling to walk away without the benefits. For her fallen father though, she showed some act of reserved kindness: he was dead and gone and she let him be, something that others who have crossed her wrongly were not so lucky with. Because those who cross her, or worse threaten those she holds great loyalty for, they are the ones whose screams she falls asleep to at night, those who become the next evenings meal... Human, it's the other-other white meat after all – and humans are nothing more than animals to be hunted and dominated.

History: Kaia-Mai was the product of an experiment. Nearly nineteen years ago a secret organization got their hands on the genes of Mitsuo Uchiha; her DNA based father. Kaia-Mai then came into being, and spent the first nine months of her life going from a tiny bit of genes into a fully developed newborn; all inside of a small incubation tank while under the watchful eyes of those who wished to harness her abilities for their own selfish gains. For the next three years of her life all manner of tests, experiments, and borderline torture was preformed on what was at the time a very young toddler.

Kaia-Mai grew up during that time period knowing nothing of kindness, and yet everything of survival. To survive you had to compete, to survive you had to win. You had to be strong enough to go further than anyone else, and where strength failed you had to use cunning and wisdom to make up for it. You had to be willing to go to any lengths to ensure that you lived even if it meant all others died. There was no such thing as regret, or sadness, there was only the will to survive another day and the ability to do just that.

The more Kaia-Mai bent to the will of those who created her the easier her life became. If she was willing to fight against the other children, to not hold back or to give in to fear, she was rewarded. If she beat another child into submission, or even killed them, she was rewarded. These rewards would range from anything to extra blankets, extra food, candies, or time outside. It was time outside that Kaia-Mai loved the most; and it was that that she was willing to strive for: that she was willing to kill for.

It was during one of these rewards – her chance to have some beloved time outdoors – that her life took a drastic change. It had long been engraved into her mind that there was no point in attempting to escape: there was no one out there waiting for her, and no one willing to take care of her. Because of this she was often left alone in the large fenced in yard, left to wander and be by herself for the three or fours hours that they would allot her. This day in particular was just like any other; the birds were singing, a mother duck and her ducklings were swimming around in the pond that in a few weeks time would freeze over, and a butterfly was attempting to escape an all too advanced child who had spent the past twenty five minutes tracking it simply because she wanted to rip the wings off of the thing because they were pretty. Kaia-Mai had been minding her own business, to focused on her task to notice or care about anything else going on around her, when suddenly a whistled tune had caught her attention. Kaia-Mai, drawn by the natural beauty of the tune, turned her attention onto the man standing on the other side of the fence: her eyes met his and darkness swallowed her up.

Unbeknownst to Kaia-Mai, this man on the other side of the fence was none other then Mitsuo, who had gotten a tip that some underground organization had gotten a hold of his genes and had created a child from it: a daughter for him. It was this man who had caused the darkness to overtake Kaia-Mai; a method of protecting her from what he was about to do. During this time that she was trapped, wandering the darkened void around her, he was busy slaughtering any and all he could find within the building. Not a single soul that was there that day survived; not even the other test subjects like herself. When Mitsuo was done he returned to Kaia-Mai and took her far away from that place.

He kept her in this Genjutsu'd state for days while they traveled; he didn't want to risk her waking up and ending up freaking out around civilians or worse shinobi who would then make a scene and ask far too many questions. So, not until they reached his house – which was in the middle of a deep forest – did he finally free her. Kaia-Mai reacted violently: she was removed from her element, from her natural habitat, and she was reacting like nothing more than a confused wild animal. It took hours to get her to calm down enough to listen, and days after that before she would even bother coming inside. Finally, however, Kaia-Mai began to trust this man, and accept him as what he claimed to be – her father.

For the next five or six years she traveled with Mitsuo, and learned at his side. She was a fast learner, and he was an excellent teacher; together no obstacle stood in their way in their quest to gain knowledge. Kaia-Mai surpassed the knowledge and skill that even those fresh from the Academy knew even before she was old enough to enter; thus rendering the entire idea pointless. From early on it was apparent that while most fighters, especially shinobi as she was being trained to be, had skills that doctored to both close and far range battle Kaia-Mai was an oddity: the majority if not all of her skills catered to someone who was far range. Thus, her father began to train her as a support person: his own personal medic and back up. Kaia-Mai was excited about the idea; her loyalty to her father knew no bounds by that point due to spending every waking moment with him.

This loyalty is what led to the next major event in her life. At the age of ten Mitsuo had decided to take Kaia-Mai to some old ruins to explore and learn – a sort of mini vacation of sorts that she would nonetheless gain knowledge from. During this vacation Kaia-Mai ventured on ahead and ended up finding an old temple; the home of a chakra beast that took on the form of a giant set of armor with a large claymore. A battle ensued and Kaia-Mai was struck down; a blow she was certain would end in her death. Her father arrived in time to kill the chakra beast before it would finish off Kaia-Mai, but it was still too late. In a last ditch effort to help her father – her loyalty knowing no limits – she plucked her own eyes out of her own sockets and gave them to her father: she had popped her first tomoe during that battle, and knew her eyes would only go to waste once she died.

