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 Emiko Sabure

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Emiko Sabure IUml57O
Name: Emiko Sabure
Age: 18
Birthdate: December 19th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Do not Attempt
Clan: Sabure
Rank: Jounin S-Rank

Village: Morigakure no Sato
Element(s): Doton [SS] | Fuuton [SS] | Saton [SS]
Specialties: Ninjutsu [SS] | Fuuinjutsu [SS] | Medical Ninjutsu [SS] | Genjutsu [S]
Special Characteristics:
Armor of Sand:


5 Foot 6 Inches
Weight: 120 Pounds
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Amber
General Description: Emiko has deeply tanned skin, and amber colored eyes. Her hair is white in color and fairly long in the back, though it's kept short and spikey around the bang area and her forehead.
Her usual outfit consits of a blue one piece that is a top which turns into shorts. Over this she wears a black jacket that goes just below her breast bone with her clan symbol on the back. Fish net stockings are worn on her legs underneath of black boots that go the whole way up her thighs. Her village Hitai-ate is worn on the right arm of her jacket, sewn into it.

About You!
Personality: Emiko’s personality is a bit on the bloodthirsty side of things - especially when it comes to protecting those she cares about like her family. Due to her upbringing, and the fact that she began training at such a young age, she grew up fighting. She grew up learning to be as ruthless as possible when it came to combat. It gave her a knack of wanting to spill blood, and not being afraid to shed it. This also gave her an almost cruelty to her when dealing with enemies; making her rather enjoy torturing her opponent before killing them, and giving her a lack of hesitation when wounding or killing someone.

This bloodthirsty personality also tends to make her come off as stubborn. If she’s pursuing an opponent she will not rest until she has captured or killed them; even if it means running herself into the ground to accomplish her goal.

Though, when not on duty or in combat her personality tends to do a complete turn around, showing her as almost fun-loving to her friends and family. She can come off as sweet, kind, and gentle; albeit a little serious. She enjoys a good laugh and is otherwise rather easy to get along with. Though she can prove stubborn from time to time, it’s during these times that she attempts to keep a reign on her otherwise fiery personality.

History: The Sabure's 'Training' Program-

Emiko's youth was... troubled, to put it lightly. Due to Sabure clan traditions she was removed from the home at the age of two to be taught their 'ways' and traditions. Which, when broken down, was nothing more than a bunch of brainwashing, violence, and pure hatred: intended to turn them into nothing more than a giant clan of blood thirsty killers and maniacs. However, Emiko was one of the very lucky ones off rip. She knew what love was, and she knew that love defeated hatred. It was enough to know that her family loved her to keep her 'sane'. Or as sane as a Sabure being taught conflicted things could be.

There were many beatings in Emiko's past due to her back-talking and, or, questioning the clan's authority figures. She quickly lost count of how many times she ended up before the Elders of the clan due to one or another rule having been broken - or several all at once, which was usually the case.

For a while Emiko's behavior issues were tolerated, as the Elders simply thought that she was going to be one of the harder Sabure's to break - something that came around every few decades or so. But, shortly after this brainwashing process begun it became apparent that she wasn't going to break and bend to the natural ways of the Sabure, there just wasn't enough hatred in her life and in her heart for her to embrace their ways. She asked too many questions, thought too far outside of the box to be tricked into it. So, they called her broken and sent her back on her way, back to her parents.

But what parents wanted something so broken? What parents wanted something so utterly useless? Not hers, definitely not hers. News had come to her parents before she had been sent home, news of her failures, of her brokenness. Of her being nothing more than a useless vessel. Her mother broke down sobbing, her father filled his heart with hatred and rage. Together they decided that they didn't want something so useless, something so shameful. And so, upon her fourth birthday, as Emiko arrived home, she found the doors locked. What little reading she could do at that point was enough to inform her that the note on the door was not only addressed to her, but what it said: that she was unwanted here, that she was like a plague brought upon the family.

So what was a four year old, freshly turned out into the hot world to do?...

-A New Family-

She took to living on the streets; something that was rather hard at first, but Emiko had always been quick learner. At first punishments were handed down to her, mostly for stealing food from carts because of how easily she got caught. But she smartened up quick enough; she learned to steal without making it obvious, without getting caught. She learned which places she could sleep because they had little to no foot traffic after certain times; she trained her body to sleep in shifts, allowing her to wake about every ffteen minutes or so to check her surroundings and to ensure she remained safe. She had no one to watch her back but herself, and she quickly trained herself so that it was more than enough.

She began to wonder if the Sabure's teachings were right after a while as all she began to see where the colder aspects of the world. The darkness, the deceit, the cheating... the anger and hatred. She found herself wanting to go back to the Sabure's, to tell them how right they were, how she had seen it all... but something kept her on the streets, something kept her from going back. It was that little light in her heart that told her to wait, that nicer and brighter things were soon to come.

And come they did.

She had been hiding out in one of the shaded doorways she knew to be rarely used, nibbling on a small piece of bread she had snatched off one of the local merchants stalls, when a boy about four years or so older than her wandered past. Emiko thought he would keep on walking like all of the rest, to ignore her huddled form sitting there, nibbling on day old stale bread - it was the bread less likely to go missing, one of the things she had learned quickly when it came to stealing, steal the old stuff and they rarely noticed unlike the newer fresher stuff that they did - but he did stop.

