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Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Kamizuki   Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:12 pm

Clan: Kamizuki

Location: Scattered

Clan History: A clan of brilliant minds and mystical power, the clan has taken Genjutsu and other mental arts to new heights of power and refinement; unlocking within them psychic powers unheard of in the rest of the ninja world. The Kamizuki excel at tasks that require the mind to reign supreme; and as such are a common sight among the Intelligence and Interrogation squads of ANBU, as well as personal guards for the Kage and village Elders.

Elements: /

Specialization: Genjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Psychic Genjutsu

Kekkei Genkai Description: This clan is heavily specialized in Genjutsu arts; as well as being famous for having highly accomplished trackers, trappers, and interrogators. Kamizuki value the power of the mind over the power of the body to a nearly dangerous degree; and as such most Kamizuki children and Genin are extremely small and physically weak. However; this trade off is worth it in the end; as they are extremely well trained and very powerful mentally; which allows them to tap levels of Genjutsu that are unheard of for their ranks. The clan receives a +2 rank and power to all Genjutsu; as well as access to special clan techniques that are forbidden to be taught to non-clansmen.

Due to the extreme focus on the mind and the power within; the clan has unlocked a special ability: Telepathy. Over the generations this ability has been honed and expanded to a massive degree; making the clan powerful telepaths. They are able to communicate with large groups of people without so much as a second thought; and rarely show any real effort when using this skill. A weaker form of Telepathy can be taught to non-clan users; however you must show extensive training to do so; a minimum of 3000 words. Any rank can learn this; but it must be taught by a Kamizuki clan member. Half Kamizuki are able to teach this as well, but the word cost is raised to 5000, unless otherwise stated.

[b]Name:[/b] Kamizuki Telepathy
[b]Type:[/b] Clan based mental
[b]Description:[/b] The most famous ability of the Kamizuki; this skill allows any clan member to communicate via thought. This skill cannot be used to acquire information that the user would not normally have access too; nor can it be used in combat without admin approval.

Drawbacks: All clansmen must have Genjutsu as their primary specialization. Kamizuki tend to be rather frail, so they take a -1 rank of damage power to all physical specs unless they are taken as the secondary skill. Puppetry receives an additional -1 rank of damage, as well as costing an additional 50% WC to learn anything related to the specialty.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: Name: Rising Moon
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Element: /
Range: Within Eyesight
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: Triggered by the reflection of light off any bit of metal or other reflective surface the user is in contact with; this Genjutsu is scary in it's simplicity. Once entranced, during the first post the target perceives that the world has had it's gravity turned off; literally, there is nothing holding them to the ground. No amount of grasping or holding onto objects will stop the target from lifting into the air. On the second post; the target rises quickly through the sky; at some point flipping onto their back so that they are facing upward. The sky above them is pitch black, will only the full moon to see. Very quickly the target begins to feel as though they are gasping for air; the sensations of rising into the high atmosphere are perfectly simulated: the cold, lack of air, and increasing winds pelting their senses. On the third post; the user exits the atmosphere; appearing to lose the ability to breath entirely and feeling like their body wants to burst from lack of air pressure keeping their insides from bursting outside. The target would feel as though their eyes are bursting, and as though they are continuously vomiting blood; however they will not loose the ability to see. The moon approaches quickly now; taking on the form of a grotesquely smiling face. Once reaching the moon; the user will hear a disturbing laugh for the split second before the moon devours them whole and the jutsu breaks. This Genjutsu can be broken at any time by outside sources of pain; as well as not effecting anyone with Genjutsu 1 rank higher then the user, nor a ninja of 2 ranks higher.

Name: Laughing Man
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: Within Hearing Range
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5
Description: A simple auditory Genjutsu; the user merely has to laugh to trigger the effect. The target; in this case up to five ninja within range; upon hearing the initial laugh; begin to hear countless echos and variations of the same laugh. For the first post; it sounds as though you are locked in a room with dozens of people all laughing as loudly as possible directly into your ear; causing serious disorientation and confusion. In the second post the amount of laughter triples in magnitude and volume; overloading the target's mind and causing a full stun effect; forcing many to the ground clutching at their ears and trying to scream over the noise in their mind. On the third post; the user is rendered temporarily deaf from the sheer amount of over stimulation; causing the brain to shut off the sensory imput from the ears until it realizes that the noise has stopped. During this post the target is completely helpless; usually still screaming out of sheer terror and imagined agony. This jutsu leaves no lasting physical effects; but the psychological effects can be quiet devastating.

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