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 Kaginawa, Sojirou

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PostSubject: Kaginawa, Sojirou    Thu Dec 17, 2015 6:29 pm


Name: Kaginawa, Sojirou
Age: 11
Birthdate: October 31
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: Kaguya
Rank: Genin

Village: Morigakure no Sato
Element(s): Raiton
Specialties: Medical Ninjutsu | Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics: N/A


Height: 5'
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color:Light Blue

General Description: Sojirou is a slight boy, relatively average for someone his age. He's not one who had built up his body purposefully, nor is he one that has let his body fall into disrepair. He's simply someone who has let his body become what it is from his usual training. He's not really one to stand out in the crowd aside from his white hair and light blue eyes that often look like crystals when in the sun, or even white from a distance. He's very much a white ghost who tends to move through crowds barefoot, as he refuses to wear shoes, often wearing white or grey clothes on his slightly tan form.

About You!

Personality: Put simply, Sojirou is kind and soft spoken, though not in a way that makes him shy. He's definitely friendly, and he's relatively outgoing when he first meets someone, believing in the good of someone before believing anything else. But in the general sense he's quiet and observant, and he'll speak up when he needs to, but not until then.  He's one of those souls that even when bad things happen within his life, he'll go out of his way to help others no matter how much it may be detrimental to himself in the end. He hardly ever allows himself to become dejected. However, he is human and does become sad sometimes. Whenever he does get sad, he hides it from others, giving himself some alone time to deal with whatever it is that he needs to deal with. He wants himself to always be seen as the sweet peaceful soul that he normally is. Part of this peacefulness is his dedication and loyalty to his village. He wants to do his best for his village, and he thinks that he can do that by training up his medical skills in the hospital of Morigakure.


The boy named Kaginawa, Sojirou was born in a loving family to a shinobi mother and father in the green village of Morigakure. They were sweet parents to him, attempting to give him the best childhood that they could. Both parents and child were devoted and kind to one another, and Sojirou’s childhood was perfect for his early years and full of love. His parents gave him everything they could, even a younger sister when he was three, and it was one of Sojirou's favorite past times to listen to his father tell stories. It was when he turned four that things seemed to go downhill in his life, though the boy decided to not let anything negative affect him. Though Sojirou would never know why, his parents decided that it would be best for them to get a divorce, and so his father left for sometime, leaving he and his younger sister with his mother for the time after.

Four years later Sojirou was entering the academy where he would learn to follow in his mother and father’s footsteps. He was dedicated to his work, and became proficient in the medical field that matched his own kindness to the world. It was when he was eight that another bout of bad luck inched its way into his life in the form of his mother being put to death by ANBU, not that he would know about what happened until much later. It was a discreet death, and he was placed with his father whom he and his sister hadn’t seen much since he was four. Not that he minded that he hadn’t seen his father, and they began their life with him without much fuss, his sister starting her time in the academy as well.

While he was sad about his mother being gone, death was part of life and Sojirou knew this. It wasn’t something that he let affect him very much, and he continued on, continuing to be the kind individual that he had started out being as a child. When he was eleven he graduated from the academy and went on with his training as a genin, doing his best to continue on with his attempt to help all that he could. Particularly aiming to help the other shinobi ranks as a medical professional, training at the hospital, and that is what he is currently continuing to do.

RP Sample: Like all children, Kaginawa, Sojirou was born into this world innocent and pure, blinking into the world with those wide mint green eyes and tufts of snowy white hair not knowing the social constructs and the cruelty of the world that would affect his life. He was a child of innocence, wanting only to please and be kind to a world that he expected to be kind to him as well, but one knows that that is never the case with life. There is something that is said to children repeatedly when growing up and something does not go their way. That saying, is that “life is not fair.”  

This is something that is beaten into the lives of the children that grow up in a world ruled by social constructs created by the greed of man. Money, cruelty, war, bloodshed, desecration of nature. Children simply are born without the knowledge of these horrors, and some learn that the world is filled with horrors faster than others. However, Sojirou was one of those unusual hearts that was tugged into this world with a want to only be kind, no matter what curveballs life would through at him, or the ridicule that he would receive.

That is not to say that Sojurou did not know about the cruelty of the world from an early age. He did, but there was a rift between the knowledge of that and the goodness of his heart. It was not something that he was going to let affect him and his ability to be kind. He was the kind of child that would go up to other children and pick them up off the floor if they had fallen and scraped their knees. The child that would defend someone even when that bully turned on himself. He was steadfast in his belief that one should be good no matter what. It was why he'd chosen to take the path that he had in the village since he'd graduated from the academy. He wanted to help people. He didn't really want to be a killer.

So, here he was, walking up to the hospital for his first time as a genin intern...  

Faceclaim: All art by Re° on Zerochan, save for the childhood image, which is a child Prussia I believe.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaginawa, Sojirou    Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:32 pm

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Kaginawa, Sojirou
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