They talked at first, with Emiko giving hesitant responses. She had trust issues by that point and with good reason since she knew of the orphanages that were none too nice. But, something about Luca made her open up, and soon she was telling him everything, even things that the clan would have likely slaughtered her on sight for speaking of.

It was then that he disappeared for a short period of time, only to return and offer to her his hand... She took it without question and followed him blindly - he promised her that he was leading her to better places, and that he did: he had made it okay with his parents for her to stay there too, and the very next day her adoption into his family was made official: and she began to see the brighter side of life that that little spark in her heart kept telling her was really there.

-The Academy-

Emiko was utterly amazed with the new things open for her to learn; and was quite happy when she was allowed into the Academy. She spent her days in school or training, and her nights studying. She was determined to learn it all; and she was never told no or to slow down in her quest for knowledge - her new parents simply encouraged her, and helped her. Even her new brother was more than willing to spend time helping her, even though he was more than on his way towards becoming a Kage.

She graduated very early from the Academy, but didn't allow her rank as Genin to affect her any, as she continued to say time and again that there was always something out there that she didn't know - and that now, thanks to being a Genin, perhaps she'd be able to travel to learn it.

-The Backlash of the Sabure Clan-


That word alone summed up how the majority of the Sabure felt towards Emiko. They had thought when they sent her out into the streets that she'd quickly die, and here she was, running through the streets as she quickly accomplished mission after mission on her way to Chuunin; healthy and happy as could be - and with their sand teachings well at use.

They were even more agitated that her brother Luca had been made Kage, and that Emiko was being placed into a position to lead the Sabure's and that due to it being on Luca's say so that they had no choice but to accept this and deal with it.

But, they were vengeful, the lot of them. And, they weren't about to stand for this for long.

The day that Emiko was made a Chuunin was the day that the clan's backlash came. She was to hold a meeting with them and to basically shove the facts into their face - her official first appearance as head of the clan.

But she was easily out numbered, and total hell broke loose. She was quickly taken down by the eldest of the elders; and thought dead quickly. Her brother, Luca, heard the commotion and was quick to react. But was it fast enough?

She was dragged out from beneath of the bodies - barely a pulse, barely a breath being taken. For weeks she was touch and go, and several times she was considered dead, only to come back. She was fighting like hell to stay alive, and death couldn't hold her...

-Rising Up-

Emiko didn't allow this brush, or several brushes, with death to defeat her. As soon as she was recovered enough she was back into the action - even though both her parents and the medics who saw to her urged her to take it easy. Her brother kept her busy with 'easy work' as she called it at first - not wanting to see her stress her body out too much, while also understanding her need to get out and do something after so long in the hospital.

But, soon enough she was fully back on her feet and busy with missions.

Her next promotion came before she knew it, and she was promoted from Chuunin to Special Jounin.

Again, she didn't allow her rank to go to her head: she continued to spend her down time in the local library, or at home with her face shoved into one of many books - at least when she wasn't out busy training away.

-More Promotions to Come-

As her brother passed his Kage position to another Emiko kept herself busy; missions, training, learning, and teaching any squad handed her way. She poured herself out into the village, while ensuring that she didn't over do it. She knew burn out could happen, and therefore ensured that she spared at least some time for her brother and the rest of her family.

However, still more promotions came her way, first to Jounin and then to Jounin (S). Her skills were well needed and admired, though it was likely her constant the glass if half full attitude towards everything that stood out the most: no matter how dark or dangerous or even pointless something seemed Emiko was more than willing to go into it with at least half a heart - refusing to allow doubt to worm its way into her head. She had been shown at a young age that good came out of bad every time, even if you had to dig around to find it; and that was how she treated life.

If she got knocked down she got right back up again because that's what you just had to do when life gave you the bad end of the stick.

RP Sample: Arms folded across her chest as she looked down at her opponent, lying there, broken and bloodied beneath her. Sand was already swirling over the male’s body, like a bloodthirsty tiger just waiting to be given permission to strike. Emiko’s face lifted slightly, the cruelest of smiles forming across her face as the metal hoop in her eyebrow glinted in the sun. Soon enough her inner sadist would be pleased, soon enough indeed.

The male reached to her, begging for release from the prison that bound him to the sandy floor of the desert. Begging for mercy. Begging for his life. “Please, spare me. I’ll give you anything you want. Money, you want money? I’ll pay you. Just please, spare me! Please! Show me mercy!”, the man begged.

Emiko’s response was laughter, purely crazed in the sound of it. “Mercy? I know no such thing...” With that her hand shifted with her fingers open, the sand fully engulfing and encasing the man. She could hear the muffled cries from beneath the sandy prison, but cared not for them. Growing bored with the petty fool she closed her hand suddenly, fingers curling down and black painted fingernails biting into the palm of her hand. As she did so the sand instantly squeezed around the man, crushing him and squeezing him entirely.

As Emiko turned and began to walk away, back towards her village, a little sprout of blood bubbled up from underneath the sand; all that remained of the male that had chosen to flee from her village...

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Emiko Sabure
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