Her father took her eyes, and left as Kaia-Mai became unconscious. However, and experimental medical jutsu that Kaia-Mai had been playing with earlier that day saved her life: in fact, it brought her back to life and healed her injuries. By the time Kaia-Mai regained consciousness her father was long gone and nowhere to be found. Kaia-Mai stumbled alone in the darkness for hours until her fast learning brain began to develop a new ability: Chakra Radar – something developed by the creator of the Holeman clan who was someone who removed his eyes and broke off from the Uchiha clan a long time ago. Days would pass in which this skill would grow, allowing Kaia-Mai to see even though she was sightless.

Once her strength was fully returned, and her ability to see returned in some way to her, she began to venture out in search of Mitsuo. It took almost an entire year to find him, but she did: he had teamed up with a odd and in her opinion animalistic man named Ranmaru. Her father had teamed up with him in order to complete some common goal the pair shared: a goal that Kaia-Mai cared little for. She was simply glad to have found her father again whom welcomed her back with open armed; and whom was delighted to hear about her ability to see far and wide no (almost) matter where she was. There was no regret to be had for him taking his dying daughters eyes as she had grown an even more interesting ability, and had given him the dojutsu he had watched for.

So, this new trio traveled together on this quest to complete this common goal. They searched temples, and ruins, and eventually wandered onto a large village. The trio planned on attacking – Kaia-Mai was in loyalty mode and cared little if the people were innocent or guilty, she was like one of the many swords her father wielded: an asset to be used. Even though Kaia-Mai was only nearing her eleventh birthday she attacked without care, without fear of death, without fear of pain: slaughtering any and all who got into her path. However, this plan of attack went wrong; her father – or so was her guess – got in over his head and was taken out by the explosions that leveled the place. Kaia-Mai found his mangled form as her and Ranmaru were fleeing and she plucked his eyes right out of his skull in the process: though she hadn't consciously decided if she would actually implant them into her own eye sockets at that point: she simply knew that it would be dangerous for them to fall into anyone else' hands.

To this day Kaia-Mai isn't quite sure what led Ranmaru to make the decision that he had and to take her in and care for her in a manner of speaking: she had barely known him at that point as anything more than a partner in a common goal. Yet, it was a decision he had made all the same: a decision that led her to surviving the years to come. With her own survival tactics, and his, she was able to survive the cold and harsh winters in the cabin she now called home. She continued to grow and to learn; and made the decision to self implant the eyes she had plucked from her father into her own sockets: knowing all the while that the abilities that came with them would only increase her usefulness and her chances of survival. With this decision came a plethora of other abilities: including one that made her being a long ranged fighter all that more interesting: Kamui – an ability that allowed her to essentially 'dodge' any close range attacked launched at her.

Of course, living as she was was strange at times: Ranmaru would show up for periods of time and then leave again. However, she as all survivalists do, adapted to it. It made the next year years fly by rather quickly; eight years filled with trials, adventures, and the gaining of knowledge and ability; of strengthening herself to be an even stronger and more lethal person than she ever had been before.

RP Sample: Her target had to die: there was no question about it. If she wanted to have a chance to go outside and play then the little boy standing across from her – only a month older than her – had to be put down permanently. There were no compromises to this: there never was. It was she either killed him, or he would likely kill her for the chance at a second tray of food or a bit more water, perhaps even another blanket to use that night. Even now she could see him thinking it: like a scared animal looking for a way out, for a way to survive. The boys eyes were darting every which way, and he kept tightening and loosening the grip he had on his puny little knife: the knife he would use on Kaia-Mai if she didn't take him out first.

Kaia-Mai, unlike him, had an advantage though: she had taken a life before, she had danced this little dance. He hadn't. He never would again. Kaia-Mai waited patiently, like a predator who had all of the time in the world to play this game: she knew what would come, she knew he would make a mistake. For three solid minutes she stood there, still as stone, watching her prey like a hungry bear. He was soaked in sweat were as she was comfortable; he was trembling where as she was cool and collected. He feinted forward, drawing out his left hand while his right was what held the blade: she had seen this ploy before.

Instead of going to dodge the left hand which would open her for the right she allowed his left hand to graze her harmlessly and grabbed his right when he – rather shocked – attempted to stab her in the lower abdomen. With both hands she was able to stop the knife before it reached her, and with a violent pull and twist she was able to break his wrist. The move forced him to let go of the knife, which clattered to the floor, while the young boy dropped to his knees in front of her, cradling his wrist and howling in pain.

It was, perhaps, an act of kindness of sorts from Kaia-Mai. It meant that the boy only slightly older than her didn't see her bend to pick up the knife, he didn't know that the rush of death was upon him. He was too busy crying to notice her crouch down and pull back on her arm carrying the knife while her grip tightened on the hilt. He didn't see the first stab; but he did feel it as well as the second, third, forth, and fifth. Kaia-Mai stabbed him until she couldn't anymore: until her hand hurt: until his screams stopped: until his body was lifeless.

When it was over, Kaia-Mai, now covered in blood rose to her feet the victor: knowing that now she would get to go outside and play by herself for three or four hours. It was worth it; it always was worth it.

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Kaia-Mai Uchiha
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