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 Ryuu Kishi [Locker]

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PostSubject: Ryuu Kishi [Locker]   Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:30 am


Name: Party Crasher + 1
Upgrade Slots:
Affinities: Water | Wind | Lightning
Description:Party Crasher is a simplistic weapon. It is a spear forged from Ironwood and fitteded with a dragon's fang as the head, making the blade capable of piercing through nearly any defense [A rank and below]. The shaft of of the spear is five and a half feet long, while the spearhead itself is a foot in length, bringing the total length of six and a half feet. The head has a backward curving hook, as well as three spiked protrusions that emerge from the curve in the blade that extends down the shaft. The weapon itself weights close to 500 lbs, given the density of the material. The material, Ironwood, is an exceedingly rare wood in the contemporary era; out of place and unknown to the world. It is a living wood in that it "bonds" to anyone able to use it. Ironwood trees are nearly sentient; able to think and feel and function with a mental capacity similar to higher mammals; and as such is highly temperamental to work with. Only if the tree chooses the user may they create a weapon from it; and from that point on they become inseparable. The weapon will only work for the original creator, or an appropriate successor; usually a descendant or student of the creator.
Enhancements:Dance, Water, Dance!: Party Crasher's ability lies in the manipulation of water, thanks to the water gem embedded into it. Being hit with it is reminiscent of being hit by crashing waves, as water constantly flows from it and the surrounding area. Partty Crasher's tip is constantly flowing with water with every arc and slash, and each crushing blow creates large waves.
As the Wind Blows: Thanks to the wind gem embedded into it, Party Crasher is able to stir up winds when swung. When combined with Dance Water, Dance, Party Crasher is more than capable of conjuring up local typhoons.
Lightning Rod: Any Raiton jutsu that is not of the user's chakra used in this weapons presence will be drawn to the Party Crasher and absorbed into the spear's head to be stored in the fuinjutsu seal located there. Up to two SS rank jutsu can be stored within this seal at a time; at any point, the user may release the stored power in any way they see fit, wether its using the electricity to enhance the Party Crasher's cuttiing and piercing power by one rank to allow it to cut through SS rank materials with ease [One post per ranking, upt to 12 posts], or in the form of a lightning bolt or electric wave.
Return To Sender:  A simple effect; this seal does nothing more but ensure that the item inscribed with it will ALWAYS return to it's owner/master within one post. This can be via levitating the item and causing it to float to the owner, all the way up to actually teleporting the item to them. The return of the item cannot be stopped by anything short of banishing the item to a dimension with no connection to the one it's owner exists in.

Armor - Toonari:
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Ryuu Kishi [Locker]
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