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 Moto Rin

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Moto Rin

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PostSubject: Moto Rin   Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:43 pm

Name: Moto Rin
Age: 19 Years Old
Birthdate: Jan. 29th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Clan: Kazabana Clan
Rank: Genin

Village: Morigakure
Element(s): Suiton / Futon
Specialties: Medical Ninjutsu / Genjutsu
Special Characteristics: N/A


5'4" / 162.56
Weight: 135 lb. / 62 kg.
Hair Color: Dark Gray
Eye Color: Maroon
General Description: Rin normally wears her hair down, not exactly brushed but also not mistreated.It reaches just about 4 inches above her hip.Her skin is fair and easily tans when not taken care of properly, like most with light skin.Her body structure is of an Ectomorphs and has a pear-shaped body figure.More or less, Rin is a C-cup and is quite fine with the size of her chest.Her 'jumpsuit' is more of a dull orange jacket with shorts.The accents of said clothing are white and black and it has a zipper going down the middle part of it, as well as a pair of pockets.She has various strips of leather covering her waist, arms, and above her chest.Her stockings are a similar color to her hair and her boots are gray with black accents.To complete the look, Rin has two gloves and the right one, her dominant hand, has the Morigakure symbol.If she doesn't wear this, she's wearing something along the lines of a white t-shirt and black shorts.

About You!
Personality: Rin is not the average girl, but then again, who is? She is often very cold-hearted and detached from everyone.She treats it like an automatic reflex, her worst habit.Do not let her seemingly dull appearance surprise you, however, she is very protective of those she cares about and will drop everything she's doing to help them.While this behavior is possible, she will pretend nothing happened on the outside while recovering from her previous concerns on the inside.Rin is very fond of reading all types of books, her most favorable subjects are on Medical Arts and Human Nature.Due to this 'hobby', as she calls it, she can be caught reading when she doesn't want to interact with those around her.Rin has a soft spot for kids.And by kids, she doesn't mean a twelve-year-old sprinting towards her for attention.She finds that annoying.Very, annoying.She takes her job as a medical ninja very seriously and hates to be interrupted while doing her work.She once threw a calculator at a house guest when they pulled the book out of her hands and looked her directly into the face.While she was lectured on her actions, she still did it every time someone would take the book out of her hands again.

History: Rin was born into the Moto family, members of the Kazabana clan.Her father had premature plans for the young child as she grew up.He had always planned to train her in Bukijutsu so she would learn how to fight like a true warrior and shinobi, no mercy.Her mother had different plans, however.She planned to train her in Archery so she would learn to fight like a strategist, precise and careful.Both attempted to raise her in the opposing specializations when they realized Rin was learning her own attacks on her own, without the overwhelming help of her family on her back.They learned how she would work on Genjutsu from books she read, and how the words stuck fresh in her mind like there was no barrier between her brain and the book.So, they stopped pestering her and let her learn her own strategies on her own.Rin eventually fell in love with a boy during her more 'geeky' stage of being a teenager and he seemed to have a similar feeling with her, so they started dating.Everything seemed to work well until he attempted to start a more sexual relationship with her.She rejected and he simply tried to rape her.He failed miserably when his parents caught him ripping her shirt and handed him over to be arrested, after admitting what had happened through a waterfall of unending tears.Rin became scarred by the attempt of who she thought loved her and never showed love to anyone she once had an appreciation for.She became detached from older humans and rarely paid them any mind anymore, seeing them as nuisances to her mental health.Every attempt to flirt with her? It went through her ears like there was nothing to catch them with her mind.Her parents thought of it as a simple phase, like 'most' girls would go through at some stage.Rin never recovered from it when she finally moved out of her parent's friendly home and went to live in her new apartment.She didn't show any feelings of sadness, not even a feeling of relief.But somewhere inside, she knew that she'd have an incredibly hard time even trying to bond with anyone.Especially in a romantic or sexual way.Not that she exactly wanted those type of relationships in the first place at the moment.She had enough work telling people off when the called her sexy, hot, or even, bimbo.Call her a blank wall.Call her a dull brat.She was Moto Rin and she would stay that way until someone or something changed her.

RP Sample: "This is stupid," Rin quoted, not taking her eyes of the book."Just try it," the woman groaned, rolling her eyes at the arrogant teenager."No." Without warning, the book was taken from Rin's hands and she blinked momentarily.Who the hell thought they had the right to steal her damn book while she was reading it?! Rin screamed in her frustration and grabbed the first thing she could grab from her desk and flung it at what was expecting to be a wall.Instead of hearing the wall hit the calculator, a scream filled the room."You brat!" the woman squealed as she rubbed her head in a painful motion."This is why we don't take books from Rin," Rin commented, not even laughing in the slightest."I'm telling your mother!"Rin raised an eyebrow at the woman's words."Hah, go ahead, I couldn't care less."

Faceclaim: Natsuki Kasuga - Ga-rei Zero
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PostSubject: Re: Moto Rin   Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:40 am


As a side note you get to automatically start off with Ice Release at D rank since it's a part of your clan. You'll also get Ninjutsu and Taijutsu at D rank as well since everyone on our site gets to start off with Gen/Nin/Tai automatically. Your first element/spec listed will be S rank, the second will be C rank, and the rest you start off with will be D rank.
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Moto Rin
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